Failing Science? 8 Reasons Buying Science Kits Will Save Your Homeschool

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If you’ve been homeschooling for any length of time, then you’ve seen the homeschool science kits that many science providers offer along with the science curriculum.

But the question is, should you purchase the science kit?

What are the Advantages of a Homeschool Science Kit?

I used to say that I’d pick up the science supplies we needed while I was doing the grocery shopping. And guess what? That never happened.

homeschool science kits

I’d forget to check to see what supplies we needed.

Or I couldn’t find them at the store. And who wants to spend hours searching town for a specific item with a bunch of unhappy kids in tow? Not me!

This meant we skipped too many science experiments simply because we didn’t have the supplies on hand.

Then one year I tried purchasing the homeschool science kit. What a lifesaver! And I learned these reasons why I should purchase science kits every year.

1. Science Experiments are important

Science experiments are an important part of your child’s science education. They allow kids to see the principles in action and explore the concepts. They encourage the development and understanding of scientific principles.

And quite frankly, science experiments are fun and add life to my homeschool. They have quickly become a favorite part of our homeschool week.

2. Have the Right Supplies on Hand

Purchasing the science kits means you have the right supplies on hand. You don’t need to worry about what type of stopwatch you need or if the bandana you found at the store is large enough.

All you need to do is pull the supplies out of the homeschool science kit and start the experiment!

science kits kids love

3. No Dashing to the Store

Since you have the supplies on hand that you need, you save yourself the excitement of dashing to the store to buy that critical item in a storm.

Instead, you can pour yourself a steaming mug of coffee and confidently complete the experiment at home with your kids.

All because you purchased the science kit and have the supplies you need!

4. No searching for odd science supplies

It seems like every science curriculum has at least one experiment to requires odd science supplies. These are the ingredients that have you cocking your head and asking, “What in the world is that?”

So you end up searching the local stores and the internet for that one item since you didn’t pick up the homeschool science kit!

5. Homeschool Science kits save time

Purchasing science kits saves you time. Since you no longer need to spend hours searching the stores and internet for the supplies you need. You don’t need to worry about not having the supplies you need for this week’s experiment.

And you now have time to bake cookies with your kids, enjoy a read-aloud on the sofa, or simply head to the park with a friend.

Purchasing science kits saves you time and frustration!

6. Science kits come in a box

Have you ever thought about how you’re going to store your science supplies?

Over the years I’ve built up a large collection of science supplies. I have glass beakers for high school chemistry, plastic beakers, beans, balloons, straws, glitter, etc. It’s quite a collection. Thankfully, homeschool science kits come in a box for shipping.

And this box is perfect for storing your science supplies!

7. Buid up a science lab within your house

Many of the science supplies you need for experiments are non-consumable. You don’t use them up! I now have a lovely collection of bouncy balls, stopwatches, screws, tums, and dyes.

So when my kids come running into the house saying, “Mom, we need to do an experiment to explore…” I have the supplies we need on hand.

I now have a small science lab at home!

8. Experiments Get Done

And most importantly, experiments now get done. We have the supplies I need here, so there’s no reason to skip the science experiments.

And my children’s education no longer gets short-changed.

Purchasing homeschool science kits has been a game-changer in my household. I no longer spend hours searching for science supplies. Instead, almost everything we need is here at the house waiting.

And I didn’t need to run all over town searching. It takes time to purchase everything you need for a year of science.

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