explore wilson hill academy with class pass

Explore Wilson Hill Academy with Class Pass

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You can explore Wilson Hill Academy with Class Pass!

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Have you considered signing your kids up for an online class?

The advantages are huge! Kids learn from home. You can travel. And closing school due to snow days or illnesses doesn’t affect your kids’ education.

But what is an online class like?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never taken a live online class with a master teacher leading class discussion and the opportunity to engage with others.

So, I was delighted to have the opportunity to check out Wilson Hill Academy’s Class Pass!

Wilson Hill Academy is a classical Christian online school, which means its goal is to provide college-bound students a classical education founded upon a Biblical worldview.

The academy provides a complete education for children through three schools.

For children in grades 5 and 6 there is the Grammar School.  The School of Logic is for grades 7 and 8. And the School of Rhetoric is for high schoolers, grades 9 – 12.

And Wilson Hill Academy offers all sorts of amazing classes for these three schools!

But the question remains, how do you know if online classes will be a good fit for your children?

I know I had quite a few questions.

Just to start:

  • How does the teacher interact with the students?
  • How do science labs work in an online course?
  • Can the kids interact with each other?
  • How are discussions held?

The best way to find out is to use Wilson Hill Academy’s Class Pass!

Wilson Hill Academy’s Class Pass

Through Class Pass, Wilson Hill provides a sampling of the classes offered at the school. The videos begin at the start of class, before the opening prayer, and end when class is over.

These videos give you a peek inside their live interactive classes. There is no better way to sample the courses and ensure online classes are a good fit for your family!

And Wilson Hill Academy has offered an extensive selection of courses for you to watch.

  • Grammar Science: School of Grammar
  • Don’t Miss These Books: School of Logic and School of Grammar
  • Latin 1: School of Logic
  • Fundamentals of Research & Presentation
  • Fundamentals of Research & Presentation (2nd session)
  • US Government: School of Rhetoric
  • The Great Conversation 6: School of Rhetoric
  • Latin 3: School of Rhetoric
  • Logic 2: School of Rhetoric
  • Advanced Composition 1: School of Rhetoric
  • Rhetoric 1: School of Rhetoric
  • Rhetoric 2: School of Rhetoric
  • Physics 1: School of Rhetoric
  • Pre-AP Chemistry: School of Rhetoric
  • AP Chemistry: School of Rhetoric
  • AP Art History: School of Rhetoric

Grammar Science: School of Grammar

As for me, the first course I watched was the Grammar Science class taught by Mrs. Everett. I’ve been curious for a long time how an online science class for young kids would work.

And Grammar Science was recorded in January, 2020, when the kids first returned from Christmas break!

Each class at Wilson Hill Academy begins with a prayer. Next Mrs. Everett gave the kids a quizzie (quiz).

After the quizzie, the class quickly ran through the answers together as children took turns answering questions aloud.

I love the quick feedback for the quizzes! It helps kids understand and retain the material so much better than if they have to wait a day or two for results.

Then the kids were given a handout to print and use in class on Thursday. Mrs. Everett spent quite a bit of time giving the kids explicit and detailed explanations.

She explained how to answer questions in complete

And, Mrs. Everett ensured the kids started picking up good study habits such as studying vocabulary and doing their reading.

I know I have to stay on top of my children in order for them to develop the skills, so I was delighted to see it happening in an online class.

The labs happened at Mrs. Everett’s house. She pulled out the materials and made certain the kids could see everything through the camera.

I enjoyed the kids’ hypothesis about what they believed was going to happen based upon the physics they were learning.

The microphones were kept off unless the kids were verbally answering a question.

However, the kids typed questions and responses through the chat box almost constantly. They asked questions, usually on topic and sometimes off topic. And they gave quick answers to questions.

You really need to peek into the class to appreciate the amount of chatter that happens through text!

Check out Grammar Science yourself through Wilson Hill Academy’s Class Pass!

Latin 1: School of Logic

I was interested to see the difference between online classes at different ages. So, the next class I chose to watch was the Latin 1 class taught by Mrs. Songer.

Here, unlike Grammar Science, the students could see each other on the camera.

Again, Latin 1 began with a prayer before moving on to cover upcoming class events, such as tests.

Like a regular classroom, there was quite a bit of chatter between the students and the teacher. The students wrote comments and questions in the chat box.

I loved seeing the comradery the logic stage kids had with each other.

Mrs. Songer replied to the children’s comments and questions as she moved through the material.

After the lesson there was a quick quiz at the end of the class based upon the material the students had just been learning.

I find it amazing how quickly online classes allow kids to quickly receive feedback on their quizzes.

As soon as they’d finished the quiz, Mrs. Songer went through the quiz. She answered questions and reviewed tips on the Latin concept covered – datives.

The quiz was an excellent and quick check to ensure they understood what had just been taught!

class pass

Rhetoric 2: School of Rhetoric

The last class I watched was Rhetoric 2, taught by Dr. Vierra.

It was fascinating to see the difference between online classes at different ages. Rhetoric 2 includes a senior project, so the students are much older than the children in Grammar Science and Latin 1.

And the difference showed. The students stayed on topic with thoughtful questions and answers. Unlike the younger children who needed to be gently redirected to the topic on hand.

Rhetoric 2 was a fascinating class to watch. There’s a detailed discussion about the year ahead, and what the students can expect in the coming months.

Topics such as the thesis, the development of ideas, finding someone to be a reader and sit on the board for the debate.

In addition, Rhetoric 2 includes a discussion between the students about a reading they’d just completed.

I encourage you to head over to Wilson Hill Academy’s Class Pass and take a peek at some of the courses. You’ll see science experiments, quizzes, and discussions.

And you’ll come away with a clear understanding of what an online class is like.

So, grab a cup of coffee and take a peek inside online classes with Wilson Hill Academy’s Class Pass!

peek inside online classes with class pass

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