Creating a Better Homeschool Bullet Journal

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A second try at creating an amazing homeschool bullet journal.

Several weeks ago I wrote about how I was using a homeschool bullet journal for homeschool planning as well as regular planning. I stopped using it after a few weeks for a couple of reasons.

Several weeks ago I wrote about how I was using a homeschool bullet journal for homeschool planning as well as regular planning.

The bullet journal Didn’t Work

  • The homeschool bullet journal would NOT stay open on its own. This is highly annoying. I need it open on my desk next to me so I can glance over and see my to-do list. When I shop, I hope my book to the shopping list and put it in the basket. A simple glance down and I see my shopping list.
  • I quickly determined I wasn’t a fan of the half-page/day spreads. They were either too much or too little paper for me to plan. The half-page/day spread also didn’t show me my day. Ugh.

After some angst and consideration, I decided to go purchase a new journal to try again. This is almost the journal I found. Mine doesn’t have the nifty elastic band around the outside and is red, otherwise, they are very similar.

My New Homeschool Bullet Journal

There are several changes I made to the organization of my new homeschool bullet journal.

  • All the monthly calendars are at the front. Each spread has the monthly calendar on the right and the month’s note and to-do’s on the left. This gives me the ability to future plan without needing to spread my daily pages throughout the journal.
  • After the monthly calendar pages, I begin my daily pages. At first, I tried just writing down a to-do list for myself, but I didn’t enjoy it. Now I’m putting my schedule down one side of the page and my to-do list down the other side. There’s even room at the bottom to journal events and information I want to remember.
  • A homeschool planner is included in the daily pages. I’m quickly creating a table and using it to track the children’s math lessons this summer. If the table works well, I’m going to continue to use it this winter.
  • Decretive pink tape is placed along the edge of my weekly homeschool planning pages making it easy to find the homeschool pages.
  • I glued my Motivated Moms household chore list to the top of each daily page.
  • Most importantly, I only worked two weeks into the future. This way I can adapt the daily pages to suit me better, and I’m not committed for the rest of the year to a daily planner that’s not quite right.
  • All contact and reference pages are in the back. This makes it easy for me to find a blank sheet of paper for lists, I just open to the back and go.
  • An index is in the front. This meant I had to page number all 600 pages in my homeschool bullet journal, but I can easily reference any page I need.
Bullet Journal Update 1

I did alter my long-range homeschool planning. The Tapestry of Grace reading lists are used every week. I simply placed a post-it note of any information I needed for the week in question. This included science supply lists and tests to give.

So far I’m loving my daily pages. The schedule tells me what I should be doing at any given time, and the to-do list gives me the details of what needs to be done. I’m finding I am also keeping a running to-do list of general items I remember I need to do.

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  1. That’s a great planner/journal! I tried so many different ways to make planners when I was homeschooling. This looks like a super design! Hope it works well for you this year. And, thanks for linking up at Together on Tuesdays 🙂

  2. I’m a homeschooling mom also using Tapestry. Have you continued to use the bullet journal in this way? Do you transfer planning to notebooks for your kids?

    1. Hi Ruth, no, I haven’t continued to use the bullet journal. Instead, I created my own planner (you’ll find it in the store) and that’s what I’m using now.

      I actually post a copy of the TOG reading assignment sheets for the kids (12th, 10th, and 7th grades) to plan from. Then we sit down and compare notes. I double-check to ensure everything is planned, and that their plans and my plans are the same. My planner holds grades and commentary about how the week went as well. My kindergartener and preschool children simply do what I tell them today. 😉

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