The Best Printable Story Writing Paper for Kids

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Are you looking for printable writing paper that will help your young kids learn how to write? Then check out this fun selection of story writing paper. You’ll find paper with story boxes, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, and fun story booklets to help inspire your kids.

Printable Writing Paper

Printable writing paper are some of those preK-12 resources that you can’t have too much of. You can keep it stored on your computer and only print what you need rather than keeping stacks of paper throughout your home or classroom.

So browse through this list of printable writing paper templates to find the perfect paper for you and your children.


Picture Story Pages

Do you want to teach your kids narrative writing? Then start with some printable paper that features a drawing box. This paper is great for kids in kindergarten or the 1st grade to write short stories.

Story Paper

Primary Story Paper – Are you looking for paper with a dotted midline and a picture box? Then you will want to print this picture box pdf download. It’s a great resource to keep printed and available for your kids to grab when they’re inspired to write a story.

Printable Story Paper for Kids

Story Paper for Kids – These story paper pages feature six different styles of picture boxes. You can print the templates onto white paper or colored paper for holidays and other special occasions.

Story Booklets

Younger children love story booklets. These booklets allow kids to use regular paper to write their own stories. Plus, it’s a fun way for kindergarten students to create their first book.

Booklet: All About Me

All About Me Booklet – Print a bunch of these booklets for birthday parties or the first day of school. Filling out the booklets and sharing them is a great way to encourage kids to

Story Template Printable

Printable Story Template – Help your first grade kids create a book with this fun printable story template. You will need to cut and fold the pages and staple them to create the book.

Creative Writing Prompts

Use creating writing prompts to improve your children’s writing skills. The prompts help little learners learn more about the writing process without overwhelming the kids. Plus, it’s a great place for young kids to start writing.

Rainy Days Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt: Rainy Days – This simple rainy-day writing prompt is a great resource to keep in your hip pocket. Kids write about their favorite activity to do on a rainy day.

Story About Recess

Recess Story – This fill-in-the-block worksheet is the best thing to get kids writing. It’s the perfect introduction to independent work for young kids.

Writing Prompts for Young Children

24 Kindergarten Writing Prompts – Get small kids writing with story writing paper for kindergarten. This pack has 24 different writing prompts that can be used to asses kids writing or placed in a writing station.

Book Report

Another fun way to introduce kids to the writing process is by teaching them how to write a book report. These book report worksheets are perfect for kids from preschool – 3rd grade. They have ample room to write and a writing paper template so they’re not left staring at a blank piece of paper.

Easy Book Report

Simple Book Report – This simple book report form is the best place to start a young kid. Kids fill out their name and the date, along with the title and author of the book. Kids finish by drawing a picture of one of their favorite parts of the story.

Book Report Form

Primary Book Report Form – This book report form is slightly more advanced as it has kids check a box to say if the story is fiction or non-fiction before writing two or three sentences about the book.

Printable Worksheets

Download and print a printable worksheet to include in tomorrow’s lesson plans. The worksheets are great for walking a child through creating their own story. While you can find these worksheets on a wide variety of subject areas, I decided to focus on a few fun downloads that young kids would love.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – Get kids writing and help them understand the difference between yesterday, today, and tomorrow with this fun pdf format worksheet. The practice paper gives young children a spot to write down what they did yesterday, what they’re doing today, and what they will do tomorrow.

Swimming in the Ocean

Swimming in the Ocean – Give kids a fun lesson in creative writing with this simple fill-in-the-blank worksheet. Each sentence is started to make it easy to get kids writing.

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish – This fun worksheet for kids in kindergarten and the first grade was created to go along with the book Rainbow Fish. Kids answer questions about the main character, setting, problem, and solution. They also have the opportunity to write one sentence describing a good friend.

Worksheet: Story Elements, Characters, Setting

Story Elements, Characters, and Settings Worksheet – Have your kids write about the elements of a good story with this fun worksheet. It’s designed to be used as homework, independent work, and in small groups.

printable writing paper

Printable Handwriting Paper

Don’t forget to download some free printable kindergarten writing paper. The printables give you plenty of practice pages for kids between preschool and the 2nd grade. The wide-lined paper helps with letter proportion and is fun to keep on hand so kids can write a story whenever they’re inspired.

Printable Lined Paper

Lined Paper Printable – Do you need pages of wide lined pages? Then download and print this lined paper printable. It’s a great way for kids to write short stories, poems, or even social studies reports.

Lined Paper to Print

Printable Lined Paper – If you’re searching for the right lined paper printable to print, check out this selection of lined printable paper. You’ll find pages with story boxes, double-lined paper, and single-lined paper. There are even options for kids in middle school and high school.

Story Writing Paper for Kindergarten

As you look for story writing paper for kindergarten, you will find there’s a variety of different styles to choose from. You can use worksheets that walk kids through the basics of writing or hand children a black sheet of paper. In the end, choose the method that works best for you and your kids.

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