21 Cozy Fall Picture Books

Do you enjoy curling up reading cozy fall picture books with your kids? I do! It’s a wonderful way to enjoy a chilly and drizzly afternoon with my kids.

So today I’m sharing cozy fall picture books you and your kids will love.

These books are perfect for curling up on the sofa, sipping hot cider, and slowly reading your way through a stack of delightful books!

21 Cozy Fall Picture Books to Enjoy with Your Kids

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak | Join a young girl as she takes a walk in the woods by her house. As she walks she notes the natural world around her and the changing season. This is the perfect book to read at the beginning of fall.

Every Autumn Comes the Bear by Jim Arnosky | Every Autumn Comes the Bear is a delightful book of what happens to bears every fall. So if you’re looking for cozy fall picture books, this one is a winner!

The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry | The Scarecrow guards the field, and all the animals know not to go in there. So he stands alone season after season. Until something drops from the sky. A small scared crow is lying on the ground at the scarecrow’s feet. What will happen to it!

We Gather Together: Celebrating the Harvest Season by Wendy Pfeffer | We Gather Together takes a look at how the fall equinox and the harvest season have been celebrated throughout the world. Your kids will enjoy the reading about how different cultures collect the harvest and prepare for winter.

Strega Nona’s Harvest by Tomie dePaola | Strega Nona’s Harvest is a delightful story that actually begins in the spring. Your children will see Strega Nona pulling out the seeds and preparing the ground before planting. Strega Nona’s Harvest is a lovely way to introduce your children to how vegetables and plants grow before they can head out to enjoy the harvest.

Hello, Harvest Moon by Ralph Fletcher | Do you know what happens outside when the harvest moon rises? In Hello, Harvest Moon, a little girl and her cat head outside to enjoy an evening among nature’s nightlife. You and your kids will love reading about what happens next.

Cozy Autumn Picture Books About Leaves

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson | Fletcher the fox is upset. The leaves keep falling. Clearly, something is wrong! So Fletcher realizes he must save the leaves. But can he? Read and find out!

The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade | Lance Cottonwood is a very smart leaf. After all, he has managed to pass all the tests so far. But he’s worried about the big final coming up. Will he be able to pass it? Your children will enjoy reading about how Lance deals with his worries and learns to let go.

The Leaf Thief by Alice Hemming | The Leaf Thief is a funny tale about a little squirrel who loves counting the leaves on his tree. But one day a leaf is missing! Who could have stolen his leaf? Read The Leaf Thief with your children and find out just who the naughty thief is.

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger | Three friends have gone on a leaf finding and collecting adventure. What are they going to do with all the leaves they find on the way? Read and find out!

Leif and the Fall by Allison Sweet Grant and Adam Grant | Leif is a leaf who must fall, but he’s scared. Leif doesn’t want to get hurt! You and your kids will love reading about how Leif figures out a solution to his problems!

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert | It’s fall and Leaf Man is on the move, drifting with the wind. Where will he go? Leaf Man is a delightful book with beautiful artwork that will inspire your children to head outside and create their own leaf men.

Cozy Fall Picture Books Featuring Pumpkins

Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper | A duck, a squirrel, and a cat enjoy making pumpkin soup the same way every day. But what happens when one friend wants to change the way they make soup? Will the others be able to adapt? Your children will love watching the three friends resolve their differences.

Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White | Rebecca Estelle doesn’t like pumpkins. She hates pumpkins. In fact, she loathes pumpkins! And then one day her yard is full of pumpkins. What is she to do? You and your kids will love Rebecca Estelle’s solution to a yard full of pumpkins!

The Roll-Away Pumpkin by Junia Wonders | Maria Little’s pumpkin is rolling away and will not stop. And it’s not a little pumpkin either. It’s a giant pumpkin! What will Maria Little do?

How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow by Wendell Minor | Have you been to a giant pumpkin festival? Those pumpkins are huge! It begs the question of how big a pumpkin can grow. And just what would you do with a giant pumpkin!

The Pumpkin Book by Gail Gibbons | Fall is the perfect time to teach your kids all about pumpkins and their growth cycle. In addition, Gail Gibbons includes information your kids will love learning about like the history of pumpkins, the types of pumpkins, and even how to grow their own pumpkins!

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? by Margaret McNamara | Have your children asked you how many seeds are in a pumpkin? Mine have! In How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin, a classroom of kids guess how many seeds are in three pumpkins sitting on their teacher’s desk. So they open up the pumpkins to find out!

More Cozy Autumn Picture Books to Read

The Autumn Visitors by Karel Hayes | A family of bears is determined not to allow humans to have all the fun of the autumn season. So they carefully sneak into the county fair, trick-or-treat, and finally enjoy a festive Thanksgiving with their forest friends. Your kids will love the joyful manner this family of bears enjoys autumn.

Hello Autumn! by Shelley Rotner | Hello Autumn! uses simple words and beautiful pictures to explain to children the changes that happen in the fall.

Awesome Autumn: All Kinds of Fall Facts and Fun by Bruce Goldstone | Awesome Autumn is the perfect book to round off a look into the fall season. It includes vivid images and crafts to bring the harvest season to life for your family.

What are your favorite cozy fall picture books to read with your kids?

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