What Is the Ultimate Homeschool Storage Solution?

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The ultimate homeschool storage solution is a simple answer to the problem of where to put kids’ school supplies.

Where do you keep the children’s textbooks, literature, workbooks, and pencils without overwhelming the house when you homeschool? How do you keep kids from losing their work in those black holes we call a bedroom?

I don’t know about your children, but school supplies disappear quickly around here. It frustrated me. It drove me crazy. And I didn’t know what to do.

Until I thought of the ultimate homeschool storage solution: CRATES!!!

Each child has their own distinct crate. I place their planners, pencil cases, index cards, binders, notebooks, and textbooks in it.

I double-check to ensure the child has plenty of color-coded paper, pens, pencils, colored pencils, glue sticks, and scissors before the school year begins. As the year progresses I restock as necessary.

Crates are easily stored under chairs, coffee tables, or buffets. The crates are out of the way and yet easily accessible. It helps to maintain a homey atmosphere when textbooks and binders aren’t constantly in the line of sight.

School supplies are less likely to be lost as well when there’s a specific location to store the items.

In the morning, the children grab their crates, head to the table, and begin the school day. Everything they need is either in the crate or on the communal bookshelf.

Crates: The Ultimate Homeschool Storage SolutionThere’s no more looking for pencils, pencil sharpeners, planners, or textbooks. It’s reduced the morning chaos.

When I run into an item I need to return to the child, I toss it into the appropriate crate. The next morning my child can find their item returned to them.

Actually, I’ve been known to use the crates to return precious toys that show up after the children’s bedtime. Instead of endless runs up and down the stairs, I toss it into the crate!

There’s a lot to be said for a storage solution that not only keeps the school supplies neatly stored and out of the way for daily life, but also streamlines the early morning start of the school day.

If you want the ultimate homeschool storage solution, try crates!

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  1. Crates! How simple and yet perfect! We use a three-drawer storage bin with our preschooler, putting her activities in each drawer like a workbox. My oldest’s materials are in a plastic storage box with her name on it. We’re very limited on space so something like a crate or storage bin that can be neatly tucked away afterward is a great organizational tool for us. Plus, it keeps everything in one, easy to find spot.

  2. We have a school room now, but years ago, each child had a Really Useful Box (that’s a brand name) for their school stuff. We had different colors, and they have lids, which double as a work surface. We could take work in the van or at the doctor’s office, or wherever.

    It’s not the answer for us any more, but at the time, it was brilliant.

  3. what a brilliant idea. It’s so simple, you know. Right now, I have a 3 ring binder and a suitcase. It works really super well. I also have a school drawer where I keep all the manipulatives and pencils. Maybe a bit disorganized but everyone knows where to go!

    thanks for this storage solution!

  4. What a great idea! We do something similar with retired diaper boxes, but I was looking for something sturdier. If I may ask, where do you find your crates?

  5. We use magazine holders. Each child as two magazine holders. They sit on the bookshelf and when the kids (well currently just my daughter) needs her books she just takes her holders to the table and put them back when done. When they were younger it was just one magazine holder, but now that they are older there is the need for 2 of them.

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