7 Amazing, Gross, and Fun Science Kits for Kids

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Do you have a little scientist in the house? Then you must grab one of these amazing, fun, and gross science kits for kids of all ages!

These amazing kits are a great way to inspire a love of science in your child!

After all, there’s nothing like watching chemical reactions occur in your kitchen or creating science projects in the bedroom to fascinate both older kids and younger kids alike. You can find science kits that focus on creating disgusting science that will disgust everyone around them. And do kids love disgusting people!

Fun Science Kits for Kids

My own kids, especially when they are in their preteen or early teen years, love to follow me around and tell me as many disgusting facts as they can in the hopes of making me cringe. Plus, they really have fun when their siblings start to moan and groan about how disgusting smelly feet and snot are.

If you’d rather not indulge your children’s love of the disgusting, try picking up a candy-making science kit so that your young kids can learn the science behind how candy is made. Plus, they’ll have tons of fun taste-testing the candy as it comes out of the test tubes. After all, there’s nothing like sending kids into the kitchen to complete a science experiment on how to make chocolate. Just make sure the kids understand you’re to be allowed to taste test when they’re done!

I have to admit that some of my own favorite Christmas gifts as a child and as a parent, were science kits for kids. The best part was Dad taking me to his lab to work. He completed his experiments. I sat and worked on my own science project. That is when I wasn’t roller skating through the halls.

The Christmas holidays were amazing!

Awesome Science Kits for Kids

Thankfully there are so many high-quality science toys that you’re sure to find the perfect kit for each child in your family. And remember, these hands-on activities will give you hours of peace and quiet as your kids work through the various projects. However, it is a good idea to hang out nearby to keep an eye on what your kids are doing.

But don’t tell your kids that these science experiment kits are educational toys. They’ll learn to follow instructions, improve their fine motor skills, and gain personal experience with the scientific method. It’s a great opportunity to spark an interest in science at an early age.

So check out this list of the best science kits that include all sorts of spectacular, slimy, science designed to delight your kids! After all, there’s nothing like hands-on experience to spark a child’s interest.

1. Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

This Science Explorer Disgusting Science Kit is perfect for preteens, although children of all ages will enjoy the activities. Kids learn about snot, bacteria, blood, and why feet stink through fun experiments that include step-by-step instructions. After all, the best kits are those the kids will use, especially if it involves creative ways to disgust their siblings.

These stem activities not only give kids different projects to complete so they can choose their favorite activities but also teach kids about the scientific principles involved.

Young learners will adore learning creative ways to disgust their siblings, like making snot or growing bacteria.

There’s nothing going to intrigue young boys like making snot to gross their sister out! I set a rule that mothers are to be left alone, or an especially loathed meal will be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a WEEK!

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit is recommended for children 8 years and older with adult supervision.

2. Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit

Is your child fascinated by magic? Adores reading fantasy books? Is your child’s favorite character Gandolf from the Lord of the Rings? Then use your child’s interest to develop a love of science. Introduce them to Magic Science!

This insanely cool science gift allows kids to make potions and spells to change colors while explaining the science behind the magical brews. It’s science at its finest! Your kids will complete various magic tricks that are actually fun science experiments.

It’s the perfect science kit to give to your little wizard!

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit is recommended for children 6 years and older with adult supervision.

3. Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit

Don’t leave your preschooler out of the mix! Young children are just as fascinated by science as big kids. And this is a wonderful opportunity to give the young scientists in your house a chance to start experimenting at home safely. After all, it’s never too early to begin your child’s STEM education!

This age-appropriate science kit will encourage your kids to set up a color-mixing laboratory and grow their own crystals. Younger kids love hands-on projects just as much, if not more than older children! So get your kids started with STEM learning at an early age by picking up this fun little kit for the youngest kids in your house.

Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit is recommended for 4 year olds and up with adult supervision.

4. Candy Chemistry

After all those candy canes, what kid doesn’t need more sugar after Christmas? And what parent doesn’t need a few peaceful hours? Solve both problems by giving your kids a candy chemistry set. This fabulous chemistry kit will have your children making gummy bears, chocolates, rock candy, and more. All using chemistry in your kitchen.

These science activities will be a favorite with every child in your house and is a personal favorite of mine. After all, what’s better than sending kids into the kitchen to make some chocolate for you to taste test? You’ll find detailed instructions in the kit that will get your kids started.

The only thing to make it better would be to include a lab coat and safety goggles so your kids can dress the part of a mad scientist!

Candy Chemistry is a great science kit for kids recommended ages 10 and older.

5. Light-Up Ant Farm Terrarium for Kids

Kids have different interests. And some kids may not wish to make candy or disgust their siblings. So get them a light-up ant farm instead! Younger children can watch the ants dig tunnels and go about their lives. Older kids can read fun facts about ants.

The ant set includes a bright blue space-age gel rather than the normal dull sand ant farms usually use. And when you turn on the lights, the entire ant farm glows, making it a fun nightlight to leave in your child’s room. The ant farm also comes with a magnifying glass and a tunnel starter tool.

The Light-Up Ant Farm Terrarium is designed for kids 6 years old and up.

6. Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

Do you have a budding paleontologist in the house? Someone who would rather dig up a dinosaur than watch ants digging tunnels? Then they’ll love this Smithsonian dinosaur dig.

First, the kids will dig up a plastic T-Rex skeleton in a sand block using a small mallet, dowel, and brush. Safety goggles are also included. Once the pieces are dug out of the sand block, your kids will need to assemble the skeleton to create their very own model dinosaur. This is a great science kit to give to any dinosaur lover in your life!

The recommended age is children 8-15 years old.

Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

7. Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits are a great way to teach children all about electronics and how electricity works in a safe home science kit. The snap circuits snap together and snap apart, allowing kids to use the circuits to build a wide range of projects.

There are 511 different projects listed for kids to create, such as radios, fans, doorbells, screaming fans, whistles, and more. Plus, your kids can use their knowledge to create projects of their own. The projects begin with very simple projects that teach kids the basics and gradually increase in difficulty. Kids will create music alarms and adjustable light controls!

Best of all, this science kit doesn’t require any exposed wires or soldering. All you need are some AA batteries!

The recommended age is for kids between 8-15 years.

Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 Electronics Exploration Kit

Kids Science Kits

If you’re looking to give your kids some STEM toys, you won’t go wrong with these great kits. They’re some of the best ways to interest kids in science from an early age. Kids can experiment with different chemicals safely, learn about earth science, and build a dinosaur.

Kids will have a blast as they put various chemicals together to create candy, build radios to listen to music, and watch ants tunneling through the blue gel. Plus, you’ll get some peace and quiet as the kids are quietly occupied learning everything they want to know about chemistry, biology, physics, and more!

The best part is that you’ll be giving kids an early start on scientific education and preparing them for high school, college, and adult life. They’ll develop new interests, learn how science affects the world, and may even learn to follow instructions!

So be sure to pick up one of these kits. They’re great additions to your Christmas list!

And if you have a history lover in your house, check out these amazing ideas for history gifts!

science gifts

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