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Hands-On Study of Ancient Egypt History

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If you have a child who loves hands-on activities and creating lapbooks, Home School in the Woods’ Project Passport was made for you! Over the course of 25 stops, you and your children get to tour ancient Egypt without resorting to horror movies.

Your family meets fascinating people from the past who, thousands of years later, are still remembered. The tour takes you to exotic sites such as the pyramids and sphinx. The amount of information included in Project Passport: Ancient Egypt floored me. This is not a course you can whiz through in a week!

Hands-On Study of Ancient Egypt History

Before beginning the tour, be certain to read through the Introduction. It gives you all the information you need to get started. There are wonderful tips designed to make certain you have smooth sailing on your journey.

Print the travel tips and travel planner (quick stop itinerary) in preparation for your journey through Ancient Egypt. I don’t know about you, but I love being prepared before a trip. It saves so much confusion and chaos later. Nothing’s worse than being stuck somewhere with fussy kids, or trying to put a lapbook together without glue!

The first stop is not actually a stop on the tour. Rather it’s the opportunity to pack our bags, get passports in order, and browse the postcard rack. While all the cards were a hoot, I especially adored the postcard King Ptolemy V Epiphanes sent to his chief advisor.

The Guidebook for each stop gives you the background information, while the travel itinerary has the directions for how to make newspapers, souvenirs, and games. You create quite a few lap book projects over the 25 stops.

In addition to the lap books, there are bunches of hands-on projects. Kids can make mummies which don’t involve raw chickens! They can try their hand at creating a cartouche, papyrus scroll, or reed boat.

The pyramid my 4yo created

These projects can fill an entire year or be done quickly over several weeks. You set the pace.

If a topic is fascinating you have the opportunity to spend weeks luxioriating at this stop. Wander and follow rabbit trails. Do every craft offered. Read books. If a stop is simply not to your liking, move on quickly. There’s no need to linger for days.

Each stop takes you through various aspects of the ancient Egyptian culture. You see the clothes they wore, the societal pyramid, building, houses, what they ate, major events, their calendar, number system, religion, art, government, etc.

Let me tell you, I’m thrilled with everything Project Passport: Ancient Egypt covers. The list of topics even impressed my Egyptian obsessed oldest son. It’s a wonderful buffet of offerings. You can do everything slowly or pick and choose what interests your family the most.

The final stop gives you an opportunity to pack up. You assemble all the lap book projects you’ve completed into one portfolio on ancient Egypt, and create travel brochures about the wonderful stops in ancient Egypt. It’s a stop that winds down the tremendous voyage you and your children have taken through ancient Egypt.

If you’re looking for a hands-on tour of ancient Egypt, check out Project Passport: Ancient Egypt. It’s hands-on learning at its best!


Homeschool in the Woods

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