Have You Thought About Online Classical Education?

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Wilson Hill Academy provides online classical education.

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You want to provide your children with a classical Christian education at home.

You’re struggling with Latin and wondering how are you going to teach your kids high school math. And you lie awake at night worrying and wishing there was a simple solution. There is… online classical education through Wilson Hill Academy!

Wilson Hill Academy is a Christian online school that provides college-bound students with a classical education, a classical education founded upon Biblical values. So you can stop worrying about holding Socratic discussions, teaching Latin, or explaining high school math.

And you don’t even need to stress about having a good discussion with only one student.

Wilson Hill Academy offers interactive online classes that will teach these subjects, and many more, to your kids. So you’ll sleep well at night knowing your children are receiving an amazing classical Christian education from master teachers.

Just what are interactive online classes?

Interactive online classes allow your children to interact with the teacher and the other students. Unlike a lecture on DVD, your children will enjoy detailed explanations and be able to ask questions when they’re confused.

Your children can bounce ideas off the teacher and other students. They’ll discuss Great Books under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

As you can tell, the teacher is the heart of an interactive course.

Wilson Hill Academy Teachers

Because teaching is so important, Wilson Hill Academy looks for highly educated, master teachers and gives preference to teachers with degrees in their fields.

So your kids aren’t taking classes from people who’ve read a couple books on the subject. They’re taking classes from teachers who love their fields and have devoted serious time and study to the subject, master teachers who are passionate about their subjects.

And nothing brings a class alive like a passionate instructor waxing poetic about their favorite subject!

Master teachers draw students into the conversation. Make kids think about what they’re learning and apply it to their own lives. And engage with the students in their class.

These are the teachers that Wilson Hill Academy hires. Just read through the teachers’ profiles and you’ll see what I mean!

Since I know you’re eager to see the teachers in action, here’s Anne Stublen, Joanna Hensley, and Greg Lawrence teaching math, Latin, and discussing Plato.

  • Anne Stublen Teaches Precalculus
  • Joanna Hensley Hosts Open Campus Event in AP Latin
  • Greg Lawrence Discusses Plato with His Students

As you can tell, the kids aren’t sitting passively watching a lecture on the screen. They type comments in the chat bar. They discuss ideas with the teacher. The students are asking questions and giving opinions.

Wilson Hill Academy will come alongside your family with master teachers who love their subjects and their students to partner with you for your child's education. #classicaleducation #classicaled #homeschool #homeschooling #parenting #wilsonhillacademy #classicalhomeschool

Online Classical Education Classes

Wilson Hill Academy has three different schools. These schools will look familiar to anyone who’s looked into classical education: The Grammar School, The School of Logic, and The School of Rhetoric.

Grammar School

The Grammar School at Wilson Hill Academy is geared towards younger children, primarily kids in the 5th and 6th grades.

The course of study for grammar stage kids includes a series of courses covering history from Biblical Times to present, language arts, math, Latin, and science.

Kids study the human body, navigation, the solar system, matter, and more in science.

Language arts includes poetry, copy work, memory work, and dictation. And kids read classics such as The Trumpet of the Swan, The Hobbit, and A Wrinkle in Time.

The Latin sequence uses Classical Academic Press’ Latin for Children series and kids can start in the 4th grade.

Your kids will receive a strong foundation for future education!

School of Logic (7th-8th grade)

Wilson Hill Academy’s School of Logic teaches 7th and 8th graders through a mix of classes at different levels. And you’re encouraged to mix and match the courses according to your child’s specific interests and needs!

Children in the logic school continue with their studies in history, English and literature, math, science, and Latin. In addition, theology, logic, and electives are introduced.

Kids who are ready have the option of beginning The Great Conversation in the 7th grade. Or you can wait until 9th grade before beginning The Great Conversation.

As you can tell, students get a well-rounded classical Christian education at Wilson Hill Academy!

School of Rhetoric (9th – 12th grade)

As you would expect, the School of Rhetoric continues where the School of Logic left off, with studies in logic, rhetoric, theology, and the Great Conversation as well as the standard writing, math, and science courses.

The language classes include Latin, Greek, Spanish, French, and Russian.

And kids have the opportunity to take fascinating electives such as:

  • Get to Know JRR Tolkien
  • Modern Literature and Thought
  • AP Computer Science Principles

As I mentioned earlier, Wilson Hill Academy offers kids the opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma. And kids also have the opportunity to take several AP courses!

AP courses such as:

  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Latin

Wilson Hill Academy offers amazing courses for all three schools, and they’re continuing to add new classes each year. Your kids will receive an amazing classical Christian education at Wilson Hill Academy. And they’ll even get a head start on college!

So head over to Wilson Hill Academy and take a closer look at what it has to offer your family!

Wilson Hill Academy will come alongside your family with master teachers who love their subjects and their students to partner with you for your child's education. #classicaleducation #classicaled #homeschool #homeschooling #parenting #wilsonhillacademy #classicalhomeschool!

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