Do This for a Clean House

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Let me ask you a quick question. What are you doing for a clean house?

Hoping you’ll walk in the door and it will magically be clean or are you waiting for the kids to grow up and stop making messes?

For some reason, weekly cleaning tasks never get scheduled. Perhaps it’s because they change each day. Maybe it’s because you think you need gobs of time to complete the tasks.

Or perhaps it’s simply because you don’t like weekly cleaning and secretly hope to avoid it while still having a clean house!

But houses don’t magically get clean. The work has to be done sometime, and if you don’t schedule the time it will never get done.

That’s right: if you don’t schedule a time for your weekly cleaning tasks, it will never get done.

Schedule a time for weekly cleaning

Let me ask you a quick question: what are you doing for a clean house? Hoping you'll walk in the door one day to a clean house? But it doesn't work that way.

Weekly cleaning is like memorizing those nasty Latin conjugations. If you want a clean house, you just have to sit down and do it. Or in the case of cleaning, get up and do it!

But when is the best time to do your weekly cleaning tasks?

I’ve tried Saturday morning, which apparently works for many families. The little kids enjoy watching cartoons on Saturday mornings before swimming lessons. My teens want a free morning after homeschooling all week.

It’s like pulling teeth to get the family up and working on a Saturday morning!

Monday morning works better. But then the kids and I are eager to start our new homeschool week. We have new books, new worksheets, and new assignments!

What works best is to grab 20-30 minutes after breakfast for weekly tasks as well as daily tasks.

On Monday head into the bathrooms to give them a good clean. Wash the counter, scrub the tub, disinfect the toilet, mop the floors.

Tuesdays are devoted to the kitchen. The counters and stove need to be scrubbed and the refrigerator cleaned. Cabinets need to be wiped down and the sink scoured. The floor needs to be mopped.

On Wednesdays clean your floors. This may mean sweeping and mopping your floors. Or it may simply mean vacuuming the floors. It doesn’t matter. You clean your floors on Wednesday!

Do your shopping on Thursdays. If you can, plan the errands around the kids’ activities.

On Fridays, you run around the house. Give it a quick tidy and dusting. If you’re keeping up on your daily tasks, the house shouldn’t be too far out of order on Friday. A few minutes should restore it to order. Then give your preschooler a feather duster and orders to dust everything below your waist while you dust everything above your waist. Turn on lively music and get the job done!

Of course, the days can be moved around to fit your family’s specific needs.


>>>Now go clean your house!

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