Homeschool Planet: The Ultimate Online Homeschool Planner

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Homeschool Planet: the online homeschool planner you need

I received Homeschool Planet, an online homeschool planner, for free and I was compensated for my time to review this product. All opinions are my own and I am not required to give a positive review.

Nothing is worse than walking into the kitchen ready to homeschool your kids and realizing your homeschool is out of control. The kids are skipping assignments. You have no idea where you are in history. And science hasn’t been touched for months. You need help. You need an online homeschool planner!

Homeschool Planet

Now let me ask you, have you ever heard of Homeschool Planet? It’s a simple, elegant online homeschool organizer…. just a second: it’s a totally awesome homeschool planner! There’s exactly what you need to be well-organized, but not a whole bunch of junk you don’t need.

Let’s back up to the beginning. If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’re probably aware I’m a bit of a planner junkie. I adore planners. I love organizers. So I jumped at the opportunity to review the Homeschool Planet.

It’s touted as an online homeschool organizer that can plan homeschool, work, and household. That’s rather impressive, don’t you think? So I absolutely had to check it out.

When I first opened it up I was shocked by its elegant simplicity. This was supposed to organize everything? There was a calendar, a few widgets, and that’s it. So I rolled up my sleeves and started playing.

Guess what, it does organize everything!

Opening page of homeschool planet

An Elegant Online Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Planet is the type of organizer that’s the essence of simple elegance. It has the simple elegance of flexibility in an online homeschool planner. I don’t know about you, but I need flexibility so I can adapt to my family’s ever-changing needs.

As I mentioned, when you open up the Homeschool Planet, you’ll see a calendar and some widgets. These widgets give you several options.

  • Weather
  • To-Do
  • Shopping List
  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Daily Quote
  • Lookup
  • Messages

The number of widgets you’re able to create appears to be unlimited. Every time I add a widget, I keep the option of adding more.

An awesome online homeschool organizer that you've got to check out!To-Do Lists

While I enjoyed the daily quote and weather widgets, I’ve used the to-do list widget extensively.

The to-do lists are simply checklists for yourself, and you can have a ton of them. You can also label the lists according to your preferences.

Prefer to-do lists organized by roles you play? Label them and go! Have to-do lists for wife, mother, teacher, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer, and more.

Want to organize your to-do lists by goals? go for it. Have yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals for you to accomplish.

Want to organize to-do lists by projects? Label the to-do lists by house renovations, knitting projects, yard projects, or books you’re writing.

Prefer to organize by actions? Have a list for calls, errands, websites, or research.

Love a unique combination of all of the above? The widgets are yours to command. You’re not limited to someone else’s prescribed notion of how to plan your life.

In addition, you can have to-do lists for various members of your family.


As an online homeschool organizer, Homeschool Planet features a calendar of course. You’re easily able to set up a calendar for each member of the family and show everyone’s schedule. Homeschool Planet also shows who is scheduled to attend each event.

The options are numerous for the calendar. I can ask it to just show me and all of my events, events for everyone in the family, just homeschool plans, just events, chores, meals, or a specific category like blogging.

This means I can see the whole shebang at one time from homeschool plans, family events, and blogging commitments. Or I can just look at one daughter’s weekly schedule or just her chores for the week with only a couple clicks of the mouse.

As I’ve mentioned, Homeschool Planet is a simple and elegant online homeschool organizer. It’s simple enough you’re not bombarded with stuff you don’t need, yet has everything you need easily available at the click of the mouse.

Online Homeschool Organizer

Homeschool Planet’s online homeschool organizer isn’t the most elaborate I’ve seen, but it’s the easiest to use. I’ve been able to easily schedule and reschedule my plans.

When I set up my 12yo’s Saxon 87 plans, I ran into a slight hitch. Saxon 87 runs with 5 days of lessons, a test, 5 days of lessons, a test, and an investigation. I groaned. It’s given me all sorts of digital headaches in the past.

However, Homeschool Planet allowed me to easily schedule what I needed… although the test and investigations didn’t have numbers. I ended up with the plans below.

  • Lesson 51
  • Lesson 52
  • Lesson 53
  • Lesson 54
  • Lesson 55
  • Test
  • Lesson 56
  • Lesson 57
  • Lesson 58
  • Lesson 59
  • Lesson 60
  • Test
  • Investigation
  • Lesson 61
  • So on and so forth

After the plans were created, it took me maybe 2 minutes to run through the math plans and add the appropriate numbers to the tests and investigations. It was super easy!

Homeschool Planet also emails my kids and me the day’s homeschool assignments. Isn’t that absolutely awesome? You can turn the email portion on or off according to your needs.

Homeschool Planet sends emails

I adore online homeschool organizers that are easy to use.

In addition, you have:

  • Assignment Lists
  • Class notes
  • Grade Reports
  • Class Hours
  • Transcripts
  • Rescheduling helper
  • Grade helper
  • Economy printing
  • Full-color printing
  • Set school year and vacations
  • Subjects and categories
  • Track class hours
  • Grading scales
  • Choose your theme

Chores and Household Organizer

So, as if all of that wasn’t enough… Homeschool Planet ALSO offers a chore and household organizer. You can schedule meals, chores, and more.

It even texts your shopping list to your phone so you have it while shopping in the grocery store!

If you’re looking for an online homeschool planner for next year, be sure to check out Homeschool Planet. It’s totally awesome!

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  1. I’m always looking for a planner that combines all of my roles. This sounds perfect!

  2. I love Homeschool Planet! I use it for everything homeschooling. It is so easy to use and I adore the to do lists! However, I do use a paper planner for everyday life outside of school planning because I will always love pen and paper! ~Kristen

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