Everything You Need to Know Fact Cards

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Everything You Need to Know Fact Cards

I received the Silver Dolphin Books Smithsonian Smithsonian Everything You Need to Know Fact Cards give pictures to the facts you're memorizingEverything You Need to Know Fact Cards for free and was compensated for my time to review them. All opinions are mine; I was not required to post a positive review.

I don’t know about you, but we’ve found it difficult to memorize long lists of facts or names. You recite the names of the presidents, but you wouldn’t recognize them in a picture if your life depended on it.

Or you study about the different foods you need to be healthy. There’s no picture to help you figure out how to serve your plate. Exactly how should you divide your plate between fruits, grains, vegetables, protein, or dairy?

The Smithsonian Everything You Need to Know Fact Cards by Silver Dolphin Books solves this problem. These amazing fact cards, which were developed in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute, use beautiful pictures and brief explanations to teach facts kids need to know.

There are two groups of facts cards for kids. Cards for grades K-1 and cards for grades 2-3. The fact cards introduce concepts and pictures appropriate for each age group, although many cards are useful for a wide variety of ages.

275 K-1 Fact Cards

The K-1 fact cards feature big, beautiful, bright pictures on the front of the cards that attract my youngsters like ducks are attracted to water. The back shows more detail and has a brief description. EYNTK-gradesK-1

These fact cards include useful topics such as:

  • Our Solar System by the Numbers
  • The Five Senses
  • A Rainbow of Animals
  • Animal Homes
  • Money
  • 50 U.S. States
  • Lay of the Land
  • From Limb to Toe
  • And even more topics!

These are wonderful additions for studying biology. For instance, the Animal Homes cards include pictures of both the animals and their homes. In addition, there’s an easy sentence for children to learn, such as:

Some prairie dogs somersault down their burrows to flee an enemy.

The Rainbow of Animals teaches kindergarteners both their colors and some fascinating animals like a Blue Morpho Butterfly, a Yellow Sea Horse, or a Purple Ochre Sea Star.

The Five Senses and From Limb to Toe cards are perfect for studying the human body. The level of the cards is just right for my two youngest children!

The Money cards will be a great addition to the math program I’m starting my daughter on next week. They show a beautiful big picture of the coin or bill on the front. On the back of the card are pictures of 100 pennies equaling a dollar, or 2 nickels equaling a dime.

The Lay of the Land cards show the geography tips my youngest children need to memorize this next school year. Not only will my kids learn to recite the continents, but they’ll get to see them as we work!

The backs of the cards show some people, landmarks, and gives a brief and memorable description of the continent.

Australia is the biggest island and the smallest continent in the world.

The 50 U.S. States are there which will be useful as we begin our study of the various states. I plan on hanging a string with clips on it in my kitchen. This way I can hang the cards of the people and places we’re studying.

Because of the K-1st grade fact cards, we’ll finally have pictures to go with the facts we’re memorizing during our group time!

275 2nd-3rd Grade Fact Cards

These cards are similar to the K-1st grade fact cards. They feature large, gorgeous pictures on the front with a longer blurb on the back. EYNTK-grades2-3

The topics are a bit different from the previous cards though. These include:

  • Outer Space
  • Planet Earth
  • Food Facts
  • Amazing Mammals
  • Feathered Friends
  • Geography
  • U.S. Presidents
  • World Wonders
  • And more wonderful topics!

Through these amazing cards, children are exposed to important concepts of science, geography terms, types of animals, and important landmarks of the world.

Kids learn about the moon and the tides, what a galaxy is and looks like, and about a few famous astronomers such as Galileo Galilei.

My kids won’t be just memorizing James Buchanan as a name in a long list of presidents. These cards are perfect for putting a picture with the name. The back includes the fact that he was the 15th President and served from 1857-1861.

The 2nd-3rd grade fact cards even include a fascinating sentence or two about the president to go with the picture and name we’re memorizing.

How to Use the Silver Dolphin Book Fact Cards

The Silver Dolphin Book fact cards are perfect for an easy introduction to science. You can choose a topic, such as Rainbow of Animals, and read through the cards every day for a week. Your kids will learn their colors and some unique animals at the same time.

You can hang cards on topics you’re studying on a line in the homeschool room or kitchen. The kids can see pictures of Ancient Egypt, President George Washington, or the Hemispheres of the Earth.

Play games such as name the monument. The child who names the most monuments is the winner!

These cards are perfect for putting pictures with the facts you’re studying, so be certain to check out both the K-1 and the 2-3 fact cards! Silver Dolphin Books Fact Cards have beautiful pictures

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