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Printable Lined Writing Paper for Teaching Kids Handwriting

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Are you looking for a writing paper printable to download and print? While you can pick up lined writing paper at your local store, sometimes you can’t find the exact type of writing paper you’re looking for. After all, kids at different stages of writing need different line heights.

Young children in kindergarten or first grade usually need a type of paper that has a dotted line down the middle. This helps younger students write their letters correctly.

Older kids in middle school and high school are ready to move on to narrow-lined paper.

Don’t worry! I went searching for printable writing paper that you can download and use with your children. You’ll find a big selection of printable lined paper below that you can download and print for your children to use.

Double-Spaced Lined Handwriting Paper 

Young children just learning how to properly form their letters learn best with double-spaced lined handwriting paper. The dotted line through the middle gives elementary students the help they need making lowercase and uppercase letters the correct height. it also allows kids to know where they should start forming the letter.

If your child is just beginning to write, be sure to sit down next to your child and walk them through correct letter formation. Gently correcting mistakes at the beginning is the best way to prevent bad handwriting later on down the road.

Double-spaced lined writing paper to download

So if you’re looking for free printable kindergarten writing paper in different formats you’ve come to the right place!

Double-Spaced Lined Writing Paper

Double-Spaced Paper – This lined white handwriting paper is perfect for kids in the 1st or 2nd grade to use for writing. The dotted midline gives kids a guide to proper letter formation. This paper is great for creative writing and other school projects. The PDF format is for downloadable portrait lined paper.

Landscape Writing Paper

Landscape Writing Paper – Print off this free printable handwriting paper if you have a preschool or kindergarten-age child. The paper features row heights that are one inch apart giving kids plenty of space to practice their writing skills.

Landscape Writing Paper

Writing Paper in Landscape – This style of landscape writing paper gives children plenty of space between the rows.

Notebooking Lined Writing Paper

Writing Paper with Box – The center guide lines down the middle of each line are a great way to give kids a visual cue on how to form their letters. Plus, this printable template features a picture box. The blank space is a fun way to encourage kids to illustrate their stories while developing fine motor skills.

Single-Spaced Lined Writing paper

As kids get older, they stop needing double-spaced handwriting paper to correctly write their letters. This is when you should consider switching over to single-spaced lined writing paper.

You’ll generally find two styles of single-spaced lined writing paper: wide lines and college-spaced.

Wide Ruled Lined Writing Paper

The wide lines allow kids in elementary school and middle school to have plenty of room to form their letters without the distraction of a line in the middle. 

These printable pdf files of lined paper are great to hand to children who need to write a book report or even just jot a quick note to a penpal.

You can quickly print off the paper you need instead of purchasing a large amount of paper when you only need one or two sheets.

Be sure to look below to see the various pdfs of lined paper with wide lines.

Printable Paper Templates Feature Wide Lines

Paper designs with wide lines give children just learning how to write plenty of room to form their letters. The templates below use a standard US letter paper size making it easy to print the wide ruled paper in either portrait or landscape. Paper with wide lines is perfect to use with kids between the 3rd grade and the 5th grade.

Portrait Wide-Rule Lined Paper

Wide Rule Lined Paper – If you’re looking for free printables of lined paper, be sure to check this one out. It features blue lines and a red margin similar to regular notebook paper. 

​Landscape Wide Ruled Lined Paper

Landscape Wide Ruled Lined Paper – This printable template supports children’s independent work as it includes a red line marking the margin. In addition, the landscape format gives children plenty of room to write without running out of space.

Extra-Wide Ruled Lined Paper

Extra-Wide Ruled Lined Paper – Are you looking for single-lined letter writing paper that gives children plenty of room to form each letter? Then you will want to download this template. it’s an easy way to help your kids transition from double-lined paper to single-lined paper.

Writing Paper With Picture Box

Wide-Ruled Writing Paper with Picture Box – Writing paper with a picture box is a great way to augment your homeschool. Your children can use the paper to write and illustrate a short story. They can also use the paper for other subjects like social studies. Just have your kid write a paragraph about what they studied and then draw a picture about the topic. It’s a lovely introduction to notebooking.

College-Ruled Paper

College-ruled paper is designed for older students in high school and college. These students no longer need wide lines to give them plenty of room to form their letters. Instead, the narrow lines allow students to put more information on each page, saving paper. If you’re curious, the lines on college-ruled paper are 9/32 of an inch apart or 7.1mm.

Below you will find a collection of college-ruled papers for you to download and print.

Portrait College Ruled Paper

Portrait College Ruled Paper – If you’re looking for regular notebook-style paper to download and print, this is the paper for you. It features blue lines running down the sheet of paper and a red line to mark the margin on the left side.

Landscape College Ruled Paper

Landscape College Ruled Paper – This printable template features landscape college ruled paper with a red line to mark the margin on the left-hand side.

Themed Paper

There are times when you will want to print off themed lined paper for your kids or yourself to use. Themed lined paper is great for writing short stories or researching special events like Valentine’s Day or Easter.

The themed lined paper is also fun for kids to use as stationary when they’re writing to family, friends, and pen pals.

The paper below features black and white images to allow kids the opportunity to color the images and add a personal touch to their paper.

Printable Writing Paper

As you’re looking for printable lined writing paper for your children to download and use, be sure to consider printing off paper with fun images. the paper will help keep your kids engaged with their writing while also allowing them to color the cute images.

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