7 Amazing, Gross, and Fun Science Kits for Kids

Fun Science Kits for Kids

Do you have a science lover in the house?

Then you must grab one of these amazing, fun, and gross science kits for kids! These amazing kits will inspire a love of science in your child!

I have to admit that some of my own favorite Christmas gifts as a child, and as a parent, were science kits for kids.

Dad would take me to his lab to work. He completed his experiments. I sat and worked on my own science project. That is when I wasn’t roller skating through the halls.

The Christmas holidays were awesome!

So check out these awesome science kits of spectacular, slimy, science designed to delight your kids!

1. Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

Disgusting Science is perfect for preteens. Kids learn about snot, bacteria, blood, and why feet stink!

There’s nothing going to intrigue young boys like making snot to gross their sister out! I set a rule that mothers are to be left alone or an especially loathed meal will be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a WEEK!

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit is recommended for children 8 years and older with adult supervision.

2. Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit

Is your child fascinated by magic? Adores reading fantasy books? Is your child’s favorite character Gandolf from the Lord of the Rings?

Then introduce them to Magic Science!

This kit allows kids to make potions and spells to change colors while explaining the science behind the magical brews. Science at its finest!

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit is recommended for children 6 years and older with adult supervision.

3. Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit

Don’t leave your preschooler out of the mix!

Encourage an early love of science with this kit to set up a color mixing laboratory or grow their own crystals!

Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit is recommended for children 4 years and older with adult supervision.

4. Candy Chemistry

After all those candy canes, what kid doesn’t need more sugar after Christmas, and what parent doesn’t need a few peaceful hours?

And what fits the bill better than candy chemistry! Make gummy bears, chocolates, rock candy, and more using chemistry in the kitchen.

Candy Chemistry is a science kit for kids recommended ages 10 and older.

5. Frog Growing Kit

Just what every mother needs! A frog growing kit for her children.

Set up an aquarium with the live tadpoles and watch them turn into frogs!

Beware, local temperatures need to be above 40 degrees and below 85 degrees in order for the tadpoles to survive shipment.

But just think of the fun and excitement of watching a tadpole grow into a frog in your very own house! This will fascinate kids from preschool through high school.

And you even get a pet frog!

Frog Growing Kit

6. Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

Do you have a budding paleontologist in the house? Someone who would rather dig up a dinosaur than chase a frog around the house?

Try this dinosaur dig from the Smithsonian! Not only do the kids dig up a plastic skeleton, but they get the pleasure of putting it together!

The recommended age is children 8-15 years old.

Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits are a blast and a truly excellent method for children to learn about electricity.

Snap Circuits allow children to build radios, fans, doorbells, and many, many more projects. The best thing about this kit, the kids can take it apart and build the projects over and over and over and over…

It has a recommended age of 8-15 years.

Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 Electronics Exploration Kit

You can’t go wrong giving these delightful science kits for kids as gifts. Your children will be busy for hours growing frogs, making candy, and building radios!

And if you have a history lover in your house, check out these amazing ideas for history gifts!

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  1. Cool! That Dinosaur dig one looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for linking up at Come Along Ponds!

  2. Such cool gifts. I will definitely have to look into some of these more. We are homeschooling first grade right now so I know she would love so many of these.

  3. Firstly, I applaud you like CRAZY for being a home school Mom. I love that so much!

    and my 11 year old LOVES Science and anything related to it. These are great kits you listed here! I will probably be giving a few of them as gifts:)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog also!

  4. Thanks for the ideas! Our 6 year old is a huge science/experiments kind of kid. We actually just purchased your #2 recommendation for him for Christmas!

  5. YES YES YES! I love Science and these gifts are way fun. I especially love the Dinosaur Fossil dig. So hands on. Best way to learn!

  6. I’ll be passing this along to my sister!
    She homeschools and has a super smart 7year old who loves her some science!!

    Thanks for sharing:)

  7. I remember having so much fun with things like this as a kid! I’ll have to keep them in mind for when Aria is older. Such cool gift ideas.

  8. The growing frog one looks so awesome! I’m forwarding this to mom friends with older kids! Awesome ideas!! Thanks

  9. Very cool list – I am pinning for reference for when my kids get a little older. I would like to try to get them a microscope soon, though. The tadpole kit is probably a gift for the near future (this summer). Thanks for the reminder not to try to have it shipped in the dead of winter!

  10. These are right up my son’s alley! The only thing from your list that he has is Snap Circuits, but I know he would love the rest as well! Thanks for the suggestions!

  11. Oooooh, fabulous Christmas science gift ideas!

    I’m all over the candy science – candy is my love language.

    I would add a microscope or a telescope to my science list too.

    Thanks so much for sharing (and for linking up to the Christmas Blog Hop)!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  12. I cant even think about halloween let along christmas! LOL well done post though i will give you that!! 🙂

  13. I have a science-loving daughter who would love to find all of these under the tree! Thanks for the ideas!

  14. I’m looking for exactly what are you covering!!! I myself very pleased to see this.It’s definitely an excellent gift for my son!!Thanks for sharing,It will help me for the upcoming Halloween as well!!

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