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Online Math Courses: CTCMath Review

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I don’t know about you, but for me, life gets busy! The older kids get, the more activities they have. And I spend my days chauffeuring kids from one place to another.

CTCMath homeschool membership

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Add onto that the normal time crunch of a homeschool life and life is busy.

Plus, as the kids get older they want more independence. They don’t want to wait for me to be available to teach math.

Instead, my kids love the indepence of sitting down and completeing their schoolwork and using me as a reference and help instead of a teacher.

So I’m always keeping my eye out for classes and courses that will allow my kids to work independently while saving me time!

One of the online math courses I’ve run into is CTCMath!

Online Math Courses: CTCMath

CTCMath is a comprehensive math curriculum that offers a huge range of math classes. You can find topics for your little kindergarten kids all the way to calculus for your high school teens.

Seriously, the first topic is on numbers between 1 and 5!

And each of your children have access to all the lessons in each grade level so you can move them around as needed.

This is amazing!

I love having the ability to quickly backtrack when a child has forgotten a concept, like what an irrational number is. My kid can easily review the material before moving forward again.

Plus, I don’t have to pay for a second math course when my child finishes early! We just start the next grade level and keep moving forward.

Online Math Curriculum Focused on Mastery

CTCMath uses an approach to math that’s based on mastery. The goal is to have the kids master each concept before moving on to new topics.

This is a fabulous way to teach math because the kids keep building their math skills on a firm foundation.

Kids become confident in their math ability and lose any anxiety they may hav experienced. Kids can stop the videos as needed, rewind, and review information.

Or if you’re dealing with kids who are ready to move forward quickly, they can complete one grade and start the next when they’re ready. Not when the school year dictates!

CTCMath homeschool membership

an Online Math Tutor

Instead, you can use CTCMath as an online math tutor. Kids watch high quality videos that explain complex concepts by breaking them down into manageable pieces.

Then kids answer interactive questions to make sure they understand the topic.

One fun feature that I love is a bar at the top showing my kid’s progress. It’s motivating to see the squares light up one by one as questions are answered correctly. But if questions are missed, the lights go out.

It’s a great way to see your progress!

Another great aspect of CTCMath is the adaptive learning. CTCMath is able to offer tailored lesson plans just like an actual math tutor would. This makes sure that kids are appropriately challenged and engaged with their math lessons.

CTCMath homeschool membership

CTCMath offers Parent and Teacher Support

The problem I’ve found with kids working independently is that it’s hard to keep track of my kids’ progress.

Kids are kids. Sometimes they get busy and forget to work on their math lessons for a day… or two… or a week… then a month…

And the next thing you know, it’s the end of the year and only a few math lessons have been completed!

Thankfully CTCMath tracks kids progress and sends gives parents detailed reports. You can see your child’s strengths and weaknesses. And make sure that progress is being made.

Plus, CTCMath is easy to navigate. Kids can easily find each lesson they need to complete. And parents have their own dashboard to monitor kids’ progress through the material.

So if you’re looking for online math courses that will make life easier for you, you need to check out CTCMath.

It’s like having a math tutor coming to your house to teach your child!

CTCMath Homeschool Membership

CTCMath is designed to be affordable for homeschool families with a faubulous 50% discounts offered!

And if you have any questions, customer support is available to help with technical issues and answering any questions you have about the program.

You and your kids will enjoy a postive experience as a result.

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