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Do you want to achieve your goals in 2021?

Then you need a printable habit tracker to start and maintain habits that support your goals!

Unfortunately, most of our goals are not able to be completed in one day.

  • You can’t go for a quick run and lose 20 pounds.
  • You can’t even scrub the house one afternoon and have a clean house for the next year!
  • You can’t sit down and write a book in one afternoon.

You Need Daily Habits

printable habit tracker free

If you want to lose weight, you need to establish the habits which will support weight loss. These may be going for a run, dropping by the gym, and eating healthy meals.

They need to become a part of your daily life!

The same thing is true of homeschooling. You can’t teach algebra in one afternoon. A 3-hour cram session simply doesn’t replace a year of consistent daily effort.

You need to create habits that will support your goals!

Do you want a clean house? You need good daily habits such as washing the dishes after every meal and making the beds in the morning.

Do you want your 5-year-old to learn to read? You need to sit down and work on phonics.

Does your high school teen want to learn Spanish? They need to study Spanish on a regular basis, and daily is best!

But once you’ve picked the habits which will support your goals, how do you maintain them?

You Need a Habit Tracker

That’s where a habit tracker comes in! Tracking your habits on a daily basis keeps you from forgetting to do your new habit. As the checkboxes pile up, you’re motivated to keep the streak going.

A habit tracker is your key to success!

So I created a free habit tracker printable just for you! You’ll find it in the resource library.

Print it up. Fill in the habits which will support your goals. And start tracking your new habits.

Make 2021 the year you finally achieve your goals!!!!

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