Apologia Math Review

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Did you hear the news? Apologia came out with a math curriculum called Exploring Creation with Mathematics!

I’m so excited!

Exploring Creation with Mathematics uses a blend of skills practice and hands-on activities to teach kids math. It’s designed to include fun and engaging activities, skills practice, and to be easy to use. It also includes Christian connections throughout the series.

Plus you’ll find bonus content online!

Exploring Creation with Mathematics

Exploring Creation with Mathematics lives up to its name. Elementary kids explore mathematics through this curriculum.

Mathematics is linked to God and the world at the beginning of each unit.

For instance, at the beginning of Unit 4 of Level 3, a unit about data and measurement, the unit is connected to both God and scientists. Kids are told they will be learning how to organize data and measure different items. Needed skills to allow them to make observations about God’s creation.

exploring creation through mathematics

The lessons are taught through hands-on activities.

Kids explore the concepts using linking cubes, M&Ms, base 10 blocks, and more. This means you will need to pick up the needed supplies at the beginning of each unit.

But believe me, your kids will love learning about division using M&Ms!

Over the course of the first three levels, some of the concepts kids will explore are:

  • Place Value
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division
  • Fractions
  • Measurement & Data
  • Geometry
  • and more!

Components of Apologia Math

The Exploring Creation with Mathematics set includes two parts: the textbook and the teaching guide & answer key. The curriculum was designed with the expectation that parents will be working with their children. This isn’t a curriculum you can hand to a child and walk away!

Teaching Guide & Answer Key

The Teaching Guide & Answer Key provides the information you need to teach your kids math this school year. A 4-day a week schedule is included that not only tells you what lesson your child will be completing, but also what skill practice your child will review each day.

You’re given a supply list of materials you’ll need as Exploring Creation with Mathematics uses hands-on activities.

You’ll find teaching notes and suggestions to help you teach your child. And the activity sheets are at the back of the teaching guide.

The Teaching Guide & Answer Key includes the information you need to easily teach your children math!


The Exploring Creation with Mathematics textbook is designed with kids in mind. It’s spiral-bound, colorful, and full of worksheets for children to complete.

The lessons begin with an activity to introduce the concept being taught. For instance, when multiplication is introduced, kids use linking cubes to build towers of equal height and then using repeated addition to find the total.

Afterward, the lesson includes a worksheet that continues to teach the concept. And each unit ends with a fun project to review and solidify concepts being taught.

Exploring Creations with Mathematics is an amazing curriculum! Kids have hands-on activities to make math both meaningful and fun. There’s enough review to allow kids to master the material. And the lessons are the perfect length for kids’ attention spans.

So if you’re looking for an elementary math curriculum for your kids, be sure to check out Exploring Creation with Mathematics!

exploring creation with math
explore creation with math

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  1. Greetings! Is this math curriculum used with classical education? Does it align with classical education? Thank you!

    1. Hi Rae! This is a math curriculum that can be used with classical education however, there are quite a few math programs you can choose from.

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