7 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Homeschool Latin

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Why do so many homeschoolers teach Latin? After all, Latin is a dead language with very few people in the world speaking it. Actually, there are very good reasons you should homeschool Latin!

1. Latin trains the mind to think logically

Why? Latin is one of the most logical and systematic languages we have, and it requires attention to detail. A child who studies Latin learns to think logically.

They also learn to pay close attention to detail, which does come in handy learning algebra and programming.

2. Latin prepares for the study of all foreign languages

Because Latin is so systematic, it teaches the logic behind how languages work making it easier to learn future languages.

In addition, French, Spanish, and other Romance languages descend from Latin. Their vocabulary and grammar are largely based upon Latin.

Homeschooling Latin gets you halfway to learning one of the Romance languages.

3. Latin teaches you how to spell the difficult words

Is it curricula or curriculums? Why? What about the plural of hippopotamus? Do you know that one? It’s hippopotami or hippopotamuses.

Learning Latin conjugations and derivatives helps you learn to spell the words that derive from Latin, and there are more than a few of those!

4. Latin helps you learn English grammar

It is easier to see the sea from the outside than when you are swimming in it like a fish. We swim in English grammar. We know instinctively what is correct or incorrect, but this makes it difficult to learn WHY.

Since English grammar is based upon Latin grammar, learning Latin helps us to see the sea from the outside and learn the WHY of English grammar. It also reinforces English grammar lessons.

5. Latin aids in English vocabulary

For centuries the educated elite of Europe all spoke and wrote Latin. Our legal language, medical and scientific terminology, and higher vocabulary all come from Latin. You can go through and memorize the roots of English vocabulary or cut to the chase and learn Latin.

For that matter, we’re still creating English words from Latin. Have you ever wondered why we call that little arrow on the computer screen a cursor? It means runner in Latin.

6. Latin boosts SAT Scores

Homeschooling Latin does more to improve SAT scores than studying any other subject, and not just for reading and writing. Latin also gave the 2nd highest score in math.

Remember that colleges look harder at homeschoolers’ test scores than public school kids. So homeschool Latin, improve your kids’ SAT scores, and give your kids a better chance at the college of their choice!

7. Latin gives the ability to read classics

Latin gives the ability to read the classics of the Western tradition in the original language, as most of the major works in the Western tradition for the last 2000 years were written in Latin.

The translations help us read the major works, but as it’s commonly known, something is lost in the translation.

If you truly want to learn what someone said, you need to read their words themselves.

You need to read Cicero, Virgil, and Isaac Newton in Latin.

There you have it: 7 amazing reasons to homeschool Latin that range from improving grammar and vocabulary to helping to learn foreign languages.

Why do you homeschool Latin?

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Why do so many homeschoolers teach Latin? After all, Latin is a dead language. Actually there are seven amazing reasons why you should homeschool Latin.

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  1. Hi, what age would you recommend starting latin? I have a 5 year old … Also will you be releasing 2017-2018 planners

    1. Yes, Priscilla, I’ll be releasing 2017-2018 planners sometime this next spring.

      As far as Latin, it depends. I’ve always started trying to teach the kids Latin after we’ve finished phonics, sometime around 3rd or 4th grade (9 or 10 years old). None of the kids have done well with Latin until the 8th or 9th grade though. My recommendation is to start Latin early but take it super slow. Once the foundation is laid, Latin studies become much easier.

  2. I teach Latin in many homeschool communities and would recommend Song School Latin for very young children. Mid elementary I use a combination of Lively Latin (1st chapter is free online I believe) and an online Latin Story telling approach such as Tres Columnae or Lingua Latina. By junior high I combine those same story telling (Comprehensible Input) with more rigorous traditional Latin grammar books.

  3. Great article, but I think you meant “cursor”. Although, you could become a “curser” if your “cursor” is not working!

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