Big Book of Lively Latin Review

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The Big Book of Lively Latin

Sometime between the 3rd and 6th grade, most classical homeschoolers begin teaching kids Latin. While there are many good programs out there, one of my favorites is Lively Latin.

The Big Book of Lively Latin has several advantages over other programs. English grammar is taught explicitly in context with Latin.

Unlike other programs, it doesn’t assume the young student has a mastery of grammar. This reinforces the English grammar the student is learning in their language arts program. Latin vocabulary is an excellent method of building the student’s English vocabulary, so Lively Latin includes word study exercises as well.

Latin roots are introduced along with their English derivatives. The student is often asked to draw pictures of what various English words with similar roots mean.

Lively Latin includes video lectures of each new concept taught. The student and parent can sit down in front of the computer, listen to the lecture, and complete the associated workbook pages.

Hearing Latin spoken also helps with the child’s pronunciation. Audio files of both the classical pronunciation and the ecclesiastical pronunciation are included as well.

History, Art, and Games

Roman history isn’t neglected either. The Big Book of Lively Latin begins with the founding of Rome and continues on through the history of the empire.

The study of famous paintings associated with history is included as well.

The Big Book of Lively Latin includes games and puzzles in its 400 pages to increase vocabulary and understanding of Roman culture.

The website’s classroom also includes links to computer games that drill the vocabulary as well.

There are now two books of Lively Latin are available. Between them, they offer 3 years or more of systematic Latin instruction which takes a student from the beginning level to an intermediate level of Latin.

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  1. I’ve never heard of Lively Latin. I am using Song School Latin (from Classical Academic Press) with my little ones and we all love it! Thanks for sharing what you use!

    1. I’ve heard of Song School Latin, but I don’t know much about it. I’ll have to take a look at it sometime.

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