7 Awesome History Gifts Your Kids Will Love

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Do you have a child fascinated by history? Then give them cool history gifts this year! These are the perfect gift for the history lovers in your house! After all, there’s nothing like a themed gift to make gift shopping easy!

These unique gifts include good books and board games that make learning history fun. Your children will read through fascinating books that teach kids all sorts of disgusting trivia about history. Then your kids can turn around and pretend to be famous historical figures leading their countries or empires during critical historical events. They will learn about famous women throughout history, such as Martha Washington and Rosa Parks.

Plus, you can turn your kids into Medieval history lovers by encouraging them to read about what gross things medieval peasants ate and used as medicine. Then your kids can turn around and show off how many historical facts they know as they compete to win these fun games.

Let me assure you these gifts are so much easier than a road trip to historic places. And your kids will get to experience each piece of history as if they were actually there!

History Gifts: Horrible Histories

Have you read any of the Horrible Histories? They’re delightfully gruesome books that fascinate kids of all ages. The books dive into the horrid details of history that fascinate kids, such as what people ate, did, and believed. They even get to discover what some of the common medical practices were at the time.

You’ll find that the Horrible Histories are a great way to get kids interested in history, especially if you’re looking for a funny history gift to give to your kids. My own kids laughed as they read and re-read the books until they fell apart.

Horrible Histories are historical gifts the whole family will enjoy!

If you’d prefer individual titles, here’s a partial list of Horrible History titles.

Just so you know, the list below is not necessarily the same books as what is included in the box. There are a lot of Horrible History books!

Professor Noggin’s Card Games

Nothing is better than a card game the whole family can enjoy. These Professor Noggin card games are easy to set up, only requiring cards and dice. This means that any toddlers in your house can’t knock over the board.

As you and your children play, you will be quizzed about historical facts. This means your entire family will learn more about history, plus your kids will be encouraged to study up on odd historical facts so that they will be sure to win the game the next time your family plays.

The Professor Noggin card games are a wonderful change from the eternal round of Go Fish. I don’t know about you, but Go Fish gets old fast! And these card games are fun history gifts to augment your homeschool’s history lessons! You’ll be able to teach your kids about Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. Plus, you can show off to your kids how much you know about history.

These cards make a great gift for any history nerds you have in your home because they’ll have a blast showing off all the trivia they know about the different time periods.

Trekking Through History

Another excellent gift to give to your kids is Trekking Through History. It’s a fun game that has you traveling through history using time crystals instead of a time machine. You’ll meet fascinating people and experience important events along the way.

The game is challenging as you work to make sure you achieve the points you need to win while jumping back and forth in time. You’ll head back to the time of Ancient Egypt or even the cavemen. Then you can jump forward in time to World War II. You can meet George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, or Frederick Douglass.

Although you may not want to jump back and forth in time as you’ll lose points compared to moving forward in time throughout the game. The game is challenging for younger children, as it requires a bit of strategy in order to win.

Plus, the artwork on the cards is beautiful. So if you’re looking for one of the best ways to interest your children in history, then you need to check out this delightful game. It’s an ideal gift for the entire family. And one that everyone will want to play with immediately after the gifts are open.

I know because my kids and I have spent many happy hours studying the cards and playing Trekking Through History.

History of the World

Have you ever wanted to conquer the world or forge an empire? Then you’ll get your chance! You will be forging an empire as you play History Of The World!

Each player has an empire that they will control over six different epochs of history. You’ll earn points based on how many monuments, cities, and territories are owned by your empire. As you play, you’ll experience both technological advances and calamities.

The secret of the game is to take advantage of your empire’s unique specialties to gain enough points. The first part of the game is all about positioning. After all, you can’t conquer the world if you don’t control the optimal territories. Then you’ll need to make sure you build large and strong armies and navies. This game will appeal to all the military history buffs in your family.

The game History of the World is one of the best history games for teaching your kids about the ups and downs of empires throughout the course of history.

Plus, this is a great family game for everyone to play on family game night!


Herstory: The Family Board Game of Remarkable Women is a delightful game that deserves a place on your shelves! The game’s goal is to be the first to complete a book about various remarkable women throughout history. Some of the women are famous household names that you’re likely familiar with. However, many of the women are new names!

As you play, you pick out women to create different chapters for your book. And the first player to complete all the needed chapters to write their book wins the game!

To my delight, the women came from a wide variety of continents, backgrounds, and time periods. The cards have a beautiful design on them along with wonderful pictures of the women. This is an excellent gift idea to give to anyone who’d like a unique history game to play.

My kids and I had a wonderful time just thumbing through the cards and reading about each woman.

History of the World Mad Libs

Did you ever play Mad Libs as a kid? If so, you know exactly the type of craziness which will result in History of the World Mad Libs! Alter history and see just how crazy you can make it. It’s the perfect present for a family on the go as the book doesn’t take much room, and you can drop it into a tote bag. The best part is getting to rewrite history and create hilarious retellings of the major events.

The way Mad Lids works is that you add or change nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs to random words in a paragraph. So you look at the page. The text on the page will have a series of blanks and a note underneath to add a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc. If I was holding the Mad Lids book, I would ask my sister for a random noun. Then I fill in the blank with the noun she gives me. Do the same with all the verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Once you’ve filled in all the blanks, you end up with a hilarious version of the text that will have your kids rolling on the floor.

Your kids will have hours of fun and laughter with History of the World Mad Libs!

History Year by Year

If you’re looking for the best gift idea for a serious scholar, then you should check out History Year by Year. History Year by Year is a delightful and detailed timeline by Smithsonian. Your kids will be able to navigate the history of the world and see the influences, patterns, and connections between events. It’s an excellent resource that will expand your children’s education just by looking through or reading the book.

My suggestion is to leave the book on your coffee table. Everyone in your family will periodically thumb through the book learning bits of history as they go. They’ll be able to learn about Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, in addition to Medieval England.

It’s a good book that should be on every classical homeschooler’s shelf!

History Books and Historical Games as Fun History Gifts

These history books and historical games make wonderful gifts for the entire family at Christmas. Even a military history buff will find something to learn or trivia to show off as your family plays the games. Plus, if there’s a time period one person enjoys, you can tailor the gifts to them.

And these books and games are perfect for those days when you don’t feel like homeschooling but really should be doing something. Play a game to learn about the atomic bomb or President Roosevelt. Read a book to study the Native Americans and the white settlers. It’s better than stopping by museum shops or a history store!

This means that you can stop wandering the mall in search of the best gifts for your family. Instead, focus on giving an educational gift that will be so interesting and fun that your children won’t even know that they’re learning something important. They’ll be too busy laughing, playing, and having fun to notice.

So give your family one of these amazing history books or historical games. You won’t be just giving them a fun game or an interesting book. You’ll be giving your family the gift of an education. Plus, everyone will love playing together and sharing the fascinating trivia they learn.

In addition, the books and games are a great way to spend a cozy Christmas afternoon as a family, and you’ll get to discover if your children are actually paying attention when you teach them about history!

Check out these fascinating history books for kids!

history gifts your kids will love

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  1. We have some of the Professor Noggin’s cards.

    Whenever I see the Horrible Histories books mentioned, I always think of Tony Robinson’s The Worst Jobs in History TV series. Have you ever seen it? Or read any of his books (Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders) – I have just discovered these and hope my library will be able to get some copies to review.

  2. Good suggestions. I think we need to get kids to be engaged in learning about history and it has to be fun in the beginning rather than a subject they need to learn to get good grades. History helps us understand how the world works and prevent from making the mistakes that resulted in horrific outcomes. These cards games may do the trick.

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