Greg Landry's Science Membership

Greg Landry’s Science Membership Is Amazing

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked how in the world I teach science as a homeschooler, especially in high school. After all, we don’t have a lab set up in the house, complete with a bunsen burner and chemicals with fancy names, and I imagine you don’t have one either. 

Thankfully, there’s an easier solution available. Use a homeschool science program such as Greg Landry’s Science Membership!

Greg Landry’s Science Membership

Greg Landry’s Science Membership is perfect for families with several children, a child who wants to take several classes simultaneously, and families with high school teens. You get access to all of the classes available at College Prep Science!

These science classes are designed for young Earth Christian children, including high school courses perfect for kids with plans other than studying science at a university.

For instance, you’ll find a Physics for Non-Science Students perfect for busy high school kids interested in learning about physics but don’t have time for an intensive science course.

And the full-year science classes can be listed as 1 high school science credit with lab!

That’s because the online labs are included in the membership! No disgusting smell from dissecting a frog, desperately hitting every shop in town looking for hard-to-find lab supplies, and instructions on how to create an excellent lab report.

If you can’t tell, I loathe finding lab supplies. I either forget to put the supplies on my shopping list, or I spend hours searching for them.

Greg Landry's Science Membership

Homeschool Science Curriculum

Right now, I don’t have a high school student in my homeschool so I’m not worried about high school science credits. But I do have a middle school teen who needs science.

And I love being able to offer my youngest two kids their choice of science classes like Young Scientist Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Earth and Space, Chemistry, or Physics. Science classes that are designed for kids in the 4th – 7th grades.


Full-Year High School Classes

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Interactive Online Laboratory Grades 7-12

  • Biology, Anatomy, Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

1/2 Semester Classes Grades 7-12

  • Exercise & Sports Physiology
  • Marine Science
  • Biochemistry & Microbiology
  • Embryology & Endocrinology
  • Earth & Space Science
  • Student Success Skills 101

1 Semester Classes Grades 4-7

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Earth & Space

Plus, You Get Online Math Classes

  • Life Prep High School Consumer Math
  • Life Prep High School Geometry

If That’s Not Enough, You Also Get Access To

  • FaithLife TV
  • Dwell Bible App
  • Right Now Media

Homeschool Science Freebies

If that wasn’t enough, Greg Landry offers a page full of homeschool science freebies for you to check out. These freebies include

  • A test drive of the virtual, interactive science lab
  • Keys to teaching science and mistakes to avoid
  • Cool ancestry wheel to fill out
  • and more!

For more information, visit homeschool science freebies!

Greg Landry's Science Membership

Be Sure to Check Out Greg Landry’s Science Membership

Make sure you check out this incredible and affordable science membership!

Not only does it gives you access to online science classes for your entire family, but you also get fun stuff for yourself as well as your kids!

Plus, if you run into problems or questions while completing the courses, you have access to the teacher, Greg Landry!

Click here to learn more about Greg Landry’s Science Membership!

Greg Landry's Science Membership

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