Learning Styles and Interactive Prealgebra

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Interactive PreAlgebra and Learning Styles

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Prealgebra can be a nightmare for students and parents alike. Kids get stuck with unfamiliar concepts. Parents dust off their rusty math skills. Both are frustrated.

Prealgebra simply is not the same as preschool math. You need an interactive prealgebra program.

Learning styles are how people learn and absorb information. The three learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic actually work best in tandem rather than using one alone.

An interactive prealgebra program like Unlock Math uses all three learning styles. Kids watch, hear, and do.


The visual learning style, as you might guess, has to do with sight. Kids with this style do better with visual items such as graphs, pictures, movies, films, colors, and maps.

They’ll remember what they see over what they hear or do.

Unlock Math has the kids watch an engaging video. To be honest, when my 12yo son and I turned on the first lesson, my 17yo stopped to watch the fun!

Engaging videos hold everyone’s attention, no matter their preferred learning style.

Unlock Math Interactive Prealgebra


Hearing and listening make up the auditory learning style. Lectures are the preferred mode of learning. Kids love audio books, radio, sounds, sounds, and more sounds.

These kids remember what they hear.

Again, verbal explanations make up part of a good interactive prealgebra program. You won’t just watch the video, someone will explain what is going on.

Lectures fill out the visual diagrams we’ve seen. As I mentioned before, the learning styles work in tandem. Most people do best using all three learning styles, not just one.

Unlock Math's interactive prealgebra program uses the three learning styles to teach mathKinesthetic or Physical

Kinesthetic kids are kids who learn by moving. They learn by writing things down. They learn by typing, jumping, and skipping. They’re always on the move.

Kinesthetic kids remember what they do.

I’m kinesthetic as a matter of fact. Once a professor handed out a book of all the notes we needed for class. I struggled in a subject I normally did well in. After a time I returned to take my own notes. Problem solved!

The kinesthetic parts of learning in an interactive prealgebra program happen when the kids write the problem down. They take notes from the lecture if needed. They physically work through the problem with pencil and paper.

A good interactive prealgebra program will draw your attention and hold it.

Safe Virtual Learning Environment Reduces Anxiety

Because of Unlock Math’s unique setup, math anxiety is reduced. Children aren’t trying to learn math in a foreign learning style. Your child learns the way they learn best.

Material is presented in all three learning styles. If they aren’t quite following the video, the lecture will elaborate. Working on the problem will focus their attention.

Speaking of focused attention,  Unlock Math Prealgebra only shows one problem of math. This means your child only sees ONE question at a time. It focuses their complete attention on the problem at hand.

Showing one question prevents them from being overwhelmed with unending math problems. The dreaded page of “math” often causes anxiety.

Your child isn’t trying to ignore an intimidating line of questions.

interactive prealgebra unlock math

How to Get Unlock Math

As of January 2015, unfortunately only prealgebra is available. However, Unlock Math has plans to roll out algebra and algebra 2 programs later this year! Unlock Math Prealgebra is a subscription-based program. You enroll on a monthly or yearly plan, your choice!

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