Giving Children a Values-First Home Education

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Want to give your children a values-first home education but don’t know where to start? I just discovered a delightful Bible-focused curriculum that will instill Christ-like generosity in your children.

Values-first home education

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A Values-First Home Education

Education is important. That’s why I’m a classical homeschool mom. It’s critical to teach kids how to read, write, and do math. Kids need to understand history, science, and geography. And critical thinking skills are vital.

At the same time, character and values should be part of an excellent education. After all, what good is an education if someone puts it to poor use? If they steal and lie.

Adding a values-first curriculum to your homeschool is vital. Using a homeschooling kit that’s designed to help you raise generous children filled with kindness and compassion.

Bible-Focused Homeschool Kit for a Busy Family

Generous Family has come out with a Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit that’s designed for the entire family, from your little kindergarten students to your high school seniors about the graduate.

The curriculum is twenty-six weeks long, so it’s easy to fit into the school year. Plus, the curriculum only takes ten minutes a day!

You’ll find Bible verses and devotionals. And you’ll find stories about Biblical generosity heroes!

This makes a values-first home education easy to fit into a busy homeschooling family’s routine. You can add it to your morning time routine when you sit down to add beauty and wonder to your homeschool.

Or you can include the curriculum as part of your evening discussions around the dining room table.

Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit

A Values First Home Education Curriculum

The Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit is a delightful program that comes with an easy-to-follow schedule layout.

The curriculum teaches children how to be generous not only with their thoughts, words, and time but also with their influence, attention, money, and belongings!

It’s easy to add to your homeschool and only takes ten minutes a day!

Mondays: Lesson and Bible Rest Stop

On Mondays, you sit down and chat about the lesson. For instance, in week 1, my kids wrote things they were grateful for in their journals.

Then we chatted about some of the road trips we took. Which one was their favorite, and then segued into the lesson on what generosity is.

At the end of the lesson, we had a Bible verse that gave us a chance to dig into God’s word.

Tuesdays: Devotion

Have you been wanting an easy way to introduce devotions to your kids? Here’s your chance!

On Tuesdays, the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit walks us through a short devotion and gives a few points to ponder.

It’s always interesting to hear what the kids come up with!

values first home education from Generous Family

Wednesdays: Generosity Hero Story with a Bible Rest Stop

On Wednesdays, we learn about various heroes from everyday life, history, or the Bible. These incredible people include Jesus Christ, Mary and Martha, John Wesley, Harriet Tubman, and Clara Barton.

After reading about these people in the Generosity Heroes booklet, we have a few discussion questions and another Bible verse to ponder.

Thursdays and Fridays: Extra Activities

One aspect I love about the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit is that Thursdays and Fridays are light. I don’t know about you, but I start the week strong and start to run out of steam on Thursdays and Fridays.

So it’s perfect for me to have fun activities at the end of the week. We can do a four-day school week and use Thursdays to wrap up the curriculum, which is awesome because we have a Friday co-op.

We can also play games, stop by the library to pick up the recommended books and watch a video if we want to enjoy a relaxed Friday afternoon.

The curriculum was definitely created for a busy homeschool mom!

And click to learn more about Generous Family! The video provides excellent information about the Generous Students Homeschool Curriculum Kit.

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So if you’re looking for a Values-First curriculum to add to your homeschool, be sure to check out Generous Family! It’s an easy-to-use program that will fit into a busy homeschool family’s life.

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