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Make an Easy Edible Model Earth Science Project

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My youngest kids and I are currently studying earth science.

And I wanted to make a physical and edible model of the Earth to help them understand the various parts of the Earth: namely the core, the mantle, and the crust.

Personally, I love making edible projects in my homeschool. Why? No need to store physical stuff for years on end. With 6 kids, the number of projects we make add up.

And the kids are enthusiastic about making a history or science project they get to eat!

So since my kids and I had just covered the parts of the Earth in our Earth Science course, I decided an easy edible model Earth was perfect.


For this project, I determined each child would make their own edible model Earth and bought enough supplies for three children. My high school teenager joins us for any history or science project involving food.

Here are the supplies needed:

Directions for the Edible Model Earth

Make Rice Krispie Treats

The first thing I did was to make Rice Krispies treats using this recipe: Original Rice Krispies Treats.

I chose to double the recipe and I’m glad I did. The kids used all of the mixture making their models of the Earth!

  1. Butter the pot to keep the marshmallows from sticking too much.
  2. Melt the marshmallows and butter together.
  3. Once they’re melted, you can add food coloring at this time. Although the mantle is mostly solid rock, my youngest wanted the mantle to be red.
  4. Add the Rice Krispies and mix well.
  5. Don’t make my mistake: give the treats 5 minutes to cool before you move on! Our truffles melted from the heat of the Rice Krispie Treats.
Rice Krispie Treat Mantle
Mixing the mantle

Create an Edible Model Earth

Start creating the model Earth by hand each child a plate and a truffle. At this point, let the kids know the truffle is the core, the Rice Krispie Treats are the mantle, and the frosting will be the crust.

The more you use the terms, the better you’ll cement the vocabulary into your children’s heads.

Before you begin adding the mantle, it may help to smear butter on your children’s hands before they begin. The Rice Krispie Treat mixture stuck to little fingers. As my kids love licking their fingers clean, they didn’t mind the sticky mixture at all.

The steps at this point are simple.

  • First, unwrap the truffles.
  • Next, grab a handful of Rice Krispie Treat mixture and plaster it around the truffle.
  • Keep adding the Rice Krispie Treat mixture until there is a thick mantle around the core of the Earth.
adding the mantle
Adding the mantle around the core

Use Frosting for the Earth’s Crust

I used pre-made frosting for the earth’s crust to keep life simple. So I purchased both chocolate frosting and white frosting.

Next, put the white frosting into a bowl and mix blue food coloring into it until you have a lovely blue for water. You’ll use the chocolate frosting for land.

Now let your children cover the mantle of the earth with the crust!

Artistic kids may want to spend time carefully recreating the continents and oceans, while less artistic kids may decorate their model Earths less realistically. One of my kids added an oversized mountain to his model Earth.

frosting edible model earth
Extra-large mountain

Encourage the kids to take their time spreading oceans and land all over their edible model Earth.

Once they’re done, take pictures to add to the children’s portfolios.

Now eat and enjoy!

eat model earth science project

Have you created an edible model Earth with your kids?

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