5 Reasons to Consider a Small Christian Liberal Arts College

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A small Christian liberal arts college has many advantages over a large public university.

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After spending 18 years pouring your heart and soul into your kids, nothing is as stressful as finding a good college for your kids to attend after they’ve graduated.

You want a school that allows your kids to flourish. And a small Christian liberal arts college may be just what you’re looking for!

5 Reasons to Consider a Small Christian Liberal Arts College

1. Smaller Classes

State universities are notorious for having large classes, especially for freshmen and sophomores at college. But it’s hard to learn in a large class. You get lost in the crowd and can’t get the personalized attention a smaller class gives.

I have to admit I only sat in on one large class during my time at university. I attended a small regional university with smaller class sizes that allowed us to get to know our professors. One professor even took my freshman math class out to pizza at the end of the quarter!

The jump from homeschooling to college can be hard. So make it easier by focusing on colleges that offer a smaller class size so your child can benefit from personal attention.

2. Focus on Undergraduates

Since there are no upperclassmen or graduate students, small colleges focus on freshmen and sophomores. This means your child will have more time and attention from their teachers.

Your children will be able to catch their professors before and after class. And the classes aren’t handing over the graduate students to teach.

The professors teach all the classes themselves. After all, they’re at the small college because they love to teach!

3. Supportive Environment

Kids at a small liberal arts college aren’t going to get lost in the shuffle. The entire environment is supportive. The administrators know they’re dealing with young adults who have just left home. They’ll patiently answer questions and give the help your child needs to get their feet under them and thrive.

Your teens will be able to join clubs and activities and easily make friends. They’ll also enjoy the supportive environment a small Christian liberal arts college is able to provide.

4. Christian Centered Education

After focusing on giving your kids a Christian Classical Education for all these years, it’s hard to send the kids to a secular university that will attack your beliefs. So why do that?

A small Christian liberal arts college won’t just be passively not-attacking but will actively work to foster, grow, and develop your child’s beliefs in a supportive environment.

5. Earn a Degree in 2 Years

When I attended orientation going into college, the speaker told us to look to our left and to look to our right. One of the three of us will drop out of college before we graduated. I’ve also known kids who started college never to finish.

And it’s often not due to struggles in the classroom. Lyme Disease, an accident, or personal trauma can cause a detour. A two-year degree helps to minimize these potential detours.

With a transferable associate’s degree, kids can jump in where they left off without having to restart college to complete new and different requirements. The degree also shows employers and college admissions offices that the student is capable of college-level work.

And all of Spartanburg Methodist College’s associate’s degrees are designed to transfer easily to other colleges and universities. Best of all, Spartanburg Methodist College is looking for homeschoolers to attend their college!

If you're looking for a school which allow your kids to flourish, a small Christian liberal arts college may be just what you're looking for!
Spartanburg Methodist College is a small Christian liberal arts college looking for homeschoolers.

Spartanburg Methodist College is a private, two-year residential college located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. One of the only colleges of its kind, SMC offers a liberal arts education exclusively for freshmen and sophomore students in a Christian-centered environment open to students of all religious and non-religious backgrounds. The college serves 800 students in a small, supportive community focused on helping students successfully transition from high school to college.

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