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24 Best Preschool Books About Fish to Read Aloud

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Are you looking for preschool books about fish to read aloud to your children? This list of books includes delightful stories about fish and some non-fiction titles filled with fun facts. These children’s books will be a hit with all of your children!

Preschool Books About Fish

These books are fun to read at any time of the day. Add them to your evening bedtime stories. Pull them out during your afternoon story time. Sit down and read the books when you need a quiet activity on a rainy day. Your children will love curling up and learning valuable lessons while enjoying these delightful stories about fish.

Favorite Fish Books for Younger Children

These fun books will quickly become your children’s preschool books about fish. They include a retelling of a classic fairy tale, an adventure to spread kindness, and a beautiful fish learning what is the most important thing in the world. 

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark – Read an exciting retelling of the classic fairy tale The Three Little Pigs. Jim, Kim, and Tim are told it’s time to leave and make their own homes. But a big bad shark is hungry. What will happen next?

The Fish Makes a Wish – Loo is on an adventure to spread kindness throughout the sea. As you read, children will learn valuable lessons about kindness, empathy, and generosity.

The Rainbow FishThe Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister is a delightful book about the most beautiful fish in the sea. But he’s proud and vain. The other fish don’t want to be around him, so he gradually becomes more and more lonely. And eventually, he discovers that being beautiful isn’t the most important thing in the world. Read and find out what he does next!

Board Books About Fish

If you’re looking for a board book for a little girl or boy, be sure to check out these books. The fishy tales will entertain your youngest kids while getting them settled for the night.

Big Fish Little Fish – Teach your children about opposites as you read through this fun book. Kids will meet big fish and little fish, long fish and short fish. There’s even a shrinking finger hole to help small children turn the pages.

Hooray for Fish – Young children will love seeing all the funky fish in this delightful board book. Little fish swims through the sea, meeting all of his fish. He sees blue fish and even a red fish. Your kids will be begging you to read about this watery world again and again!

Good Night Fish – Explore rivers, freshwater lakes, and the depths of the ocean as you meet different types of fish. This is a book that’s perfect to read as a bedtime story.

Preschool Fish Books You Love to Read

If you’re looking for charming fish books to enjoy with your kids that also include a quiet lesson, these are the books for you. The characters in the books learn how to find the good in the unexpected and how to confront their fears. These are books your and your kids will love to read over and over again!

Not Norman: A Goldfish Story – A little boy wants a pet. A pet to cuddle, hold, and play with. Instead, he gets Norman, a goldfish. What can you do with a goldfish? So he tries to trade Norman for a better pet. Will someone trade their pet for Norman, or will the little boys learn a valuable lesson about finding the good in the unexpected?

Fish Don’t Sneeze – Have you ever heard of a fish that sneezes? It’s such an odd thing for a fish today. This sweet story is about a fish named Sneezy who sneezes all the time. It’s weird, so no one wants to be his friend. When a small fish offers to help, Sneezy grabs at the opportunity. But will the plans to stop Sneezy from sneezing actually work? Read and find out!

Swimmy – Deep down in the ocean, you’ll find a happy school of fish. They live in a world of wonder but also full of danger. The fish are terrified and refuse to leave their hiding spot. Then Swimmy comes along and teaches the school of fish that if they work together, they can solve any problem. 

Fish Picture Books for Young Readers

These fun picture books are perfect for preschool children and young readers. The stories are captivating and deserve a place on everyone’s book lists. 

Max Has a FishMax Has a Fish is an easy reader about a little boy who has a pet fish. He loves his fish, but his fish can’t dance. Who will be able to dance with Max?

Pout-Pout Fish Adventure – Pout Pout Fish isn’t happy. He’s glum and spreading dreary wearies through the entire ocean. Read this amusing story filled with bright colors and a fun rhyme to find out if Pout Pout fish will remain crabby forever.

A Fish Out of Water – Mr. Carp gives the boy very specific instructions on how much food to feed his new goldfish, only a little bit. But the goldfish looks hungry! So the boy feeds him more and more food. And the fish keeps growing. Read and discover what happens next as the poor goldfish keeps growing!

Favorite Preschool Books About Fish

Preschool children are fascinated by fish and life in the ocean. They love to see the beautiful scales, the examples of different fish, and all the various sea creatures. It’s a world that’s strange and mysterious. So pick up some of these fun books about fish from your local library. And spend some time reading about fish with your children.

Children’s Books About Fishing

If your children have been asking to go fishing or love to fish, then check out these fun books that will teach your children some odd facts while introducing them to the world of fishing. Your kids will be begging you to take them on a fishing trip to catch one or two fish.

If a Fisherman Could Wish for Fish – Children will love the rhyming verses in this whimsical tour of the fishing world. You’ll hear funny fishing tales, tongue twisters, and creative rhymes that will have you ready to go find a fishing rod.

Let’s Go Fishing – Introduce your children to the world of fishing with this book for young kids. Kids will learn about 25 different types of freshwater fish, see delightful pictures, and be ready to head outside to catch a fish.

My First Awesome Fishing Book – Introduce your kids to the alphabet and the world of fishing at the same time. This fun book will take you and your children through the ABCs of fishing while teaching your kids some fun facts.

Nonfiction Books About Fish

​While preschool children love to hear fun fishy stories, they also adore learning factual information about fish. These informative books will introduce your children to fascinating fish and are the best way to introduce your children to ocean creatures.

We Need Fish – Teach your kids about fish and why we need fish in our oceans with this delightful picture book. Kids will not only learn why we need fish but they’ll also be introduced to ways they can help to keep our world clean.

All About Fish – Designed for young children, this appealing nonfiction book uses bright pictures and short sentences to introduce small children to fish. They’ll learn fun facts about fish. There’s even a place for kids to scribble their thoughts!

Fish For Kids – This fun book for children will teach kids about 35 different types of fish, including the great white shark. Not only are there plenty of facts included in the book, but you’ll find ideas for hands-on learning as well.

National Geographic Readers Featuring Fish

National Geographic has some fun nonfiction readers to teach your children about fish, different sea creatures, and life underwater. These readers are perfect to be read aloud to a preschool child or independently by an early reader.

Swim Fish! Explore the Coral Reef – Take a trip to the coral reefs to see the various animals that live there. Tiny fish will swim by, and a dolphin will jump. The book is filled with simple words and picture icons to help your kids read the book and learn all about the creatures in the coral reef.

Ocean Animals Sticker Book – Sticker books are always a good idea for preschool children. This fun book gives kids a bunch of stickers while teaching them about fish, sea turtles, seals, and dolphins. The stickers and activities will keep your kids busy for hours!

Weird Sea Creatures – Introduce your kids to some of the weirdest animals on the Earth’s surface, like the anglerfish or the barreleye fish. The best part is that the reader uses simple language, so even the youngest child will enjoy exploring and learning about unusual sea animals.

Ocean Books for Preschoolers

Don’t stop by only teaching your kids about fish. Grab an engaging book about ocean life as well. These books are delightful to read to your children and will satisfy their curiosity about the different animals you can find in the sea.

Hello, World! Ocean Life – Before you take your children to the beach, pick up this fun book. Kids will learn about life in the ocean. They’ll see blue whales, dolphins, and even sharks.

My First Book of Ocean Animals – This book is a good thing to purchase if you have kids asking about life in the ocean. The book includes incredible pictures detailing not only life in the ocean but the reptiles on the coast. They’ll be introduced to tiny plankton and giant whales. Plus, they’ll learn fun facts to share with family and friends.

I Spy Ocean Animals – Keep your kids entertained for hours as they search for ocean animals on each page. The book is written in alphabetical order, so kids are also introduced to the alphabet. Not only is this book fun at home, but it’s also a great book to take on long road trips.

Preschool Books About Fish

Kids love reading children’s books about fish. They can enjoy a funky book and learn the different ways that fish live in the sea. So grab a few of these engaging fish books to read aloud to your children.

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