3 Tips to a Successful Weekly Homeschool Planning Session

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When we sit down to plan the next week, it’s easy to remember to schedule math, English, and writing for the week. But can you remember these 3 parts to a successful weekly homeschool planning session?

Set a Specific Time Each Week

My worse failing when it comes to weekly homeschool planning sessions is leaving them to chance. I tell myself I’ll do my planning Sunday afternoon. Then my husband invites me out for coffee. Planning…. what planning?

You need a specific time each week to sit down and figure out what you’d like to do each week. This time could be Friday afternoon after the week’s schooling is finished. Sundays are another popular time to enjoy a weekly planning session.

A friend told me she does her planning Thursdays. It’s the quietest day of the week and the time it’s most likely to be done.

The time you sit down to plan doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you have a specific time to organize the next week. Don’t leave it to chance.

Did You Double Check Your Calendar?

weekly homeschool planning session

Always, always, always check your calendar before you plan the next week.

Occasionally events pop up that interfere with the homeschool. For instance, it might be homeschool day at the zoo and three months ago you and a few friends arranged to go as a group.

Will you remember the field trip to the zoo when you’re planning the next week? Probably not.

Instead, check your calendar before you begin planning so you can organize next week’s homeschool around various events.

Remember the Supplies

The weekly planning session is the perfect time to check the supply lists in your teacher’s manuals. Did you remember the red cabbage for science? What about plaster of Paris for that history project?

The weekly planning session is when you check the supply lists and your supplies to ensure you have everything you need. If not, add the item to your shopping list.

After all, you don’t want to tell the kids you’re going to do the coolest project ever, mummify a chicken, and then realize you forgot to purchase the chicken.

If you set a time for your weekly planning session, double-check your calendar, and remember the supplies you need you’ll be well-prepared for a successful week homeschooling!

What are you most likely to forget during your weekly homeschool planning sessions?

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