Mr. D self-paced algebra review

Mr D Math Self-Paced Algebra 1 Review

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Teaching high school math is tricky! Math gets complicated, kids want independence, and you have no time. Thankfully, I’ve discovered that Mr. D Math Self-Paced Algebra 1 is a lifesaver.

Teaching high school math is tricky! Math gets complicated, kids want independence, and you have no time. Thankfully, I've discovered that Mr. D Math Self-Paced Algebra 1 is a lifesaver.

Disclosure: I received Mr. D’s self-paced algebra 1 for free and was compensated for my time in creating this review. All opinions are mine.

What is Mr. D Math

Mr. D Math is a math curriculum that specializes in teaching kids the language of math. The excellent instructors explain the complexity of math in a way that kids can understand. The result? Kids not only begin to excel at math, but they also learn to love math!

The classes range between live classes, self-paced classes, and even fast-paced classes allowing you to find the perfect fit for your family.

Why Use Mr. D Math Self-Paced Algebra 1

My daughter was ready to start algebra 1 at the end of February. And between her online classes and activities, we just couldn’t figure out how to fit another live class into her schedule.

So I has delighted to enroll my kid in Mr. D’s Self-Paced Algebra 1.

Especially as I already knew the quality of the instruction from older siblings enrolled in both the ACT Math Bootcamp and the self-paced precalculus class.

Mr. D Math self-paced algebra 1 class is great! The class fits neatly into my daughter’s study hours allowing her to easily fit the course into her schedule.

There are video lectures for each topic, assigned problems, a correction sheet, and a quick online quiz. And if she run into problems, she can email Mr. D Math and get help instead of scrolling through random YouTube videos to try to figure out the solution.

Plus, Mr. D Math even offers an option for an honors credit!

How Does Mr. D Math Work?

Mr. D Math begins with a group of videos that walk you through each step of the curriculum.

I highly recommend that you watch these videos before beginning the course. The videos give detailed explanations on the mechanics of completing the course and how to contact Mr. D Math when you have questions.

Next, you will need to print the problem sheets for your child. You do have a couple of options.

  • Print only the sheets needed for that day’s lesson.
  • Print all the sheets needed for the current chapter.
  • Print the entire course.

I prefer printing the sheets needed for each chapter. This way my daughter can open her binder and pull out the needed sheets, but she’s not dealing with a bunch of paper she doesn’t need yet.

No matter which method you choose, I recommend inserting the sheets in a three-ring binder to keep everything organized.

Answer sheets are also provided, but it’s easy enough to view the answers online, so I didn’t bother printing up the answer sheets.

I love the fact that the problems sheets are complete while my daughter watches the video lesson on the computer. Not only does it save time, but it gives her a hands-on approach that helps her understand the math lesson better.

After the lesson is completed, she grades the problems sheets and records the score before taking a quick online quiz.

Once that’s done, that day’s math lesson is completed!

Mr. D Math Self-Paced Algebra 1

How Long Are Mr. D Math Videos?

I have found that Mr. D Math videos range widely in length. Many were between 8 and fifteen minutes, but some were twenty or even thirty-nine minutes long.

More Information About Mr. D Math

As I mentioned before, Mr. D Math offers a variety of online classes. And the classes aren’t just excellent math courses you’ll also find other subjects taught as well.

Self-Paced or Live Online Classes?

Mr. D Math offers both self-paced and live online classes.

Live online classes are great when they fit into your schedule. But I’ve found that we often move through math on a nontraditional schedule. It’s hard to find a live online algebra class that begins in March!

The self-paced math classes solve that problem and are much easier to fit into a schedule that involves live history and science classes along with a ton of activities.

Is Mr. D Math Spiral or Mastery?

Mr. D Math is a mastery based program. This means that each topic is taught to mastery before moving on to the next topic. Mastery based programs tend to have less continuous review, but they don’t bounce between topics. This allows your child to fully understand what’s going on before moving to a new topic.

Spiral math briefly touches on a topic, moves on to the next topic, before returning to the first topic. This is a great approach for kids who need lots of review.

Other Classes Offered by Mr. D Math

Mr. D math offers many other classes than just algebra! You’ll find a full range of math classes beginning with preparing for pre-algebra and consumer math continuing on through calculus 1. In addition, other subjects are offered like language arts, ASL, and study skills.

If you’re looking for an excellent math curriculum for your kids that not only encourages independence but teaches kids the language of math, then you need to checkout Mr. D Math today!

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