The Homeschool and Day Planner

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I must have tried every planner under the sun in an attempt to keep track of homeschooling, appointments, meals, etc!

Many did okay, but none worked perfectly. It was frustrating. So I designed the Homeschool & Day Planner to fit my needs as a working, homeschool mom with a large family!

Here let me share just how I use my planner to end my frustration and keep track of my life!

The Homeschool and Day Planner tracks it all. I no longer leave Post-it notes all over the house. There are no frantic searches through my purse for my latest shopping list.

No more arguing with a child over their homeschool assignment only to discover… they were right.

Instead, all the information I need is inside the Homeschool and Day Planner.

It handles the blog, the house, the homeschool, and volunteer events.

Appointments, meal plans, tasks, brain dumps, and due dates are written in it.

Even daily events are journaled in it.

And by daily events, I mean those bits of information you need later, such as when a child starts a fever or a reference number.

The Homeschool and Day Planner keeps all this information in one place!

Planning Pages

There are pages to note your long-term plans for subjects or meal plans. These are blank tables to be used however you need.

Plan next year’s subjects, this quarter’s reading list, or science supplies you need to pick up when you’re at the store.

I love to mark my planning pages with the week on one side. Then the topics the kids are studying and any supplies I need to pick up on the other side.

In fact, I sit down during the summer and write this information down so I have it on hand when I need it.

Then if I’m at the library or store, I can easily reference what books or supplies I need. Even if I forgot to look ahead in the curriculum that week!

Note Pages

I included plenty of note pages throughout the planner as I use them for book lists, brain dumps, to-do lists, and just random notes.

And there’s a fresh set of note pages before each month’s calendar. I use one of these pages to write my brain dump at the beginning of the month.

A brain dump means I write down every task floating in my brain and use it as a monthly to-do list.

The more overwhelmed I am, the more I need a brain dump!

In addition, I always need to write down books to read, phone numbers, passwords, and curriculum to research.

So instead of scribbling on post-it notes which get lost around the house, I jot down the information in my homeschool and day planner.

And if you adore Post-it notes, stick the note to this week’s page. you’ll put an end to all those crazy searches through the house.

It’s all in your Homeschool & Day Planner!

Monthly Calendar

The monthly calendar gives an overview of the month.

You can see when family and friends are coming to visit. You can track big tasks that need to be done, such as home remodels or co-op plans.

It’s also a handy place to track all the appointments that go along with a busy homeschooling family.

You can see crazy weeks coming up ahead, plan accordingly, and prepare yourself for the onslaught.

And don’t forget to color-code your Homeschool and Day Planner!

Use one color for household tasks, one for homeschooling, another for appointments, and a fourth for everything else.

Make your homeschool and day planner fit you with stickers, colored pens, and washi tape.

Weekly Planning Pages

These pages can hold detailed to-do lists, meal plans, and daily notes.

Plus, they also make great tickler files for all those pesky details you need to remember. Details such as the confirmation number of packages, when eyeglasses are due to arrive, and when to purchase travel or concert tickets.

I also use mine to make brief notes on memorable events that happen during the day.

Did a child rock a piano recital, say their first word, or make their first speech? Write it down!

The weekly pages are fun to browse through years later.

Homeschool Pages

Weekly homeschool pages are directly behind the weekly calendar pages. This means you never need to search for your homeschool plans.

I use a paper clip to mark the current week, making it easy to find both my weekly pages and my homeschool pages

Don’t worry if you homeschool year-round. There are homeschool planning pages for every single week of the year, even the Christmas holidays.

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of homeschool planning pages and still have several more weeks to go in the year?

That’s not a problem with The Homeschool and Day Planner!

The rows can be used for homeschool subjects or for your children. Simply write the subject title or the child’s name on the left-hand side, then jot down your plans for the week.

Write your detailed homeschool plans and keep track of your life. There’s plenty of room for both!

The Homeschool & Day Planner Saves Time

The point of a planner isn’t to spend hours a day trying to keep yourself organized. The point is to save you hours a day by giving you the information you need in one place.

Write down what you need to do. Write down the information you may need next week. Write down your plans for your homeschool.

The Homeschool and Day Planner will keep it all in one place, saving you valuable time.

Yes, I want my 279-page 2024-2025 Homeschool and Day Planner now!

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  1. Thanks for a great homeschool planner giveaway. I plan my lessons weekly and I am looking forward on using your planner to keep organize.

  2. I am wondering if there is just one “homeschool planning” sheet behind each week planning sheet. It seems hard to fit everybody’s assignments on one day. Can you let me know?

    1. The homeschool planning sheets are on two pages. There’s a column for your row titles (or children’s names), Monday, and Tuesday on the left-hand page. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are on the right-hand page. I found I couldn’t list all the information I needed on one page, so the Homeschool and Day Planner uses two pages for weekly homeschool planning.

      In addition the full-size planner has 8 rows. You can use one row per subject or divide the rows between your children. Here’s a sample for July and August I just uploaded. You can print it out to take a look and see if there’s enough room. 🙂 July and August 2016-2017 Homeschool and Day Planner Sample

  3. Thank you so much for replying! I was hoping for maybe a double 2-page spread for each week – maybe one year? 🙂

    1. Were you hoping for 2 pages for the weekly plan and 4 pages for the homeschool, Corrie? Because the planner does have a 2-page spread weekly calendar and 2-pages for homeschooling. 🙂

  4. Sara, what’s a good way for stressed out Covid Newcomers to begin homeschooling, without additional overwhelm of crafts and methods and dropping hundreds of dollars in curriculum?

    Most parents are too overwhelmed to dive into it all. But schools aren’t reopening…