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Exploring Creation with Earth Science Review

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“MINE!” shrieked my daughter as she clutched the Exploring Creation with Earth Science set to her chest.

We had a hard time with science this last school year. Science slipped through the cracks. Programs that could be used by both my youngest kids weren’t challenging enough for my daughter, who loves curling up and reading science books at bedtime.

Yet programs that she could use by herself didn’t include hands-on learning. BORING!

We needed something different.

Apologia Earth Science

As I thought about science for the 2021-2022 school year, I realized I wanted a program written to the student and one my daughter could complete by herself.

At the same time, the curriculum needed to include plenty of hands-on learning because I believe a science curriculum should include experiments and exploration. It’s fun to create putty that demonstrates the expanding universe. It’s fun to create your own model of the planet Earth. And it’s fun to make model galaxies to hang in your bedroom.

In short, I wanted a program that was rigorous enough to interest my daughter, could be done independently and would include plenty of hands-on learning.

And that’s when Apologia Earth Science appeared!

I realized my prayers had been answered as I flipped through the textbook and journal.

exploring creation with earth science

Exploring Creation with Earth Science Set

The Exploring Creation with Earth Science set includes two components. The first is an attractive and well-written textbook that you can read aloud to your children or assign older kids to read by themselves.


My favorite aspect is that the textbook is written to the student. Exploring Creation with Earth Science talks with the kids as it investigates the science behind everyday occurrences.

The textbook uses easily understood language that encourages kids to dig in the dirt, to explore what dirt is and how it was made.

The pictures are beautiful and engaging. Apologia takes to old adage A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words to heart. Every page of the textbook has colorful clear pictures and diagrams that provide a visual representation of the concepts.

The images truly help kids understand the lesson!

Exploring Creation with Earth Science covers:

  1. The Observable Universe
  2. Life in the Habitable Zone
  3. Spheres of the Earth
  4. Mapping Your World
  5. The Geosphere
  6. Making and Shaping the Land
  7. The Hydrosphere
  8. The Atmosphere
  9. Climate and Weather
  10. Weather Forecasting
  11. The Biosphere
  12. Cycles of Life
  13. Unique Places on Earth
  14. God in Creation

Notebooking Journal

And Exploring Creation with Earth Science also includes a Notebooking Journal!

The journal includes activities that encourage kids to learn vocabulary, record their investigations, and journal about what they learn throughout the year. It’s not a journal of boring and detailed questions.

Instead, kids make a scrapbook page of their journeys through a lesson. The journal asks what they remember. There are detailed coloring pages. Plus kids have pages designed for them to record fascinating facts and personal reflections!

Plus you’ll also find a Junior Notebooking Journal for younger elementary kids or kids with limited writing skills.

exploring creation with earth science

Exploring Creation with Earth science is perfect for my daughter!

So after I browsed through the material, I called my daughter into the room to show her the curriculum expecting her to open the books, nod, and go her merry way.

Instead, she opened the book, took a good look at what was written, and shrieked, “MINE!” She wanted to start studying Earth Science right away!

Let me tell you, the first lessons were amazing! She read the material and gleefully completed the hands-on learning. After all, what could be better than making Expanding Universe Putty to demonstrate how the stars grow farther apart as the universe grows!

And the icing on the cake is that Apologia Earth Science includes a two days a week suggested schedule! Talk about making life easy for a busy homeschool mom.

Are you like me and looking for a science curriculum that’s written to the student and one that can be used by one student or a large family? A curriculum that encourages kids to investigate the world, provides many hands-on learning opportunities, and includes a Notebooking Journal for your kids to record their studies.

Then you check out Apologia Earth Science!

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Apologia earth science

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