Top 10 Memory Work Links

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Have you ever wondered what other families choose to memorize or how they organize their memory work?

Here’s 10 fascinating glimpses into how various homeschool families’ complete their memory work. Some links give you a list of memory work for classical education. Other links teach you how to organize your memory work.

And a few links give you ways to liven up your memory work through games!

1. Essentials of a Classical Education: Recitation and Memorization by Tonia at Happy Homeschool Nest

Tonia not only introduces the why of recitation and memorization, she also includes tips for implementing memory work in your homeschool. You can also see what Tonia had her daughter memorizing in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades.

2. Scripture Memory System by Simply Charlotte Mason

Simply Charlotte Mason shares an easy-to-use system for memorizing Scripture. They even include a video so you can see exactly how the system works. It’s different than mine!

3. How We Organize Our Memory Binder by Brandy at After Thoughts

memory work links

Brandy gives a different approach to organizing memory binders. The other approach stopped working after mastered material needing regular reviews piled up.

4. 100 Things for Kids to Memorize by Pam Barnhill

Are you looking for some specific ideas for memorization? Pam has put together a wonderful list of things for kids to memorize which even includes famous quotes. It’s the perfect starting place for a classical education memory list!

5. Poetry Memory Work Index by Mystie at Simply Convivial

If you’re looking specifically for poetry to memorize, Mystie has a wonderful memory list with links. It’s divided by ages so you can be certain you’re not expecting your little 1st grader to memorize a piece more appropriate for a high school teen.

6. Memory Index by Brandy at After Thoughts

It amazing how everyone comes up with a completely different list of ideas for memory work. Brandy introduces her list of classical education memory work from her family’s Book of Memories. It’s a long list of Scripture, poetry, folk songs, and more.

7. Introducing: Memory Work Made Easy by Candace at His Mercy Is New

If you’re looking for preplanned memory work, Candace has done all the work for you. Each month has a Bible verse, a poem, and a hymn for you to memorize. It’s an easy way to introduce memory work into your homeschool.

8. Top 3 Games to Play with CC Memory Work Flashcards by Betsy at Family Style Schooling

Betsy has instructions for playing 3 games with Classical Conversations flashcards. The beauty of her system is that they will work with any flashcards you’re using. Use it with science, Latin, and history dates for starters!

9. Tutor and Parent Ideas for Memory Work by Solagratimom

Solagratiamom has pulled together her top 20 fun ideas for memorization. If memory work has become an endless grind, check out some of her hilarious ideas such as Emotional Wreck. Memory work will never be the same!

10. 6 Easy (and Fun) to Help Memory Stick for Kids by Alicia at Your Vibrant Family

Let’s face it; memory work doesn’t stick in kids’ heads as well as you hope. Alicia has come up with 6 easy and fun ways to help your kids actually retain what they’re studying.


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