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How to Be a Better Homeschool Teacher

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One of the goals I have is to be a better homeschool teacher and teach my kids how to be independent learners who take responsibility for their own education. It’s a challenge! Especially when I’m dealing with young kids who prefer to play than sit down and complete their math lessons.

But it’s important to me for my kids to take charge of their own education. After all, I won’t be there to hover over them in college.

And the goal is to let go and watch my kids soar.

read teach and learn how to be a better homeschool teacher

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Do you want to be a better homeschool Teacher?

But kids don’t automatically learn how to soar. They don’t move from sweet little kindergarteners to independent teenagers without guidance.

And I’ve found that it’s an important part of homeschooling to learn to let go and let my kids take charge.

But it’s hard.

My kids flounder. They avoid lessons. And they don’t own their schoolwork.

You’d think after four kids grown and graduated from my homeschool that I’d have it down to a science.

No, each kid is an individual. What works for one kid doesn’t work for the next.

However, Dennis DiNoia of Mr. D Math has written a book titled Teach: Creating Independently Responsible Learners.

And it walks you through the process of handing off responsibility for your kids’ education to your children!

Teach by Dennis DiNoia

Teach by Dennis Dinoia is an excellent book to read if you’re wanting to improve your homeschool!

I learned about how to help kids own their schoolwork. How to turn my kids into their own teachers.

And how to encourage your child to begin checking their own work.

It’s a book that’s full of gold nuggets to pull out and apply to your own homeschool.

I loved the gold nuggets! Many of them were easy, like asking kids to go and research their vocabulary words themselves and then teach the words to you.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve been guilty of just telling my kids what the words mean only to see their eyes glaze over. And then I wonder why they don’t remember the words a few days later.

By asking the kids to teach me the words themselves, it’s giving my kids the responsibility to discover the meaning for themselves. And then share their work.

Become Your Child’s Coach:

Teach by Dennis DiNoia shows you how to make the transition from being your child’s teacher to becoming their coach.

You’re no longer responsible for making sure your child knows everything they need to know. You’re not the motivating force behind their education.

Instead, you help your child research and find the materials they need. You ask the questions and watch them struggle to find the answers.

Sometimes it’s hard. I just want to give my kids the answers, but that doesn’t help them. Instead, I sit there and watch them figure out where they can go. What they need. And then listen when they come back with the answer.

It’s a case where we learn best when we’re teaching someone else!

So if you’re looking for an intriguing book to read, one that will help you improve your homeschool, I suggest you add Teach by Dennis DiNoia to your reading list.

It’s a book that will show you how to stop being your child’s teacher and become their coach instead. And let me assure you… it’s fabulous being my children’s coaches.

I’m not fighting my kids to make sure they complete their math assignments or learn their vocabulary words. Instead, my kids are taking responsibility for their own education.

My job is to guide and challenge them. I love it!

So, if you’d like to be a better homeschool teacher then be sure to pick up a copy of Teach by Dennis DiNoia and add it to your reading list. Your homeschool will thank you!

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