100 Thoughtful Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Materials

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100 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Materials

It can be difficult to organize your homeschool materials. They disappear into the blackholes we call children’s bedrooms. Math teddy bears hide under the fridge. Art supplies get used up quickly by an inspired preschooler.

An unorganized homeschool brings chaos in its wake… the opposite of a peaceful and relaxing learning environment for our families to contemplate and ponder the great ideas of the ages.

As homeschool bloggers have seen it all. So I went through my old posts and wandered the internet. I gleaned 100 thoughtful ways to organize your homeschool materials. Grab a cup of coffee, take your time, and browse through the links. Hopefully, one or two ideas will help your homeschool organization.

  1. How to Create a Simple Filing System for Your Homeschool
  2. How I Created a Bullet Journal Homeschool Planner
  3. Creating a Better Homeschool Bullet Journal
  4. What Is the Ultimate Homeschool Storage Solution?
  5. Four Easy Steps to Teach Your Child How to Use a Student Planner
  6. An Inside Look at Homeschool Organization for Small Spaces
  7. 3 Easy Steps to Teach Time Management Skills to Your Child
  8. The 10 Essential Office Supplies You Need for Your Homeschool
  9. What Is a Good Homeschool Schedule?
  10. 3 Tips to a Successful Weekly Homeschool Planning Session
  11. How I Created a Bullet Journal Homeschool Planner
  12. How I Organize My Homeschool Books
  13. Six Paper Homeschool Planners
  14. Articles on Organization for Homeschoolers by Susan
  15. Organizing the Unorganized Learner by Cindy
  16. How to Organize Your New Year by Kendra
  17. How to Cover Paperbacks with Contact Paper by Kendra
  18. Baskets, Bins, and Buckets for Homeschool Storage by Tina
  19. DIY Homeschool Organizing with Duct Tape by Tina
  20. Get Organized and Get Motivated at Psychowith6
  21. Organize Your Homeschool Bookshelves by Heidi
  22. Organizing Homeschool Plans and Papers by Angie
  23. 6 Ways to Make Learning Portable: Portable Homeschooling by Angie
  24. My Homeschool Planner for My Eclectic Curriculum by Angie
  25. How to Organize Your Kids’ Schoolwork by Sara
  26. Why You Need a Homeschool Start Time by Sara
  27. 20 Homeschool Organizing Ideas by Karla
  28. Printable Morning Routine Cards by Jenae
  29. Homeschool Supplies and Organization by Erica
  30. 10 Ways to Organize Your Homeschool in a Small Space by Sara
  31. Homeschool Room Ideas – Organizing Cupboards by Michelle
  32. Nifty Ikea Shelf Storage by Kendra
  33. Welcome to Our Homeschool Space by Kathy
  34. Homeschooling Without a Schoolroom by Angie
  35. The Easy Homeschool Lesson Planner You Need
  36. Best Resources to Organize Your Homeschool
  37. Our Homeschool Room and Organization by Misty
  38. The Homeschool and Day Planner
  39. Our Homeschool Room for 2013-2014 by Kimberly
  40.  Reader Raid: A Happy Homeschool by Jen
  41. The Easy Homeschool System: How to Homeschool and Stay Sane by Nicole
  42. An Updated Tour of Our Schoolroom by Rachel
  43. The Joys of a Block Schedule
  44. Making Progress: Our Homeschool Room by Heidi
  45.  9 Homeschool Planners to Choose From
  46. When You Don’t Have a Dedicated Homeschool Room by Sara
  47. 17 Creative Book Storage Ideas when You Homeschool by Tina
  48. 5 Ingredients Every Well-Organized Homeschool Space Needs by Tina
  49. 6 Ways to Organize Your Homeschooled High School Teen by Tina
  50. How to Organize Your Daily Memory Work by Sara
  51. Top 10 Places to Store Your Homeschool Stuff by Kris
  52. Be Just Organized Enough for a Well-Run Homeschool
  53. Homeschool Organization in  a Small House on a Budget by Angie
  54. Workboxes, Living Books, and Charlotte Mason – movie by Michelle
  55. Jumping on the Workbox Bandwagon with a Twist by Kendra
  56. How to Keep Workboxes from Running Your Life by Kendra
  57. Workbox Station and Free Printables by Kathy
  58. Reworking Workboxes to Work for You by Angie
  59. Prepare for Success: Organize Your Well-Run Homeschool
  60. Weekly Lesson Notebooks by Cindy
  61. Fun Art Supplies Ideas by Susan
  62. Ultimate Guide to Classical Conversations Resources at Psycowith6
  63. Simple Solutions: Puzzle Storage by Catie
  64. 5 Steps to Gaining Control of Your Time by Kathy
  65. How to Make a What We Are Learning Wall by Angie
  66. 10 Tips for Getting More Done Every Single Day by Ruth
  67. How We Organized Our Homeschool Space by Tatiana
  68. How to Speed Organize Any Space by Mique
  69. Recycled Craft: DIY Desk Organizer by Amy
  70. Make a Family Binder by Mique
  71. School Prep by Lisa
  72. How to Organize Notebooking Pages by Jimmie
  73. 10 Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool by Kris
  74. Carnival of Homeschooling: Planning, Organizing, and Choosing Curriculum Edition by Sara
  75. What’s In My Homeschool Binder? by Richetta
  76.  10 Tools to Organize Your Homeschool by Jessica
  77. Organization – Teacher Binder by Merry
  78. Five Favorite Ways to Organize Homeschool Supplies by Dianna
  79. How to Organize Your Homeschool Books in a Small Space by Sara
  80. Organizing Your Homeschool Library by Heather
  81. How I Saved My Sanity and Sunday Evening by Heather
  82. How We Use Workboxes in Our Home by Sharla
  83. Free Printable Planning Pages by Sara
  84. Friend~ I finally figured it out-2 for 1 Composition Books! by Monica
  85. Organizing Our Year by Rhonda
  86. 3 Simple and Easy Homeschool Organization Ideas by Sara
  87. Organizing the Unorganized Learner by Cindy
  88. 10 Tools to Organize Your Homeschool by Jessica
  89. School Work File Folders!! by Carrie
  90. My Multi-Child Homeschool Binder by Jeniffer
  91. Our Homeschool High School Schedule
  92. You Need the Joy of a 4-Day Homeschool Week
  93. Top 10 Steps to Planning Next Year’s Homeschool
  94. When Your Homeschool Organization System Fails You
  95. 7 Ways to Keep a Clean House While Homeschooling
  96. 7 Step Curriculum Planner by Tina
  97. How to Prioritize and Focus Your Homeschool
  98. Where to Stash the Stuff: Homeschool Storage Solutions
  99. 3 Excellent Reasons to Color Code Homeschool Supplies
  100. 31 Days to a Well-Run Homeschool
Round up of 100 links to ways to organize your homeschool materials

Use some of these 100 thoughtful ways to organize your homeschool materials. You’ll bring order to your homeschool and calm to your house.

What is your best tip to organize your homeschool materials?

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  1. I find that getting organized is one of the most challenging things about homeschooling. Thank you for putting so many helpful articles all in the same place!

    Also, thank you for including a link to how we organize our workboxes!

  2. We homeschooled 10years, now joined an online homeschool, but I still follow all the traditional methods. Yes, I would say that we are not organized but we always find success in what we are doing. Thanks for your article!

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