Free Printable Math Worksheets for Preschool – 1st Grade

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Little kids go through printable math worksheets like they’re going out of style!

And I don’t enjoy giving them the same worksheet over and over again. My kids have good visual memories and will quickly memorize the sheet. So I thought I’d create a round-up of free printable math worksheets for preschool through first grade!


Apple Math Counting Sheets | These cute apple-themed counting sheets will help your kids learn to count from 1-10. Tara recommends you laminate a few of the sheets to use them again and again, but the others are meant for the kids to write on the printables.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Counting Cookies Activities {Free Printable} | If your kids love the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, they’ll love this counting activity! Make cookies out of play dough practice counting. Dana even offers cookie counting playdough mats for you to download and print.

Watermelon Seed Counting Activity for Kids {Free Printable} | Download and print this fun watermelon seed counting activity. You can use it, again and again, to practice counting with your preschoolers.

Free Printable Emoji Ten Frame Cards | Practice counting to ten with these fun emoji ten frame cards. Download, print, and have fun counting!

Ladybug Math for Preschoolers {Free Printables, Count, & Clip} | These count and clip cards will let your kids practice counting from 1 to 10 over and over again!

Free Number Monsters Math Printable | Add the right number of googly eyes to these adorable number monsters! And once your child is finished, they can add arms and legs to make truly creative creatures.

10 Black Dots Fine Motor Math Activity | Have your kids counting and improving their fine motor skills with this fun black dot activity!

Counting Activity: Fruit Themed Count and Clip Cards | Count the fruit and clip the correct number. This is perfect for helping kids count and improving their fine motor skills.

Finding Number Patterns Using a Hundred Chart | Find the patterns on a hundred chart! This is an excellent method of teaching kids to count to a hundred.

Tide Pool Skip Counting Math Game | Practice skip counting with this fun tide pool game! How many fish can you catch?

Free Early Years Count the Sheep Printable | Teach your kids to count to ten with this free printable!

Preschool Worksheets: Cookie Counting Worksheets for Preschool | Practice counting with these fun cookie counting worksheets. Kids count the number of chocolate chips on each cookie and draw a line to another cookie with the same number of chocolate chips.

Adding & Subtracting

How to Teach Addition with Picture Books | There are several wonderful picture books that teach kids how to add. Here Tara doesn’t just recommend the picture books, but she also includes a fun printable for kids to practice their addition skills!

How to Teach Subtraction with Picture Books | Just as there are many wonderful picture books to use to teach addition, there are also many picture books to teach subtraction. Tara walks you through how to use the picture books and includes a printable at the end for you to download. Your kids can practice their subtraction skills!

Monkey See, Monkey Do | Roll the dice, add the numbers, and cover the total with this fun game!

Printable Math Game Pete the Cat Inspired | Play this fun game based on Pete the Cat and soon your kids will be adding and subtracting like pros!

Free Ladybird Printable Math Worksheets | Practice addition and subtraction using spots on ladybugs!

Math Activities

8 Preschool and Kindergarten Honey Bee Math Activities | This printable includes 8 different fun math activities. Activities such as counting, adding, and creating patterns.

Fun Hands-on Jelly Bean Math Activities | Nothing is better than combining candy and math! This activity includes grouping by color, estimating, graphing, and more. Just download the sheet, hand your child a crayon, and a handful of jelly beans, and let them go!

Comparing Numbers Math Printable | Have your kids comparing numbers and figuring out what is greater than, less than, and equal with this fun printable.

Explore Money with Preschool Coin Sorting Fun | Kids will learn to recognize pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. This is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to counting money. And kids adore learning math with money!

Farm Animals I SPY & Graph Printable | Graph the number of farm animals you count! This is a great way to teach graphing skills while at the same time having your child practice counting.

Math Patterns Using Apple Prints | Pull out the paints, slice up apples, and have the kids creating various patterns using apple prints. You can also print up this fun printable for the kids to color their apple print patterns.

Intuitive Math: 5 and 10 Frames in Preschool Part 2 | What I loved about this post was that not only were the 5 and 10 frames given, but Darla took the time to explain why 5 and 10 frames are so important for kids to master.

Geometry for Kids: Finding Shapes at the Playground | Take the kids to the playground and see how many shapes you can find. There’s even a printable to print and bring to keep track of the shapes you find!

Intuitive Math: Part Part Whole Math in Preschool Part 3 | Once your child is comfortable with number 5 and 10 frames, it’s time to introduce number bonds!

Intuitive Math: Numbers – Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To in Preschool Part 4 | The fourth step for teaching intuitive math is to teach your kids the concept of great than, less, than, and equal to. Darla uses a munching mouth. My kids and I always used a hungry alligator. The concept is the same though: eat the one that’s bigger!

Spring Worksheets for Kids: Rainbow Tally Marks Worksheets | Teach your kids how to tally items using these fun and cheerful rainbow worksheets!

Spring Worksheets for Kids: Flower Size Sorting Printables | Have your kids sort the flowers by size!

Preschool Worksheets: Big and Small Worksheets for Preschool | Are your kids learning the concept of big and small? Then check out these fun cupcake worksheets!

6 Easy and Fun Ways to Practice Making 10 | These are excellent for helping your kids solidify adding and subtracting within 10!

And here’s an entire series of 60+ printable math worksheets!

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