Homeschool Japanese Independently with Rosetta Stone

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My daughter wanted to homeschool Japanese.

I received Rosetta Stone so my daughter could homeschool Japanese for free and was compensated for my time to create this post. These are my honest opinions and I was not required to post a positive review.

My 17-year-old daughter adores Japanese anime. It’s her favorite way to spend a summer afternoon, curling up with her computer at the dining room table, watching anime until dinner time. But she discovered it’s hard to enjoy anime while reading subtitles the entire time.

So she set the goal to homeschool Japanese.

Let’s face it. Learning Japanese at home is difficult. There’s not a native speaker teaching the class and correcting pronunciations. You’re left looking at a book trying to guess how to pronounce the words.

While you can watch movies and television shows to actually hear the language being spoken. You may have a lovely vocabulary but it doesn’t help. You can’t understand what anyone is saying because they’re speaking too fast.

My daughter has spent countless hours watching Japanese Anime with subtitles. She still doesn’t speak any Japanese despite being immersed in the language hours each day.

In addition, I have no desire to learn Japanese myself. It’s never made my bucket list, so I needed something my daughter can do completely independently.

Enter Rosetta Stone!

Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool

Rosetta Stone offers a dynamic immersion method on the computer. You’re taught in a similar manner as you learned your native language as a child. Basically, this means you’re immersed in the language.

Unlike the anime shows which rattle off countless words and phrases, Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool introduces a small number of vocabulary words with the corresponding images.

You listen carefully before matching the words with different pictures. The small number of words introduced are repeated constantly just like a mom and dad teaching a baby to speak. You’re not lost trying to make out individual words while native speakers chatter.

Like a baby speaking to mom and dad, you also repeat the words. Except in this program you’re speaking into the microphone. A green light shines when you say the word correctly instead of mom and dad cheering.

If you’re having trouble with the pronunciation, there’s a pronunciation page so you can actually see the wavelengths.

It’s fun to learn a language just you did when you were a baby. No tedious memorization of vocabulary. No boring grammar drills. No endless worksheets.

It’s similar to a game, a game where you’re matching words with pictures and trying your hand at pronunciation.

Rosetta Stone is a fun and effective way to learn languages.

If a word is completely stumping you, you can skip it and move on. There’s always the opportunity to come back to it later. No one is forcing you to master everything today, although you do need to master the first lesson before you move on.

However you can move around within each lesson to work on reading, writing, listening, or speaking.

Best of all it’s completely independent. My daughter only needed my help to work through the installation, which was time-consuming.

Once it was set up on the computer, she’s been able to complete the lessons on her own. It’s a simple matter of working through the course step by step.

She sits with her headphones on her head, enjoying herself as she learns Japanese. She’s even able to catch a few words in her beloved anime shows now.

Kids can learn Japanese independently at home with Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool has been a wonderful addition to my homeschool. My daughter is able to learn the language of her choice independently while having fun working through the program.

So much fun we’ve had to schedule it as the last daily subject. She happily spends hours studying Japanese and won’t get off.

In the Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool Box

Everything you need to learn Japanese independently with Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Homeschool arrives in the box.

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Guide to Setting up Your Headset
  • User’s Guide
  • Parent’s Guide
  • User’s Agreement
  • Headset
  • Language-Learning Software CD-rom
  • Supplemental Education Materials
  • Audio Companion: MP3

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