25 Fascinating & Silly Writing Prompts for Your Homeschool

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Getting kids to write is challenging.

They loathe the topics you recommend. History is boring. Science dull. Why can’t you give them something different to write!

And that’s exactly what I’m giving you here, 25 fascinating and silly writing prompts to encourage your kids’ imaginations to burst forth with silly and creative scenes.

In an ideal world, you and your kids will all write your responses to these writing prompts and enjoy the crazy results.

Creative Writing Prompts

1. You’re dropped by aliens on an alien planet. What’s it like? How do you survive?

2. Who is Horatio Zero Zilch?

3. What new technology needs to be invented?

4. Do you want a flying car? Why or why not?

5. What is the secret life of your teddy bear?

6. What games would you play in space?

7. A billionaire has created a huge floating island. What’s it like to live on it?

8. What would your perfect country be like?

9. Your dinner can talk. What’s it saying?

10. Your house is haunted. Who’s the ghost?

11. Imagine your clothing is alive and chatty. What would your clothing say when it sees your best friend?

12. You’ve been given a pair of 7 league shoes. Where would you go?

13. You’re the hero or heroine of your favorite fairy tale. Who are you and why?

14. How does the Easter Bunny make chocolate eggs?

15. If aliens existed, what would they look like?

16. You go on a journey with your favorite characters. Describe the trip!

17. You wake up a toy. What happens next?

18. What does the silverware think of the flatware?

19. You can fly! What’s it like?

20. You’ve shrunk to the size of an ant. What do you do?

21. If we could only have one season, which one would you choose and why?

22. Why are dogs smarter than cats, and goldfish rule them both?

23. What would the world be like if dinosaurs lived today?

24. You’re a spy. What’s your mission?

25. A monster enters the house. What happens next?

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