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Free Types of Rocks Worksheets and Teaching Resources

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Are you studying rocks with your children? Check out these fantastic free types of rocks worksheets and teaching resources! Young scientists will enjoy learning fun facts about rocks and completing a variety of free worksheets.

Types of Rocks Worksheets

These worksheets about rocks give a general guide to the main types of rocks you’ll find on the Earth’s surface.

Types of Rocks Printable – This notebook is a collection of interactive worksheets allowing kids from the 4th grade through the 10th grade to record the information they learn about rocks. It’s the perfect addition to any rock unit study!

Worksheets About Rock Types – Don’t leave these printable worksheets out of your lesson plans! Young geologists will learn all about the rock cycle, different types of rocks, and even a page on which to write a rock report.

Rock Types – Are you looking for a printable worksheet that will help guide an older teenager through a quick study of rock types? This printable does just that! It includes some basic information about rocks and then has the kids interact with the information in different ways.

Free Stem Science Writing – Give your 2nd grade through 5th grade children a STEM writing assignment. This printable pack will help your kids record the information they’ve learned about different types of rocks. Plus, the pages are fun to add to your children’s science notebooks as a way of recording what they learn throughout the year.

Rock Cycle Worksheet

The rock cycle is a natural process by which rocks are formed, broken down, and change into different types of rocks. These worksheets will walk your children through the process and explain the different parts of the rock cycle.

Free Rock Cycle Activity – Your elementary kids will love this cut-and-paste activity that carefully teaches your children how rocks transform. There’s even a fun rock cycle diagram for the children to complete.

Rock Cycle Reading and Comprehension Sheet – Combine reading and science! Kids between the 4th and 8th grade will first read about the rock cycle before answering questions and filling out a diagram.

Rock Cycle Worksheets – Snag these nifty and fun science worksheets that walk young kids through the rock cycle. Kids will also have fun sorting pictures into the different categories of rocks.

Rock Cycle Worksheets – A great way to master the rock cycle is to fill out various printable rock diagrams on the topic. These worksheets are suitable for a child in the 4th, 5th, or 7th grade.

Rock Cycle Doodle Notes – Download a graphic organizer to help your kids organize their notes about the rock cycle. The doodle notes also double as a study guide to ensure that children master the material.

Sedimentary Rocks Resources

Sedimentary rocks are often created by various layers of sediment such as mud, sand, rocks, and organic material. The layers are squished together under pressure over a long period of time. Sedimentary rocks are formed on or near the Earth’s surface.

Sedimentary Rocks PowerPoint – Teach your kids all about sedimentary rocks with a free PowerPoint lesson. This lesson plan is perfect for teens in middle school or high school.

Sedimentary Rocks Comprehension Sheet – Help your kids learn all about this rock type with a sedimentary rock comprehension sheet. First, your elementary or middle school kids will read about how sedimentary rocks are formed. Then they’ll answer a few questions about what they read. It’s a great way to combine language arts and science!

Life of Sandy the Sedimentary Rock – 8th and 9th grade kids will follow the life cycle of Sandy the Sedimentary Rock. Afterward, kids are given a choice of activities to demonstrate their understanding of what they’ve learned.

Edible Science: Sedimentary Rocks – Nothing beats hands-on activities for teaching kids about science. This fun project demonstrates how sedimentary rocks are formed on the Earth’s surface. The best part is eating the delicious snack when you’ve finished.

Igneous Types of Rocks Worksheets

Igneous rocks are created when magma deep within the Earth’s crust cools, crystallizes, and solidifies. Extrusive igneous rocks cool over a short period between a few seconds to several months. They have microscopic grains. Intrusive igneous rocks cool over a long period of thousands of years and have smaller grains. Plutonic igneous rocks cool over an extremely long period of millions of years. Their grain is extremely large.

Introduction to Igneous Rocks Powerpoint – This PowerPoint lesson is perfect for kids between the 6th grade and 9th grade. It will teach kids how igneous rocks are formed, the difference between magma and lava, and more.

Igneous Rocks – This free rocks worksheet teaches kids about what happens when molten rock cools to form a kind of rock called igneous. The printable also covers the differences between intrusive and extrusive rocks.

Igneous Rock Word Scramble – Give your teenagers a word scramble to help them learn vocabulary from Earth Sciences. These words specifically relate to igneous rocks.

Agree or Disagree Igneous Rock Worksheet – Check to see if your kids have been paying attention with this agree or disagree worksheet. The’s a resource guide to help them answer the questions correctly.

Igneous Rock Identification – Teenagers will be challenged to identify different rocks as intrusive or extrusive by measuring the grain size. You will need to provide magnifying glasses and rulers.

Intrusive and Extrusive Rocks – Older kids will love this detailed tutorial on the differences between these two rock types. It’s fun and colorful. Plus, it introduces kids to different types of rocks.

Metamorphic Rocks Worksheets

Igneous, sedimentary, and even some metamorphic rocks are transformed into metamorphic rocks under high pressure, high heat, and a mineral-rich fluid. This transformation can take place when one of the factors occurs or a combination of two or three of the factors.

Metamorphic Rock Comprehension Sheet – Have your kids read about how metamorphic rocks are formed under high temperatures and pressure. They’ll then have a few questions to answer to demonstrate their understanding of the material.

Metamorphic Rock PowerPoint – Enjoy this thirty-one slide PowerPoint on how intense heat and pressure can change one type of rock into a metamorphic rock. Kids will also learn how to determine types based on the rock properties.

Metamorphic Rock Presentation – Give your kids an insightful presentation about how metamorphic rocks are formed deep within the Earth’s crust. You can also extend the lesson with a lab and WebQuest!

Metamorphic Rock Lesson, Lab, and WebQuest – Complete a fun lab and WebQuest about the formation of metamorphic rocks deep within the Earth. This is a great way to explore how other types of rocks transform into metamorphic rocks.

Word Scramble: Types of Metamorphic Rocks – Your teens will love reviewing metamorphic rocks using this fun word scramble. Can they figure out the hidden message?

Rock Identification 

Don’t forget to teach your kids rock identification as you cover the different types of rocks. This is a great way to introduce them to rock classification and rock collecting!

Introduction to Rock Classification – This free guide was created to teach high school students how to classify various types of rocks. Nine practice questions and an answer key are included in the printable pack.

Types of Rocks Visual Quiz – This quiz is easy to complete in the comfort of your home. You get visual examples of each type of rock. Then your kids can use their new knowledge to determine if the rock is sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic.

Identifying Rocks Lab – This free types of rocks worksheet has kids examine the physical characteristics of rocks to determine what type of rock they are. You will need to provide your kids will various rocks for them to study in this hands-on activity.

Earth Science Worksheets

Don’t stop your study of rocks with the rock cycle, continue on to discuss other types of rocks children may run across in their daily lives, like fossils and minerals. The best way is to grab some of these free science worksheets, graphic organizers, and teaching resources. They’re also great resources to use to supplement Earth Science curricula, like Exploring Creation With Earth Science or Earth Science and Astronomy for the Grammar Stage.

They’ll make homeschooling easy while you answer all of your children’s questions about rocks.

Fossil Printables

Young scientists are fascinated by fossils. It doesn’t matter if the fossils are dinosaur fossils, ammonites, or trilobites, kids love learning about them. These printables will be a great supplement to your rock lesson plans and answer any questions your kids may have about fossils.

Fossils and Rock Layers Worksheet – Give your kids a fun worksheet about the layers of the Earth and where different types of fossils are found. Elementary kids will love analyzing and drawing conclusions about the fossils found in the Earth.

Fossil Worksheets – You’ll find a great collection of fossil worksheets that include labeling different layers, analyzing the layers, and a graphic organizer. It’s a great supplement to any rock unit study you may be completing with your kids.

Free Fossil Virtual Field Trip – Sometimes, you need to take a field trip in the comfort of your own home. While you can head off on a fascinating trip to space, a fossils virtual field trip may be in order when you’re studying types of rocks. You’ll find videos, games, readings, and more to give your kids some educational entertainment.

Cookie Fossil Dig Experiment – My kids adore any educational experience that involves sugar, hands-on activities, and fun. This experiment has kids completing a cookie fossil dig. It’s a great-tasting project you can do in your kitchen.

Minerals Worksheets

If you’re discussing rocks, you also need to chat about different types of minerals and how they relate to rocks. These worksheets and teaching resources also include information on the characteristics of minerals. They’re great resources to have on hand to answer any questions your kids may have.

Rocks and Minerals Reading Comprehension – This rocks and minerals worksheet includes an informational reading passage for kids to read and questions or a writing prompt. The passages are at three different reading levels appropriate for a child in the 3rd grade or 4th grade.

Rock and Minerals Unit Worksheets – This free unit study includes all the information you need to teach your children about rocks, minerals, and fossils. It’s designed for kids in the 3rd grade.

Rocks and Minerals Word Search – Have your kids complete a fun word search featuring words about rocks and minerals.

Minerals Graphic Organizer – Encourage your older children to write and record the information they’re learning about minerals. This graphic organizer will help them organize their thoughts and review the information.

Rocks and Minerals Interactive Notebook Pages – Set up an interactive notebook about rocks and minerals. You can use this notebook to guide your studies or just as a fun supplement to record all the information your children have learned.

Rocks and Minerals Flash Cards – Help kids learn the different types of minerals and rocks with flash cards. You can print them out to use them as a lab exercise or to master the differences between the different types of rocks and minerals.

Rocks and Minerals Activity Pages – Elementary kids will adore these fun activity pages that will help them review everything they learned about rocks and minerals. You’ll find a word search, coloring page, cryptogram, and more!

Mohs Hardness Scale Worksheets

If you’re learning about minerals, then you need to cover the Mohs hardness scale as well. These worksheets will ensure your kids understand the scale and how it relates to the various rocks and minerals they find.

Physical Properties of Minerals Lab – Teach your kids to study the physical properties of minerals to determine what they are. Kids will have the opportunity to identify minerals based on color, streaks, and hardness.

Mohs Hardness Scale Activity – Help your kids learn about the different characteristics and attributes of minerals with this fun worksheet. It can be used with or without mineral samples.

Minerals of Mohs Scale – Kids will learn how to rank minerals using this fun activity. It’s sure to keep your kids engaged and learning!

Layers of the Earth

When you’re studying rocks, don’t forget to cover the layers of the Earth, as the layers affect not only tectonic plates but the rock cycle as well.  One fun way to cover this material is to make an edible model of the Earth. Even my high school teenager loved this project!

Layers of the Earth – Print out a layer of the Earth chart for your kids to cover. There’s even a set of printable cards to help your kids learn the name of each layer.

Printables on Layers of the Earth – Label and color each layer of the Earth. A word box is given to help kids correctly spell each name.

Layers of the Earth Worksheets – Teach your kids what is deep inside the Earth with some worksheets about the layers of the Earth. You’ll find labeling activities as well as a word search.

Layers of the Earth Doodle Activity – Use this graphic organizer to organize all the information your kids are learning about the layers of the Earth. It’s also a great way for your kids to study Earth Science.

Word Puzzles: Layers of the Earth – Solve some word searches that focus on vocabulary related to the layers of the Earth. It’s a great way for your kids to review key terms.

Recommended Resources

You might also want to pick up a couple of these amazing resources to supplement your study of the different types of rocks. These books and games are perfect for young geologists who are curious about rocks and minerals.

Ultimate RockoPedia – Kids will learn everything they ever wanted to know about rocks and minerals. It even includes incredible images and colorful graphics to help kids master the information.

Rock Collecting for Kids – If you have a kid who’s interested in rock collecting, this is the book for you! Kids not only learn how to get started, but they’ll also learn how to collect rocks safely.

Rock & Mineral Game Set – Test your knowledge of rocks and minerals with a fun game! It includes not only the game pieces but over 150 rock and mineral specimens as well.

​In Conclusion

​Use some of these fabulous types of rocks worksheets and resources to teach your kids everything they ever wanted to know! You’ll have hours of fun, cool projects, and interesting writing projects to complete. Don’t forget to wrap up the unit studies with some rock collecting or a fun game.

types of rocks worksheets and teaching resources for kids

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