Free Printable Weekly Homeschool Planner

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You need a weekly homeschool planner! Why?

Let me ask you this, what is the most important part of your homeschool? Is it your curriculum, books, or supplies? Actually no. It’s your weekly plan!

Without a plan, you have no idea where to start! Should you read a science, history, or literature book? For that matter which book should you read!

And then the kids spend the entire day yelling, “Mom, what do I do now?” It gets old… fast.

So every weekend I spend a few minutes filling out these weekly homeschool planning sheets that you can find in the resource library for the kids and myself. Some years I have the teens fill out the sheets for themselves. Right now, I’m filling the sheets out instead.

I print as many as I need. In my case, that means 3 sheets.

First I grab one of the teens and begin filling it out. Math is always the easiest subject, so I usually start with that. Then I move on to planning Tapestry of Grace.

Free Printable Weekly Homeschool Planner

Assignment sheets keep my homeschool flowing smoothly. The kids know what they need to do each day. Grab your free homeschool planning sheets here!

Before I go on, I combined my high school teens this year. This means they’re doing the same assignments in Tapestry of Grace and science. Or English, history, art, music, and science. So planning for one, means I’m planning for both! If you’re not familiar with Tapestry of Grace, you should know it includes our English, history, art, and music studies.

I quickly jot down the literature readings for each day and when we’ll sit down for the weekly discussion.

Now I take a look at the accountability and thinking questions, and mapwork, before I sit down to assign the readings. Nothing is more frustrating than assigning the questions to the wrong book! Once I’ve written down our plans for history, art, and music, I’ll go back and add the writing assignments for the week.

Time to plan science! I thumb through the science text and take a look at where we are and what needs to be done. Then I also think about how the kids understand the material. Do we need more time?

Once science is done, I fill out Latin or Japanese (depending on the child).

Before I move on, I quickly copy all combined assignments. After all, why do the work twice? I also note important assignments on my own sheet that involve me. Tests, papers, discussions, experiments, projects, etc.

The younger kids’ assignments are jotted down on my sheet instead of individual sheets, as they currently do all their work sitting next to me. However, this may be changing soon. My little 2nd grader has been requesting to receive an assignment sheet like the big kids. Since she’s starting to be able to handle some independent work, I’ll start giving her an assignment sheet this semester.

These assignment sheets keep my homeschool flowing smoothly. The kids know what they need to do each day!

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  1. I love how straight-forward these are. I appreciate the streamlined approach and these will work well for me as I school my kindergartener and second-grader. Thanks!

  2. Please help would love a daily planner for year R. Most of us are home schooling and to be honest not quite sure where to start. Reading, maths PE and playtime.

    1. One place to start for year R or what is called preschool in the USA, is with this post: You don’t need a complicated routine for young kids. I like to do reading and math after breakfast. Then send your child outside for PE/play. Ride bikes. Throw balls. Kick balls. Have fun. Then head inside for lunch. After lunch, settle your child down for quiet time or a nap while you take a few minutes to relax. Spend some time playing. Enjoy a few crafts. Have dinner. And read classic books aloud during your bedtime routine.

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