3 Excellent Reasons to Color Code Homeschool Supplies

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Nothing is worse than starting the day with the kids fighting over homeschool supplies. They fight over pencils, scissors, and pencil sharpeners. They fight over spiral notebooks. Sometimes I think they fight just to avoid work for a few more minutes. But if you color code homeschool supplies you put a stop to all the fighting!

Do you know why you should color code homeschool supplies?

Color Coding Prevents Sibling Fights

Color coding homeschool supplies prevent the kids from fighting over supplies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my own little angels arguing about who put the pencil on the table. Each child is claiming the pencil. It’s a fight to the death and no holds barred.

Assigning a pencil color to each child prevents these arguments. Now it’s easy to recognize whose pencil is on the table, whose pencil is on the floor, and whose pencil is behind the stove.

Recognize Who Left Their School Supplies Out

When the children are color-coded, it’s easy to see who forgot to put their school supplies away. Those pink scissors obviously belong to my 1st grader. I can wander through the house gathering school supplies and not stress over where each item needs to go.

After all, if your kids are like mine, you’ll hear about it first thing in the morning if something is missing. Instead, you can easily grab the item and put it away properly.

There’s also the option of calling your child and having them come and put the item away for themselves. And you know they can’t argue that it’s not theirs.

It’s color-coded!

Peaceful Homeschool

A well-run homeschool avoids squabbling children. A well-run homeschool is peaceful with homeschool supplies easy to find. By color-coding your children’s homeschool supplies you too can have a peaceful homeschool.

Instead, you’ll have a peaceful homeschool. One where the kids have their needed supplies at hand. One where there’s no excuse to bicker and avoid their writing assignment.

After all the kids won’t have a chance to argue about whose pencil was actually left out.

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