Latin Curriculum Round-Up

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Latin curriculum round-up to help you find the curriculum you need.

Let’s face it. Finding a good Latin curriculum that’s a good fit for your family and teaching style is hard. That’s why I’m giving you a round-up of various children’s Latin curricula and their reviews.

Memoria Press

Memoria Press offers several Latin options for families. They’re in order from curricula meant for younger children to high school age.

Reviews of Memoria Press Latin Curricula

Classical Academic Press

Classical Academic Press also offers several options for children’s Latin curricula. Again I’ve put these in order from curricula for the youngest scholars to high school seniors.

Reviews of Classical Academic Press Latin Curricula

Reviews with compare Latina Christiana to Latin for Children

Latin’s Not So Tough

Hey Andrew offers one Latin curriculum for children: Latin’s Not So Tough. It’s a series of workbooks that slowly teaches kids Latin. Very young kids begin with Level 1, while older kids can begin with levels 2 or 3.

Latin’s Not So Tough Reviews

Latin curriculumLively Latin

Lively Latin offers two Big Books of Lively Latin as well as virtual classrooms. The Big Book of Lively Latin volume 1 is aimed at kids from 3rd – 6th grade, while volume 2 is most successful with kids over the 5th grade.

Lively Latin Reviews

What is your favorite Latin curriculum and why?

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  1. We are currently using Latin for Children A and enjoying it. They have a fun website with flashcards and games that my 11 yr old likes. He actually asks if we can do Latin!

  2. Great round up! It was a delight to find your blog. I am really looking forward to reading through this series.

  3. One of my girls mentioned a “latin” word today from her History work. I told her at some point we’ll probably do some Latin. Right now we’re doing Greek though. Love your links list. I think they will come very handy. :o)

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