Free Latin Resources to Get You Started

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Free Latin resources to get you started studying Latin!

Latin can be an expensive subject to add to the homeschool. There are workbooks, teacher’s books, DVDs, classes, and more. Sometimes we need to get started with Latin in the classical homeschool without a huge expense. That’s why I’ve found several free Latin resources to help us on our way!

Latin for Moms

Latin for Moms is a thorough explanation of a few basic concepts of Latin by Brandy Vencel at After Thoughts. Now if we can just convince her to extend the series!

  1. Latin for Moms: Understanding the Five Basic Cases
  2. Latin for Moms: What Does Declining Mean?
  3. Latin for Moms: A Preposition Inside the Genitive Case
  4. Latin for Moms: A Preposition Inside the Dative Case
  5. Latin for Moms: How to Determine the Gender of a 3rd Declension Noun {A Flow Chart}

Free Latin Class

Linney’s Latin Class uses The First Year of Latin, which is a public domain Latin text. Linney’s free Latin Class offers book lectures, topical lectures, an answer key, and study helps.

It’s recommended that you start with William E. Linney’s book, Getting Started with Latin: Beginning Latin for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age (which is not free), but there’s no reason you can’t jump straight into The First Year of Latin. Just take your time and remember the Latin phrase Festina Lente.

Free Latin Textbooks

There are several Latin books available at Textkit. Some are textbooks and answer keys, such as Latin for Beginners by Benjamin L. D’Ooge. Others are reading texts in Latin, and a couple are grammar books.

Textkit is a great place to start if you need a bit more information or explanation than the Latin program you’re using offers. In addition, there’s a forum where you can go for help, advice, and recommendations.

free latin resourcesFree Videos

And if you’re looking for videos to walk you through learning Latin at home, be sure to check out Latin Tutorial!

There are dozens of Latin tutorial videos for you to browse through and watch. Everything from explanations about the dative of agent to the future tense and Latin word order.

Latin Tutorial is the perfect spot to head when you need a tutorial on a specific topic!

These are a few great places to start if you need or want some help with Latin. The textbooks at Textkit and the free course from Linney allow you to start Latin without any expense involved. Latin for Moms offers just enough explanation to help get you on your way to mastering Latin with your children.

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