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How to Complete Homeschool Science Labs

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If you’ve thought about homeschooling high school, then I know you have worried about how to homeschool science labs. After all, labs require specialized equipment, chemicals, dissections, and microscopes.

How to Complete Homeschool Science Labs

That being said, I’ve homeschooled four children through high school. And I can assure you that you can easily do science labs at home.

Purchase Curriculum That Includes Science Labs

The easiest way to complete homeschool science labs is to pick a curriculum that includes science labs. These programs include instructions on how kids are to complete the science labs using common chemicals such as bleach, lye, hydrogen peroxide, toilet bowl cleaner, or rubbing alcohol.

They may also require you to purchase some harder-to-find items such as animals for dissection, owl pellets, or even a microscope.

These are an all-in-one solution to homeschool science labs. Pick up the curriculum, purchase the supplies, and complete the science experiments.

Purchase Science Kit

The biggest issue though is to make sure that you have the science supplies you need when you’re ready to complete the experiments.

My favorite way is to purchase the science kit that goes along with the curriculum. This prevents me from not having the supplies if a snowstorm hits, the car breaks down, or I forget to add the needed items to my shopping list. 

If I purchase the science kit, then I have everything we need except for the perishables that need to be purchased immediately before the experiment anyway. 

Hold onto all the science supplies you can even after the kids have completed the course. This will eventually give you a large set of science supplies to use if a curriculum doesn’t have a science kit or when the kids come running into the house eager to complete a science project right then and there.

Find All Supplies Yourself

Another option is to shop for all the supplies either during the school year or during the summer before the school year begins. This is usually the cheaper option, but it’s also the most time-consuming.

You can check the local stores and the internet to find all the supplies you need. I still recommend purchasing the supplies ahead of time as this prevents you from skipping experiments because you don’t have the needed stuff you need to complete the experiment.

Pick Up Science Experiment Book to Supplement Curriculum

If the curriculum you prefer doesn’t have science experiments included, you can always pick up a science experiment book for your kids to complete. 

My suggestion is to look for one that offers a wide range of experiments. Then go through the book and choose the ones you think would be fun and easy to complete. Also, look for any experiments that highlight important concepts your children will be learning that year.

Make a list of the experiments you want to complete, write down the page numbers, and list the supplies needed.

Then go ahead and order as many supplies as possible ahead of time. The middle of the school year tends to have enough problems without trying to find science supplies.

Pick up Science Kits

Science kits are another great way to complete homeschool science labs. Pick up four or five science kits to complete throughout the year, or choose a kit that comes with a nice selection of experiments.

The science kits don’t need to correspond directly with your curriculum, but they’re a fun way to expand your child’s science education. Do pick chemistry kits to go with a chemistry curriculum, biology kits for a biology curriculum, and physics kits for a physics curriculum.

There are some really fun kits for kids of all ages that include candy chemistry, butterfly kits, and dissection kits.

Online Homeschool Science Labs

You can also use an online homeschool science laboratory to homeschool science labs like College Prep Science. This is an amazing option for middle school and high school.

You don’t need to worry about dissections or bunsen burners. Plus you don’t need to worry about creating a large mess in your kitchen just before dinner time.

The Online Homeschool Science Laboratory offers virtual, realistic, and interactive science labs where the kids do everything online. 

In addition, they require the kids to write quality lab reports. That’s handy, especially if you’re not certain what to require in a science report.

These quick interactive courses at College Prep Science take care of an entire year’s requirement for science labs. Kids are required to complete 10 labs and lab reports instead of the normal 6 that are usually required for a year of high school lab science. Plus your kids can complete the Online Homeschool Science Laboratory before, during, or after your kids take their science class.

You can have your kids take the science class just before or after the year begins so you don’t need to worry about anything but science.

It’s an awesome way for your kids to complete the needed science lab credit needed for college.

Check out College Prep Science with these amazing freebies including a chance to test drive their new interactive science lab!

Easily Complete Homeschool Labs

If you’re looking ahead to high school and wondering how to complete homeschool science labs, then stop worrying. You can purchase a curriculum that includes science labs, purchase science kits or a book to supplement your curriculum, or use an online science laboratory such as College Prep Science.

College Prep Science will take care of everything including teaching your children how to write science lab reports so they’ll be ready for college.

Check out College Prep Science today!

homeschool science labs

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