It’s Time to Tidy the Bathroom!

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Let’s take a moment and look at what you’re doing with the daily tasks.

The goal is for you to stay up on your daily tasks and keep the house relatively clean. I’m not saying you won’t have dust bunnies hanging out in the corners or under the bookshelves, but your house will be clean and pleasant for daily living.

Why Start with Daily Chores?

Staying on top of the dishes keeps the kitchen under control. You can go into the kitchen and cook. You have dishes to serve the family. And it works! It’s also super easy to go in, wipe the counters, stove, and table.

Add a quick sweep of the floor and you have a clean kitchen.

Laundry is another big hangup. I don’t know about you, but when we fall behind on the laundry even getting dressed in the morning becomes a production.

And yes, we’re one of those families who gets dressed every morning. It makes life easier when we’re dashing out for afternoon activities.

You want the daily chores to keep your house clean and pleasant. The weekly and seasonal cleans get those cobwebs and dust bunnies hanging out in the corner, but the daily chores are what give you your living environment: clean enough to enjoy living in our homes!

Let’s Tidy the Bathroom

inside: We're continuing to work through the series You Can Have a Clean House While Homeschooling. This third week you're to tidy the bathroom everyday.

The bathrooms are the next area that quickly becomes filthy and I don’t think I need to explain why! Also if we’re going to get clean, we need the area we’re cleaning ourselves to be clean.

So once a day you need to pass through the bathrooms. I keep disinfectant wipes in my bathroom so doing a quick clean is easy. I grab a couple of wipes and wipe down the sink and toilet.

First put toothpaste, floss, and other things back in the cabinet. Then lift cups, mouthwash, and other knick-knacks so you can wipe underneath them.

Remember to wipe the sink as well! After you wipe the sink and counters, wipe down the toilet and do a quick swish in the toilet bowl. Then wash your hands and change the hand towel.

It takes me 5 minutes on the outside if I’m tidying the bathroom daily.

However the first time you clean the bathroom after a hiatus, it may a bit longer.

If it’s been a while since you tackled the bathroom, remove as much from the bathroom as you can. Then you can concentrate on cleaning the sink, the toilet, and shower/tub without worrying about getting chemicals on toothbrushes or cups.

Once you’ve cleaned the toilet, sink, counters, and shower/tub, quickly sweep and mop the bathroom floor. Now return everything to the bathroom.

With my weekly cleaning checklist, you’ll do a thorough clean of the bathroom every week. But first, tidy the bathroom daily to keep it under control!

My favorite time for a daily tidy of the bathroom is during morning chores after breakfast.

Another great time to tidy the bathroom is while you’re bathing small kids. Since I’m sitting in the bathroom watching a toddler splash around, I might as well do a quick tidy!


  • Download and print the weekly cleaning checklist.
  • After breakfast take a few minutes for morning chores
  • Dry, fold, and put away your laundry!
  • Wash the dishes after lunch and dinner (or put them in the dishwasher)
    • Start the dishwasher after dinner

Remember to get the kids involved!

Preschoolers love tossing clothing into the washing machine, and older kids can quickly wipe down the bathroom. After all, kids need to know how to run a house or apartment when they grow up and head off for adult life!

>>> Now go tidy your bathroom!

Don’t forget to check back next week for week 4 of the You Can Have a Clean House and Homeschool Challenge!

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  1. I did what you said last night while my two little had a bath. They splashed water everywhere and so I mopped up with a towel! And you’re right, it only took 5 min to tidy the bathroom this morning. I wonder why it feels like it will take too long to even get started?! Thanks for the suggestions; they work great!


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