How To Make Homeschooling Harder than It Needs to Be

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Are you bored homeschooling and looking for a challenge?

Then check out these amazing techniques to make homeschooling harder than it needs to be. These tips won’t just entertain, they’ll change your life for the worst!

Television in the Morning

Are you encouraging your kids to turn on the television and the computer first thing in the morning? After all, watching episode after episode of The Magic School Bus counts as science! Turning on the television makes it hard to get started on math.

And just think of what else you can do! You can chat with your BFF, read a book, and scroll through Facebook. Eat some bonbons and watch a soap opera.

After all, math can always be done tomorrow!

Advice: Turn off the television, computers, tablets, and phones until after you’ve completed the day’s work. And you’ll find homeschooling is much easier when you’re not dragging the kids away from the screens.

Make Homeschooling Harder by Doing Too Much

Another habit that will sabotage your homeschool quickly is trying to do too much. And doing too much is easy!

Just keep adding another activity to your day. Start a new curriculum. Take another field trip. Say yes to every volunteering opportunity that comes your way until you have no time to get the basics done or even to stay up on the daily chores.

Instead, you’ll be driving kids around town and scrambling to have dinner on the table before bedtime.

And drowning under a to-do list that never ends!

Advice: Too much of a good thing is still too much. So guard your time wisely and choose only those things that clearly benefit your family. And learn the art of saying no!

Comparing Your Homeschool

One of the best ways I know to make homeschooling harder than it needs to be is to compare your homeschool to another homeschool mom.

I guarantee you that she’s doing something better than you are. She may be doing more projects than you. Her house may be immaculate. Her kids may be mathematical geniuses. Her family makes jewelry, sings in concerts, or plays every sport imaginable.

So sit down and forget about everything you’re doing right. And concentrate on all the ways your family is behind. And you too will get to spend your Saturdays agonizing over how you’re failing your kids!

Advice: Every family has something they’re doing better than you are. And by the same token, your own family has its own strengths. Put on blinders and stop comparing your homeschool to others. Everyone will be much happier!

Make Homeschooling harder with No Plan

Another easy way to sabotage your homeschool is to skip planning! Don’t invest in science kits. Don’t order that butterfly kit. And don’t set up a simple filing system to streamline your homeschool.

While you’re at it, do not plan to sit down for a few minutes on Sunday evening or Monday morning to determine what you’d like to accomplish that week.

Instead, wing your homeschool on the fly. And you’ll soon look at the joys of not having the supplies you need on hand while your kids fuss about not making an edible model of the Earth.

Advice: A few minutes of planning over the weekend and summer will save you time and frustration over the school year. So spend a few minutes ordering the science supplies you need. Organize the work pages you’ll use. And take a couple of minutes over the weekend to review the next week’s plans.

Spring Changes on the Kids

This is my favorite way to make homeschooling harder. Make major changes in your homeschool style without letting the kids know.

Before you know it they’ll be rolling on the floor weeping. Crying over how they adored their favorite books. And just want to return to life as it was before all the changes.

And definitely don’t listen to any ideas they may have for how to make life better. After all, what does a child know about what they like and don’t like?

And now you can enjoy the thrill of sobbing children!

Advice: Instead of springing homeschool changes on the kids, sit down with them a day or two ahead of time and let them know what you’re planning. Homeschool life is much less dramatic when kids know what’s planned.

Homeschool the “Right Way”

I know people say there isn’t a right way to homeschool, but you know there is. and if you can just force your family to fit the mold, everything will be perfect. You’ll be able to enjoy weeks filled with projects, read aloud good books, take field trips, and go on nature hikes.

You can do it all. And you can do it right.

People who make homeschooling fit their family’s needs are fools!

Advice: There is no “right way” to homeschool. Trying to create the perfect homeschool only results in tears, stress, and frustration. And you don’t have enough hours in a day to do it all.

So join me in discovering the joys of making homeschooling harder than it needs to be! After all, we’re moms. And we can do anything.

What are your favorite ways to make homeschooling harder than it needs to be?

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