3 Awesome Geography Activities for Your Homeschool

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3 Geography Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids

Geography activities are an awesome way to teach geography in the homeschool. Kids get a break from studies and often don’t realize how much they’re learning as they create and build.

Adding these activities can be time-consuming though, so it’s handy to use a curriculum that offers fun geography activities, like North Star Geography.

1. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are fun. First, you create a map, then send the children out to hunt for their treasure. It can be a chest full of gold, a chest full of chocolate coins, or even just a package of lollipops.

In my case, I decided to make life easy and have my 15-year-old daughter create a map for her younger siblings to follow. The kids had a blast. They also learned how difficult it is to create a readable and usable map!

2. Make a Lava Lamp

We haven’t tried making a Lava Lamp yet, but Tina at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has made one using the instructions in North Star Geography. They’re beautiful!

They’re not just an excellent addition to your geography lesson, but a wonderful example of how convection works in earth science.

3 fun and easy geography activities to enjoy with your children3. Build a Backyard Shelter

I’ll confess, we don’t build backyard shelters. Instead, the kids and I head to a couple of local parks that have tons of dropped branches everywhere and meet up with friends.

The children drag branches over to various trees, prop the branches up, and build inventive shelters. Sometimes I’ve seen the kids build multiple shelters and create a small village. It’s a marvelous way to add to children’s geography lessons about housing around the world.

These are just some of the fun activities you can do to augment your geography lessons. If you need more ideas, check out North Star Geography offered by Bright Ideas Press!

What are your favorite geography activities to do with your children?

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  2. Thanks for sharing these great ideas at Good Morning Mondays. I am going to look at the Lava Lamp one, that sounds great. Our children are always outside building camps and shelters and pretending to cook on open fires, it is great fun. Blessings

  3. These really are awesome activities!

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