3 Simple and Easy Homeschool Organization Ideas

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Are you looking for some amazing homeschool organization ideas?

After all, homeschooling needs a bit of organization if the kids are going to be able to complete their schoolwork.

The trick is that homeschool organization ideas don’t have to be mind-boggling or difficult. Often the simplest ones are best.

3 Easy Homeschool Organization Ideas

So here are three of my best homeschool organization tips that I’ve learned over my many years of homeschooling!

1. Conveniently Store Your Homeschool Supplies

My favorite of the three homeschool organization ideas is to store your science, art, and history supplies near to where you’ll be using them.

In my house, we use the kitchen for all messy projects or experiments.

So as you look around your house, ask yourself where you want to complete messy projects and experiments. And store the supplies nearby.

Since I use the kitchen for science experiments and art projects, I need my supplies to be stored near the kitchen.

In my case I found a high shelf to hold the science supplies, somewhere safe from inquisitive preschool fingers.

The art supplies also need to be in the kitchen. And the paper, construction paper, and crayons needed to be where my preschoolers could reach them.

But I highly recommend keeping paints, scissors, and glue out of reach.

Especially as my 4-year-old recently decided she needed a new hairstyle. 

Amazingly enough, it looks rather cute. I’m still keeping the scissors out of reach for the next year or two though.

So as you look around your house, determine where you’ll be doing science experiments and various projects.

And store your homeschool supplies nearby.

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2. Find a Spot for Desk Work

Another homeschool organization idea is to find a spot for desk work.

Kids need a dedicated spot to do their book work. A spot that will hold their books, pencils, and paper.

A spot they can count on using to do their schoolwork. And a spot that stays clean.

Because there’s nothing worse than sitting down to complete a math lesson only to realize the area is covered with papers, bits of sandwiches, and a pile of books. Ugh!

Once you’ve found the dedicated spot, set it up for homeschool success. Make certain it has adequate light. And have a spot for communal books.

In my house, since the older kids like to use the dining room table, I store all communal books (books used by several kids) on the buffet in the dining room.

And found another spot nearby to pile the many library books we check out.

For individual items such as pencils, papers, notebooks, textbooks, etc., each child has their own homeschool storage crate.

We picked up crates in various styles and colors so they’re easy to tell apart. The crates fit under the coffee table or various chairs to be out of the way.

The kids even have zippered pencil pouches in various colors to store pencils and pens.

In the morning, when the school day begins, the children grab their crates and sit down at the table.

Since all their personal supplies are in their crate and the communal books next to the table, the children are ready to work.

As you can tell, another homeschool organizational idea is to ensure the kids have a spot to complete their bookwork and assignments such as math lessons.

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3. Set Up Reading Areas

All right, you have a spot for science experiments and art projects. And you have an area dedicated to book work.

Now you need cozy spots for the kids to read.

I like to set up cozy areas in the living room with good lighting. The kids can grab a cup of tea or water, curl up in a chair or on the sofa, and enjoy their book.

Also, ensure the bedrooms have good reading nooks as well. I know my kids love reading in their rooms. As long as they have good lighting and a comfortable sitting area, I’m happy.

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The best homeschool organization ideas come from looking at your home.

Deciding what types of activities need to take place and where. Then making certain that you have organized the areas so children can easily homeschool there.

What are your best homeschool organization ideas?

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  1. We also do not have a dedicated homeschool area, so organization is key! Currently, we school at the dining room table, which is a very small round table. Books, curricula, and supplies are all stored in the utility room adjacent to the dining room, but the problem is the sheer volume of books & supplies continues to grow and the utility room is drowning!! We’ll be doing a massive clean out this month too as we prepare to school again in June.

    I’m new to your site but love it. We’re dabbling in classical education with my oldest who’s starting 1st grade this year. I’ll be around 🙂

    1. Books, curricula, and supplies certainly take over the house when homeschooling. I’ve needed to clean out my home as well many times, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by and let me know how first grade goes for your family. 🙂

  2. I’m homeschooling a 15 year old teenage girl! Need I say more. She had some trouble at public so I yanked her out. Now my problem is getting her out of bed 2 do school! Help! Lost in North Carolina Oh an did I mention we are on a tight budget considering I had my identity stolen this month an everything was wiped out an now frozen! I’m a widow an disabled all at 37 years old. Any advice will help!

    1. Hi Brooke, waking teenagers up to do school is hard! Have you thought about homeschooling after lunch? This way you won’t have to wake her up in the morning. 🙂

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