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You Need the Joy of a 4-Day Homeschool Week

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This year, the kids and I are rediscovering the joys of a 4-day homeschool week and I love it!

If you haven’t tried a 4-day homeschool schedule yet, then you’re missing out on an amazing way to homeschool.

The 4-day homeschool week has allowed my family to be more consistent with homeschooling simply because I always have one day I can take off knowing we can make it up on Friday.

The 4-day homeschool schedule has given me a day to relax, breathe, and enjoy the kids. A day to focus more on being a mom and a wife than a homeschooler.

A day off allows you time to schedule appointments, take field trips, clean the house, or spend a day curled up with a good book.

Now I don’t use our Fridays for appointments because I’ve found most offices, especially dentists and orthodontists, take Fridays off. But Friday is the perfect day for field trips.

And when I’m really on the ball and run the kids through housework, we go into the weekend with a sparkling clean house.

Let me tell you, a 4-day homeschool week has been life-changing!

What Is a 4-Day Homeschool Schedule?

The principle behind a 4-day homeschool schedule is simple: you homeschool for 4 days of the week and take one day off.

The day off is used for appointments, field trips, house cleaning, reading, or visiting family and friends.

In my house, we homeschool Monday through Thursday because I love having Fridays off. Also, when we have that unavoidable appointment that throws school off, Friday becomes a make-up day.

Having a built-in make-up day makes it easy for me to maintain a consistent pace of completing 4 lessons a week.

So an ideal week for me looks like this:

  • Monday: math, language arts, history, science
  • Tuesday: math, language arts, history, science
  • Wednesday: math, language arts, history, science
  • Thursday: math, language arts, history, science
  • Friday: housework, field trips, and relax

This schedule is simple and allows us to get everything done. I’m not going crazy trying to clean the house while homeschooling, or spending my weekend scrubbing.

Choose Your Day Off

The thing about a 4-day homeschool schedule is that you can choose which day of the week to take off. It doesn’t have to be Monday or Friday. Instead, you should choose the day that fits your family the best.

Here are a few advantages to the various days.


Now I like taking Fridays off.

By Friday, I want a break. We’ve been homeschooling all week. And I love being able to put down the homeschool hat and relax.

If we ended up taking a day off earlier in the week, Fridays are a natural make-up day since it comes at the end of the week and still gives us the weekend.

My kids do not enjoy doing school on the weekend.

Mostly, I think it’s my personality. On Monday, I’m ready to rock, roll, and homeschool my kids.

By Friday, I’m ready for a change of pace.


The advantage of taking Mondays off is that you can start your week getting the house clean. Plus you can use the day for planning meals and homeschool.

And before you think the kids just sit around goofing off, they can help with the housecleaning before enjoying a reading day. A reading day is simply a day the kids sit and read their favorite books.

It gives you a chance to recover from a crazy weekend and get your week off to a good start.

Also, I’ve found while some offices are closed on Fridays, they’re open for appointments on Monday.

Wednesdays Off

Just think about taking Wednesdays off for a second.

First, you complete two days of homeschooling, then take a day off. Then you complete another two days of homeschooling before taking two days off!

It’s a lovely schedule that keeps you from burning out.

You still have a day to plan meals and can give the house a good cleaning. Plus Wednesdays are perfect for appointments, field trips, and outings.

Everyone enjoys a break on Wednesday!

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Remember, your homeschool is YOUR HOMESCHOOL and the only rules are the ones you set.

So while the thought of taking Tuesdays or Thursdays drives me a little batty because of the lopsided week, if it’s best for your family… do it.

In my house, appointments often fall on a Tuesday or Thursday. I try to schedule the appointments for the early afternoon, but mornings often work better.

And sometimes music lessons, sports, and other activities are more easily scheduled on a Tuesday or Thursday.

So while I normally take Fridays off, sometimes we end up taking a Tuesday or Thursday off and using Friday as a make-up day.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which day you choose to take off. You have a day to focus on appointments, housework, and planning. And without the guilt of skimping on your children’s education.

Ultimately, that’s the beauty of a 4-day homeschool schedule. It simplifies balancing all the hats you need to wear as a homeschool mom.

Do you use a 4-day homeschool schedule in your homeschool?

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