Elephango: The Supplemental Lessons You Need

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Are you looking to supplement your child’s curriculum? Or are you looking for an easy way to answer your kid’s questions and wander down the rabbit trails with easy supplemental lessons?

I know I am! I’m constantly amazed at the type of good questions my kids will ask about the subjects we’re studying. They’ll want to go deeper into the topic. And they’ll want to explore tangent topics.

These rabbit trails are so much fun to follow. The kids learn amazing facts as they ask questions and research the answers.

But sitting down to research these questions on Google is challenging. I don’t know what type of websites will pop up, and I don’t want my young children wandering around on the internet unsupervised.

supplemental learning with Elephango

Disclosure: I received a free subscription to Elephango and was compensated for my time in creating this review. All opinions are mine.

Supplemental Lessons with Elephango

Which is why I was so delighted to discover Elephango! It’s a website that offers supplemental learning on a wide range of topics from history and science to grammar and vocabulary!

My kids and I have sat down to read books about gorillas, watch videos about medieval castles, and study different cultures of the world.

Elephango is a great way to provide supplemental lessons to my kids. We sat down to watch a video on medieval castles, and my son asked me to watch it again.

It was so easy for me to find more information about castles that my son would find interesting!

Plus, Elephango believes kids should play an active role in their learning and makes it easy for kids and parents alike to research interesting topics. This is especially true as there are thousands of lessons, resources, and activities to explore!

supplemental lessons with Elephango

A Personalized Curriculum Companion

I can find lessons that fit how my kid prefers to learn whether it’s visual, audio, or kinesthetic. And my child can choose interactive lessons or video lessons.

It’s fun to watch my kids choose between interactive and video lessons. Sometimes they’re in the mood to sit back and watch a video while other times they’d like to be more involved.

Is your child a beaver, lion, otter, or golden retriever? Elephango also organizes lessons by personality type!

  • A golden retriever personality tends to be calm, easygoing, funny, and dependable.
  • A beaver personality is often industrious, organized, and analytical.
  • A lion personality type is strong-willed, practical, and a leader.
  • An otter is outgoing, warm, and compassionate.

What a fun way to find lessons that are tailored to your child!

Are you looking to get your kids ready for the new school year? Use jumpstart badges to get them started.

You can even set up a personalized homeschool program for each of your kids.

learning castles on Elephango

Safe Online Learning with Elephango

Elephango also has an Elephango Chrome extension! The Chrome extension creates a safe environment for kids to search both Elephango and Google. You can let your child follow rabbit trails and learn how to research online worry-free.

I don’t have to worry about hovering over my child’s shoulder, so it’s important to me to offer my young kids a safe internet environment for them to learn and explore online.

So if you’re looking for a great way to provide supplemental lessons for your children, then check out Elephango. You’ll find thousands of lessons designed to be interesting to your children while teaching them about the world.

And Elephango is offering an exclusive 3-month free trial! Simply use the coupon code 3monthfreeblog8 to get your 3-month free trial.

So check out Elephango and discover how the supplemental lessons will improve your homeschool today!

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