A Review of Third Form Latin

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I’ve found the most frustrating part of reading curriculum reviews is not knowing how long the family has been using the curriculum.

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After all, there’s a huge difference between someone running through what’s included in the package and someone who’s been in the trenches using the curriculum for several years.

So before I begin this review of Third Form Latin, let me tell you, we’re starting our third year with the Form Latin Series.

And it’s perfect for us.

The idea behind the Form Latin series is to teach kids all the Latin grammar they’ll ever need to know so they can start translating and reading Latin in high school or college. The vocabulary is limited so kids can concentrate on grammar.

This isn’t to say vocabulary isn’t included. My son, after two years of Latin studies, has a pile of Latin flashcards a mile high! All right, I’m exaggerating. He does have a large pile of cards he continues to review though.

First Form Latin

First Form Latin is aimed at kids between 4th and 9th grades. It’s a rather wide range! My son started First Form Latin when he was in the 8th grade.

And it’s been awesome!

First Form Latin went fairly well. The pacing and format took my son and me a couple of weeks to get used to. However, the Form Latin series concentrates on laying down small pegs of information the first few weeks and then hooking more information on those pegs.

It worked amazingly well!

You can read my review of First Form Latin here.

Second Form Latin

Second Form Latin picks up where First Form Latin ended. Although about halfway through the course my son got bogged down. We kept struggling through the material, but I was worried.

Were we about to get stuck?

We kept moving forward and then one day it all clicked. My son likes to say his Latin brain turned on.

Seriously, Latin suddenly became, not easy but easier. And let me tell you I breathed a sigh of relief!

You can read my review of Second Form Latin here.

What Third Form Latin Covers

Unit 1 Verbs: Indicative Action and Passive

Kids review the 1st through 4th conjugations before studying the imperative mood, perfect passive, pluperfect passive, and the future perfect passive for all conjugations.

Unit 2 Nouns, Adjectives, and Numbers

Again the 1st – 5th noun declensions are reviewed. Kids are taught the vocative case, irregular nouns, and appositives. Then kids review adjectives and look at adjectives used and nouns. They study the nine irregular adjectives, and 3rd declension adjectives. Kids also learn prepositions, adverbs, and numbers.

Unit 3 Pronouns

Again before kids begin studying various pronouns as well as reflexive pronouns and adjectives, there is a review of previously learned material.

Unit 4 Verbs: Subjunctive Active and Passive

This unit covers the subjunctive present active, subjunctive present passive, subjunctive imperfect – both active and passive, and subjunctive of sum – present, perfect, imperfect, and pluperfect. It also covers subjunctive perfect – active and passive, subjunctive pluperfect – active and passive.

Unit 5 Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs

Kids compare adjectives and adverbs. They also look at the irregular comparison of adjectives and adverbs.

Check out the table of contents for a detailed look at what Third Form Latin covers.

What Third Form Latin Includes

Third Form Latin comes with a DVD, CD, student textbook, workbook, flashcards, Teacher’s manual, Teacher’s key, and quizzes and tests.

Third Form Latin is set up on a weekly lesson plan. Kids have a new concept, Latin saying to memorize, and vocabulary to learn each week. Each lesson builds off previous lessons.

Instructional DVD

Mr. Kirby Ownby gives the weekly lectures for Third Form Latin on the Instructional DVD. These lectures make a world of difference. Not only does he go through the student book reviewing the information, but he gives tips and tricks to help kids understand and memorize Latin.

If you scroll down the Third Form Latin sales page, you’ll find a sample DVD lesson.

Pronunciation CD

The Pronunciation CD runs through the vocabulary and saying so kids can review the correct pronunciation for Latin.

Student Text

The Student Text includes a brief explanation of the Latin grammar kids are learning, the sayings, and the vocabulary. This is what my son uses to study and review Latin.

And check out this sample of lesson 3 to see the format for yourself!

Teacher Manual

The teacher’s manual includes all the information you need to teach each weekly lesson. The teacher manual includes the oral recitation/review, the Latin saying, and an explanation of the grammar being learned. You’re also given tips on teaching Latin, and instructions on using the vocab drill sheets, and tips on doing the translation exercises.

You can see how the teacher’s manual is set up in this sample of lesson 3 here.


The workbook holds all the exercises for Third Form Latin. The exercises vary between word study and grammar work, review exercises, vocabulary, conjugation exercises, form drills, translation, and derivative work.

Here’s a sample of the workbook pages for lesson 3.

Quizzes and Tests

Each week there’s either a quiz or test. The quizzes and tests give me an excellent snapshot of the skills mastered and the skills that need a bit more work.

Teacher Key

The key is just what it sounds like. A key to grade all of the workbook pages, quizzes, and tests in Third Form Latin.

Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary cards are just what you’d expect: flashcards to help the kids study and learn their Latin. My son has held onto his cards from First and Second Form Latin and continues to review them. Each card includes the Latin word, English translation, week taught, and part of speech.

Third Form Latin Review

Third Form Latin Schedule

After two years of using the Form Latin Series, we’ve settled into a simple weekly schedule.


My son watches the DVD lecture on this week’s lesson.

I really think the DVD lectures make the biggest difference of all because the teacher explains what’s going on better than I can. I just read from the teacher’s manual. Mr. Ownby has taught Latin grammar in the classroom and knows where kids need a bit of extra explanation. He shares little catchphrases and mnemonic tricks to help kids learn the material.

My son then reviews his vocabulary and begins to work through the worksheets for the week.

The number of worksheets usually varies in Third Form Latin between 6 and 8 worksheets. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I attempt to divide the worksheets somewhat evenly between Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Each of these days my son reviews his recitation and vocabulary. This takes him quite a while as he has a huge pile of cards these days.

I actually ended up sitting down and dividing the cards between daily cards – words he’s learning, weekly cards – words he knows but needs more review, and monthly cards – vocabulary words he could recite in his sleep.

After he reviews his vocabulary cards, he completes the worksheets.


Every Friday my son takes his Third Form Latin quiz or test and hands it to me to grade. We then walk through any errors together and I comment if I think there’s an area he needs to concentrate on.

This usually happens when he misses one type of answer throughout the test.

It’s a pretty simple schedule but it works. We’ve followed this schedule for the last two years and were able to easily jump back into Latin earlier this month.

The Form Latin Series is amazing! Each lesson carefully builds on the previous lesson, and I’m watching my son master Latin. And I am thrilled with the results I’ve seen.

Check out Third Form Latin for yourself!

We're starting our third year with the Form Latin Series. It's an amazing series and one we've used successfully. Let me tell you all about it! #homeschool #classicaleducation #latin #thirdformlatin #memoriapress #curriculumreviews #review #homeschooling

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