7 Awesome and Cool History Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Do you have a child fascinated by history? Then give them cool history gifts this year!

Your kids will love reading about what gross things medieval peasants ate and showing off how many historical facts they know as they win these fun games.

Horrible Histories

Have you read any of the Horrible Histories? They’re delightfully gruesome books that fascinate kids of all ages. Kids discover what life was truly like during various time periods. They learn about what people ate, what they believed, and even what some of the common medical practices were.

Kids read them and read them and read them. My books are now falling apart from my own children’s use and love.

These are historical gifts the whole family will enjoy!

If you’d prefer individual titles, here’s a partial list of Horrible History titles.

Just so you know, the list below is not necessarily the same books as what is included in the box. There are a lot of Horrible History books!

Professor Noggin’s Card Games

Nothing is better than a card game the whole family can enjoy. These Professor Noggin card games are easy to set up, only requiring cards and dice. Toddlers can’t knock over the board. Players are quizzed about historical facts learning quite a bit along the way.

Card games are fun history gifts to augment your homeschool’s history lessons!

The Classic Historian Go Fish Games

While we’re on the subject of card games, do you enjoy playing Go Fish? These Classic Historian card games allow you to learn about the history and play Go Fish at the same time!

If you’re tired of Go Fish, try playing one of the other 3 games instead.

Way Back When In History

Way Back When in History takes you through 5 time periods over the course of the game. Test how much your children and you actually know about the Explorers, 13 Colonies, American Revolution, the Constitution, and the Civil War.

Do you remember the facts or has everyone forgotten everything they learned?

Name Chase: Historical Figures

Name Chase: Historical Figures is a lively game from Geo Toys! It’s a trivia game for kids ages 12 and up. You get 4 clues to find the answer. The first clue is quite difficult, while the last clue is very simple.

Can you figure out who the historical figure is before you run out of clues?

History of the World Mad Libs

Did you ever play Mad Libs as a kid? If so you know exactly the type of craziness which will result with History of the World Mad Libs! Alter history and see just how crazy you can make it.

Your kids will have hours of fun and laughter with History of the World Mad Libs!

History Year by Year

History Year by Year is a delightful and detailed timeline by Smithsonian. Your kids will be able to navigate the history of the world and see the influences, patterns, and connections between events.

This book should be on every classical homeschooler’s shelf!

These history books and games make wonderful gifts for the entire family at Christmas.

Your kids will curl up devouring the Horrible Histories or will compete to see who remembers the most history.

Check out these fascinating history books for kids!

history gifts your kids will love

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  1. We have some of the Professor Noggin’s cards.

    Whenever I see the Horrible Histories books mentioned, I always think of Tony Robinson’s The Worst Jobs in History TV series. Have you ever seen it? Or read any of his books (Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders) – I have just discovered these and hope my library will be able to get some copies to review.

  2. Good suggestions. I think we need to get kids to be engaged in learning about history and it has to be fun in the beginning rather than a subject they need to learn to get good grades. History helps us understand how the world works and prevent from making the mistakes that resulted in horrific outcomes. These cards games may do the trick.

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