Teaching Textbooks 4.0: Homeschool Math for Busy Moms

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Teaching Textbooks is a homeschool math curriculum for busy moms!

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As a busy homeschool mom, I’m always looking for ways to improve my kids’ education while saving time.

And math has been eating up my time for years. First, there’s the time needed to explain the lesson to my kids and work them through a few example problems. Then they do the lesson followed by grading and review of the lesson.

Of course, by the time we reach grading and reviewing the lesson, my kids want to be done for the day as they have worked hard for several hours.

Math takes time. And I’ve longed for a better system.

Until this year…

Teaching Textbooks 4.0: Homeschool Math

On a whim, I decided to have my daughter check out Teaching Textbooks’ free trial last summer. It was amazing!

Not only was the lecture interactive, but my daughter received immediate feedback for each math problem. When she got it right, she threw her arms in the air and whooped. When she got it wrong, she watched the solution so she could solve the problem correctly in the future.

I was impressed.

So this year, we’ve been using Teaching Textbooks as part of our 2020-2021 homeschool curriculum.

homeschool math for busy moms: teaching textbooks 4.0

How Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Works

If you’re not familiar with Teaching Textbooks, it’s an interactive math curriculum children use on a device of your choosing.

You can use it on:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Chromebooks
  • Tablets
  • Phones

The choice is yours!

Once the curriculum is downloaded on your device, your child opens the app and begins the lesson.

Interactive Homeschool Math Lessons

The lessons begin with short interactive lectures explaining the new concept.

The lecture explains the new concept being taught and periodically stops and asks a question. And it does not resume until the kids answer the question.

It’s fascinating to watch because my youngest son can’t hold still during the lecture and it doesn’t look like he’s paying any attention whatsoever to the lecture.

Then the lecture stops and asks a question.

He wiggles. He squirms. And he stares at the ceiling.

Then my son correctly answers the question and the lecture moves on, while I shake my head and take off to move laundry.

Once the lecture is finished, the kids get a round of practice problems that review concepts taught over the last few days. These problems aren’t graded, but give kids a chance to remember how to solve the problems.

After this, the kids have around 22 problems to solve before the lesson is completed.

And yes, there are quizzes which pop up throughout the course, about every 7 lessons or so.

As a parent,  you have access to the parent home page. You can check your child’s grade book. And Teaching Textbooks 4.0 has your child’s course grade in the upper-left-hand corner. No more sitting down and calculating your child’s grades by hand.

Talk about a time saver!

Plus you’re given the option of deleting lessons and requiring your child to repeat the lesson for a better grade. Mastery R Us!

The Parent’s Home Page allows you to choose if your kids can complete multiple lessons in a day or if you’d like to limit them to 1 or 2 lessons.

And you get to decide if hints and second chances are allowed.

Why I Love Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks has simplified homeschool math and saved me precious time this year. No longer do I need to sit down with the kids to go over their math lessons and then sit down again to grade the lessons.

Instead, the kids sit down at the computer, complete their lessons, ask for help if needed, and all the grading is done for me.

I just keep an eye on their progress to ensure my kids both understand the material and are doing the work.

And the kids are thriving! My daughter loves the independence and not having to wait for me before she can do her math.

Plus immediate feedback on problems means their math grades have been improving throughout the year. Which has resulted in increased confidence with math. So much so that my little boy looked at me and declared

Mom, I’m good at math!

Isn’t that what every mom wants to hear from her kids?

homeschool math: teaching textbooks 4.0

Check Out Teaching Textbooks’ Free Trial

The Teaching Textbooks 4.0 free trial lets you use the complete version of the program for the first 15 lessons. You’ll see how Teaching Textbooks works for your family.

And all work will be transferred if you purchase the complete course.

Check out Teaching Textbooks’ free trial today!

teaching textbooks homeschool math for busy moms

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