A Complete Language Arts Curriculum Is the Solution

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You need a complete language arts curriculum.

I received the first unit of Kendell Hunt’s Pathways 2.0 for free and I was compensated for my time. All opinions are mine and I was not required to post a positive review.

The worst part of homeschooling is wondering if you’re doing enough.

Are you covering everything you should for a thorough language arts education? Are you doing enough? Or are you doing too much?

One easy solution is to use a complete language arts curriculum!

A complete language arts curriculum is one that includes everything kids need to learn at their grade level.

It works on reading skills, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, handwriting, grammar, and more. You don’t need to lie in bed worrying about whether or not you’re missing something important in your homeschool.

Because a complete language arts curriculum covers all the language arts skills your kid needs to know!

And that’s just what Kendell Hunt’s Pathways 2.0 provides: a complete language arts curriculum so you can sleep well at night knowing you are giving your kids a thorough language arts education.

Each of the 9 units in Kendell Hunt’s Pathways 2.0 covers all the language arts skills your child needs at their grade level.

It includes skills such as:

  • spelling
  • vocabulary
  • reading
  • comprehension
  • writing
  • grammar
  • handwriting
  • comprehension

Kendell Hunt sent me the fascinating 2nd grade unit on Heroes: Albert Einstein. The Teacher’s Daily Lesson Guide is the heart of the unit, and over the course of the school year, there are 9 units.

I sat down with the Teacher Daily Lesson Guide to discover it’s packed with information. There are tables, instructions, appendixes, and commentary throughout the guide.

The Teacher Daily Lesson Guide begins with a synopsis or overview of what you’re coving in this unit and what the kids will be learning.

After the synopsis, the daily lesson guide jumps into week 1 with a table.

The table at the beginning of the week shows the expectations for word study, reading workshop, and writing workshop along with approximate times.

It also shows what activities you will complete for each section of the lesson and the resources you’ll need. For instance the week 1 table shows for day 1, that you’ll be giving your child a vocabulary pre-assessment. Under resources they say Grade 2 Vocabulary Assessment Tasks; one recording printable per student (Appendix D).

So you turn to Appendix D in the back, and you’ll find the vocabulary printable you need. Copy and print it!

Each appendix is for a different type of printable.

  • A: Printables: Word Study
  • B: Printables: Reading and writing
  • C: Printables: Assessments
  • D: Answer Keys and Scoring Guides
  • E: Bibliography and Resources

After the table, you see a Day 1: Word Study which walks you through a vocabulary and spelling lesson for your child.

Next is a Day 1: Reading Workshop to guide you through read-aloud and comprehension as well as guided and independent reading.

Finally, there is a Day 1: Writing Workshop which gives you grammar and writing activities for your child.

When you’ve finished Day 1’s activities, you run into Day 2 Word Study, Day 2 Reading Workshop, and Day 2 Writing Workshop. You have 5 days worth of activities to complete week 1.

Weeks 2, 3, and 4 are set up in the same format as week 1.

This gives you the option of running a 5-day week for 4 weeks. Or you can run a 4-day week for 5 weeks and enjoy a day for field trips, fun, and exploration.

And what’s awesome is that everything is printed in the order in which you need to teach the material! If you run out of time one day, simply draw a line where you stopped and note the page. I use a paper clip, but a post-it note works well as well.

Then you can simply pick right back up where you left off the day before.

You don’t need to worry about accidentally missing an important element of language arts. Kendell Hunt’s Pathways 2.0 covers everything your child needs to know!

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Kendell Hunt’s Pathways 2.0

Pathways 2.0 is set up in 9 units with a different cross-curricular theme.

Each of the 9 units includes a Teacher’s Daily Lesson Guide, a book, and 20 days of lessons. Because each unit has it’s own Teacher’s Daily Lesson Guide, you only have 9 small guides instead of one massive teacher’s guide to lug around!

The 9 themes of Pathways 2.0 are:

  1. Heroes – heroes who overcome insurmountable odds
  2. My World – how people live in different cultures and political settings
  3. Environment – stresses the interrelationship between people and their environment
  4. Personal Feelings – stresses personal issues and struggles as students move from one stage of development to another
  5. Friends & Family – explores the interrelationships among family members and friends
  6. Living Things – learn about God’s creation through literature
  7. Walking with God – encourages students to grow spiritually and to foster a personal relationship with Jesus by seeking God’s plan for their lives
  8. Yesterday – explore history through literature
  9. Social Issues – explore relationships among different groups over issues of prejudice, physical and mental disabilities, cultural differences, immigration, poverty, hunger, and relationships between old and young people

Each grade uses a different trade book for the units. For example, the 2nd-grade book for the Heroes unit is The Odd Boy Out, a delightful biography about Albert Einstein’s childhood. The 8th-grade book is a biography about Noah Webster.

Be sure to read the 12-page Pathways 2.0 Brochure for more information about Pathways 2.0.

If you’re looking for peace of mind knowing your children are receiving a thorough Christian language arts curriculum, Kendell Hunt’s Pathway 2.0 is the solution!

The worst part of homeschooling is wondering if you're doing enough. Are you covering everything you should for a thorough language arts education? One easy solution is to use a complete language arts curriculum! #completelanguageartscurriculum #languagearts #curriculum #homeschool #homeschooling

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